ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 119, 1


Date : 28-March-2005


Fem modelling of an electro-optical micro-shutter
Pages 1-7
P. Roux, E. Woirgard, M. Pizzi, O. De Martiis and V. Koniachkine
Development and analysis of the vertical capacitive accelerometer
Pages 8-18
Innam Lee, Gil Ho Yoon, Jungyul Park, Seonho Seok, Kukjin Chun and Kyo-Il Lee
Nanoliter segment formation in micro fluid devices for chemical and biological micro serial flow processes in dependence on flow rate and viscosity
Pages 19-27
J.M. Köhler and T. Kirner
Performance and package effect of a novel piezoresistive pressure sensor fabricated by front-side etching technology
Pages 28-37
Chih-Tang Peng, Ji-Cheng Lin, Chun-Te Lin and Kuo-Ning Chiang

An analytical design methodology for microelectromechanical (MEM) filters
Pages 38-47
Yasar Gurbuz, Mustafa Parlak, Thomas F. Bechteler and Ayhan Bozkurt
Dynamic characterization of a thermocouple in a fluid crossflow
Pages 48-56
Cherif Ould Lahoucine and Abdallah Khellaf
Micromechanical tunable optical filters: general design rules for wavelengths from near-IR up to 10 μm
Pages 57-62
Carlos F.R. Mateus, Michael C.Y. Huang and Connie J. Chang-Hasnain
Enhanced hydrogen-sensing characteristics of MISiC Schottky-diode hydrogen sensor by trichloroethylene oxidation
Pages 63-67
W.M. Tang, P.T. Lai, J.P. Xu and C.L. Chan
Temperature-controlled fiber Bragg grating dynamic strain detection system
Pages 68-74
Xiao-Dong Wu, Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger, Kay Krüger and Jun Chen
The influence of noise on output of Ring Laser Gyroscope
Pages 75-83
Wang Kedong, Yan Lei and Gu Qitai
A compact fibre-based fluorescence sensor
Pages 84-89
Mohammad Ahmad, Kuang-Po Chang, T.A. King and Larry L. Hench
Finite element analysis of interference for the laterally coupled quartz crystal microbalances
Pages 90-99
F. Lu, H.P. Lee, P. Lu and S.P. Lim
Linear μ-bending method for the measurement of the residual stress of surface-micromachined MEMS
Jong-Hoon Kim, Jeong-Gil Kim, Soon-Chang Yeon, Young-Keun Chang, Jun-Hee Hahn, Ho-Young Lee and Yong Hyup Kim
Design of a capacitive-sensor signal processing system with high accuracy and short conversion time
Pages 113-119
An Sang Hou and Susan Xiao-Ping Su
Ferroelectric active sensors
Pages 120-127
Lionel Cima and Denis Remiens
A needle temperature microsensor for in vivo and real-time measurement of the temperature in acupoints
Pages 128-132
Renfa Cui, Jianhua Liu, Wentao Ma, Jiabing Hu, Xiaodong Zhou, Hongyi Li and Jiming Hu
Magnetic sensor response dependence on hysteresis effects
Pages 133-137
D.M. Kepaptsoglou, A. Ktena and E. Hristoforou
Infrared integrated optical evanescent field sensor for gas analysis: Part I: System design
Pages 138-149
Ralf Siebert and Jörg Müller
Erratum to "Accurate system-level damping model for highly perforated micromechanical devices" [Sens. Acutators A 111 (2004) 222–228]
Page 150
Gabriele Schrag and Gerhard Wachutka
Development of hydraulic linear actuator using thin film SMA
Pages 151-156
Daniel D. Shin, Kotekar P. Mohanchandra and Gregory P. Carman
Study of the effect of solvent induced swelling on the resistivity of butadiene based elastomers filled with carbon particles: Part I. Elucidating second order effects
Pages 157-168
Antonio Carrillo, Ignacio R. Martín-Domínguez, Daniel Glossman and Alfredo Márquez
Polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin films deposited by dual precursor LPCVD for MEMS applications
Pages 169-176
Xiao-An Fu, Jeremy L. Dunning, Christian A. Zorman and Mehran Mehregany
Nonlinear compensation of active electrostatic bearings supporting a spherical rotor
Pages 177-186
Fengtian Han, Zhongyu Gao, Dongmei Li and Yongliang Wang
Analysis of power supply interference effects on quasi-digital sensors
Pages 187-195
Ferran Reverter, Manel Gasulla and Ramon Pallŕs-Areny
Fabrication of a high-temperature microreactor with integrated heater and sensor patterns on an ultrathin silicon membrane
Pages 196-205
R.M. Tiggelaar, P. van Male, J.W. Berenschot, J.G.E. Gardeniers, R.E. Oosterbroek, M.H.J.M. de Croon, J.C. Schouten, A. van den Berg and M.C. Elwenspoek
Improvement of isolation for MEMS capacitive switch via membrane planarization
Pages 206-213
A.B. Yu, A.Q. Liu, Q.X. Zhang, A. Alphones, L. Zhu and A.P. Shacklock
Design and evaluation of linear ultrasonic motors for a cardiac compression assist device
Pages 214-220
Yang Ming, Zhu Meiling, Robert C. Richardson, Martin C. Levesley, Peter G. Walker and Kevin Watterson
PZN-PZT flextensional actuator by co-extrusion process
Pages 221-227
Chang-Bun Yoon, Sung-Mi Lee, Seung-Ho Lee and Hyoun-Ee Kim
Measurement for fracture toughness of single crystal silicon film with tensile test
Pages 229-235
Xueping Li, Takashi Kasai, Shigeki Nakao, Hiroshi Tanaka, Taeko Ando, Mitsuhiro Shikida and Kazuo Sato
Actuation by electrostatic repulsion by nonvolatile charge injection
Pages 236-244
Zengtao Liu, Myongseob Kim, Nick Yu-Min Shen and Edwin C. Kan
Microfabrication of 3D silicon MEMS structures using gray-scale lithography and deep reactive ion etching
Pages 245-253
C. M. Waits, B. Morgan, M. Kastantin and R. Ghodssi
Modeling hysteresis using hybrid method of continuous transformation and neural networks
Pages 254-262
Zhao Tong, Yonghong Tan and Xianwen Zeng
Effects of mechanical agitation and surfactant additive on silicon anisotropic etching in alkaline KOH solution
Pages 263-270
Chii-Rong Yang, Po-Ying Chen, Yuang-Cherng Chiou and Rong-Tsong Lee
Effects of various ion-typed surfactants on silicon anisotropic etching properties in KOH and TMAH solutions
Pages 271-281
Chii-Rong Yang, Po-Ying Chen, Cheng-Hao Yang, Yuang-Cherng Chiou and Rong-Tsong Lee






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