ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 116, 1


Date : 4-Oct-2004


Virtual compensator for correcting the disturbing variable effect in transducers
Pages 1-9
Amar Partap Singh, Shakti Kumar and Tara Singh Kamal
Doping effects of strontium on the piezoelectric and dielectric properties of Ca additive Sm-modified PbTiO3 ceramics
Pages 10-14
Sheng-Yuan Chu and Te-Yi Chen
An analytical model for pull-in voltage of clamped–clamped multilayer beams
Pages 15-21
Hua Rong, Qing-An Huang, Meng Nie and Weihua Li
Multi-sensor system using plastic optical fibers for intrinsically safe level measurements
Pages 22-32
C. Vázquez, A. B. Gonzalo, S. Vargas and J. Montalvo
An investigation of interference/intensity demodulated fiber-optic Fabry–Perot cavity sensor
Pages 33-38
Guiju Zhang, Qingxu Yu and Shide Song
Contactless 360° absolute angular CMOS microsystem based on vertical Hall sensors 
Pages 39-44
Michel Demierre, Enrico Schurig, Christian Schott, Pierre-André Besse and Radivoje S. Popovic
Frequency response separation scheme for non-contact type atomic force microscope
Pages 45-50
Sung-Q Lee, Woo-Sub Youm, Ki-Bong Song, Eun-Kyung Kim, Jun-Ho Kim, Kyi-Hwan Park and Kang-Ho Park
Micro-flow measurement with a laser diode micro-particle image velocimetry
Pages 51-58
C. T. Pan, H. S. Chuang, C. Y. Cheng and C. T. Yang
Development of a novel Fabry–Perot pressure microsensor
Pages 59-65
W. J. Wang, R. M. Lin, D. G. Guo and T. T. Sun
A water flowmeter using dual fiber Bragg grating sensors and cross-correlation technique
Pages 66-74
Shoichi Takashima, Hiroshi Asanuma and Hiroaki Niitsuma
High quality Hall sensors made of heavily doped n-InSb epitaxial films
Pages 75-78
T. Berus, M. Oszwaldowski and J. Grabowski
The development of primary thermometers, using disordered tunneling junction arrays
Pages 79-84
Yabin Yu and W. K. Chow
Applications of a high accuracy optical fiber displacement sensor to vibrometry and profilometry
Pages 85-90
Y. Alayli, S. Topçu, D. Wang, R. Dib and L. Chassagne
Opto-chemical sensor on the base of two-channel tapered waveguide
Pages 91-94
E. A. Janunts, A. J. Babajanyan, N. L. Margaryan and Kh. V. Nerkararyan
Planar Hall effect and magnetoresistance in Co/Cu multilayer films
Pages 95-102
A. O. Adeyeye, M. T. Win, T. A. Tan, G. S. Chong, V. Ng and T. S. Low
A smart bending sensor with a novel temperature- and strain-insensitive long-period grating
Pages 103-106
Shaohua Chen, Zhengrong Tong, Qida Zhao, Zhiguo Liu and Xiaoyi Dong
Shear force sensing by strain transformation using non-rectilinearly embedded fiber Bragg grating
Pages 107-118
R. Suresh, S. C. Tjin and N. Q. Ngo
Flexible position sensitive photodetectors based on a-Si:H heterostructures
Pages 119-124
Elvira Fortunato, Luís Pereira, Hugo Águas, Isabel Ferreira and Rodrigo Martins
Modelling of the reverse current and its effects on the thermal drift of the offset voltage for piezoresistive pressure sensors
Pages 125-132
Yi Cai Sun, Zhenbin Gao, Li Qiang Tian and Yi Zhang
Thin film sensor for wear detection of cutting tools 
Pages 133-136
Holger Lüthje, Ralf Bandorf, Saskia Biehl and Birte Stint
On the relationship between the temperature coefficient of resistance and the thermal conductance of integrated metal resistors
Pages 137-144
A. Scorzoni, M. Baroncini and P. Placidi
Roll angular displacement measurement system with microradian accuracy
Pages 145-149
Chien-Ming Wu and Yi-Tsung Chuang
Design and fabrication of microwell array chips for a solution-based, photogenerated acid-catalyzed parallel oligonuclotide DNA synthesis
Pages 150-160
Onnop Srivannavit, Mayurachat Gulari, Erdogan Gulari, Eric LeProust, Jean Philippe Pellois, Xiaolian Gao and Xiaochuan Zhou
Microwave enhanced wet anisotropic etching of silicon utilizing a memory effect of KOH activation—a remote E2MSi process
Pages 161-170
Rafa Walczak and Jan A. Dziuban
A highly parallel picoliter dispenser with an integrated, novel capillary channel structure
Pages 171-177
Chris P. Steinert, Ingo Goutier, Oliver Gutmann, Hermann Sandmaier, Martina Daub, Bas de Heij and Roland Zengerle
Effects of Nb on the photo- and thermal sensing characteristics of Sr0.98La0.02TiO3 thin-film resistor
Pages 178-182
Y. R. Liu, P. T. Lai, G. Q. Li, B. Li, M. Q. Huang and J. Luo
Erratum to "Switch and RF ferroelectric MEMs: a new concept" [Sens. Actuators, A Phys. 109 (2004) 186–194]
Page 183
Jean-Michel Sallese and Pierre Fazan
Erratum to "Thermodynamical parasitic forces in high precision accelerometers on board of a drag-free satellite" [Sens. Actuators, A Phys. 111 (2004) 229–235]
Page 184
Mahmut Onur Karslioglu
Hall Effect Devices: Second Edition; R.S. Popovic; Institute of Physics, Bristol, 2003, 419 pages, hardback, ISBN 0-7503-30855-9, £ 90.00  (Book Review)
Page 185
M. G. Middelhoek





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