ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 123-124 Issue C (Special Issue)


Eurosensors XVIII 2004 The 18th European conference on Solid-State Transducers Edited by: P.J. French

Date: 23 September 2005

Physical Section
Suspended-Gate- and Lundstrom-FET integrated on a CMOS-chip
Pages 2-6
Ch. Wilbertz, H.-P. Frerichs, I. Freund and M. Lehmann
Transepidermal water loss sensor based on fast dew point hygrometer
Pages 7-11
R. Jachowicz, J. Weremczuk and G. Tarapata
Thermal analysis of silicon carbide based micro hotplates for metal oxide gas sensors

Pages 12-17
G. Wiche, A. Berns, H. Steffes and E. Obermeier

On low cost inclination sensors made from selectively metallized polymer
Pages 18-22
D. Benz, T. Botzelmann, H. Kück and D. Warkentin
Si-piezoresistive microcantilevers for highly integrated parallel force detection applications
Pages 23-29
Daisuke Saya, Pascal Belaubre, Fabrice Mathieu, Denis Lagrange, Jean-Bernard Pourciel and Christian Bergaud
Flexible wireless pressure sensor module
Pages 30-35
Kyu-Ho Shin, Chang-Ryoul Moon, Tae-Hee Lee, Chang-Hyun Lim and Yong-Jun Kim
A new SOI monolithic capacitive sensor for absolute and differential pressure measurements
Pages 36-43
P.D. Dimitropoulos, C. Kachris, D.P. Karampatzakis and G.I. Stamoulis
A micromachined nanoindentation force sensor
Pages 44-49
Alexandra Nafari, Andrey Danilov, Henrik Rödjegĺrd, Peter Enoksson and Hĺkan Olin
A monolithic three-axis SOI-accelerometer with uniform sensitivity
Pages 50-53
Henrik Rödjegĺrd, Christer Johansson, Peter Enoksson and Gert Andersson
A radically new dynamic response capability for Coriolis flow meters
Pages 54-62
C. Clark, R. Cheesewright, S. Wang, M. Henry, Mayela Zamora and M. Tombs
A spectral vibration detection system based on tunable micromechanical resonators
Pages 63-72
D. Scheibner, J. Mehner, D. Reuter, T. Gessner and W. Dötzel
The effect of SU-8 patterned surfaces on the response of the quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 73-76
C.R. Evans, G. McHale, N.J. Shirtcliffe, S.M. Stanley and M.I. Newton
A SU-8 fluidic microsystem for biological fluids analysis
Pages 77-81
J.C. Ribeiro, G. Minas, P. Turmezei, R.F. Wolffenbuttel and J.H. Correia
Evaluation of a vibrating micromachined cantilever sensor for measuring the viscosity of complex organic liquids
Pages 82-86
A. Agoston, F. Keplinger and B. Jakoby
Characterization of uncooled bolometer with vanadium tungsten oxide infrared active layer
Pages 87-91
Nguyen Chi-Anh, Hyun-Joon Shin, KunTae Kim, Yong-Hee Han and Sung Moon
Nanometer scale measurement of wear rate and vibrations by fiber-optic white light interferometry
Pages 92-98
Z. Djinovic, M. Tomic and A. Vujanic
Thermo-mechanical characterization of micromachined GaAs-based thermal converter using contactless optical methods
Pages 99-105
T. Lalinský, M. Držík, J. Chlpík, M. Krnáč, Š. Haščík, Ž. Mozolová and I. Kostič
Improvements in MEMS gyroscope production as a result of using in situ, aligned, current-limited anodic bonding
Pages 106-110
Tony Rogers, Nick Aitken, Kevin Stribley and James Boyd
SU-8 cantilever sensor system with integrated readout
Pages 111-115
A. Johansson, M. Calleja, P.A. Rasmussen and A. Boisen
High sensitivity linear position sensor developed using granular Ag–Co giant magnetoresistances
Pages 116-121
S. Arana, N. Arana, F.J. Gracia and E. Castańo
AMR navigation systems and methods of their calibration
Pages 122-128
J. Včelák, P. Ripka, J. Kubík, A. Platil and P. Kašpar
Image compression in video radio transmission for capsule endoscopy
Pages 129-136
D. Turgis and R. Puers
Force calibration of stylus instruments using silicon microcantilevers
Pages 137-145
Erwin Peiner and Lutz Doering
A method to characterize the deformation of an IPMC sensing membrane
Pages 146-154
Claudia Bonomo, Luigi Fortuna, Pietro Giannone and Salvatore Graziani
An autonomous bladder pressure monitoring system
Pages 155-161
J. Coosemans and R. Puers
Thick-film force and slip sensors for a prosthetic hand
Pages 162-171
A. Cranny, D.P.J. Cotton, P.H. Chappell, S.P. Beeby and N.M. White
Production processes for a flexible retina implant (Eurosensors XVIII, Session C6.6)
Pages 172-178
Kaspar Hungar, Michael Görtz, Evelina Slavcheva, Gerd Spanier, Christopher Weidig and Wilfried Mokwa
Electric field sensor using electrostatic force deflection of a micro-spring supported membrane
Pages 179-184
A. Roncin, C. Shafai and D.R. Swatek
A method for cross-sensitivity and pull-in voltage measurement of MEMS two-axis accelerometers
Pages 185-193
P. Bruschi, A. Nannini, D. Paci and F. Pieri
Gamma radiation sensing properties of TiO2, ZnO, CuO and CdO thick film pn-junctions
Pages 194-198
K. Arshak, J. Corcoran and O. Korostynska
Metal-diamond-metal planar structures for off-angle UV beam positioning with high lateral resolution
Pages 199-203
G. Mazzeo, G. Prestopino, G. Conte and S. Salvatori
One-directional position-sensitive force transducer based on EMFi
Pages 204-209
Grigori Evreinov and Roope Raisamo
A double heater integrated gas flow sensor with thermal feedback
Pages 210-215
Paolo Bruschi, Alessandro Diligenti, Dino Navarrini and Massimo Piotto
A high accuracy magnetostrictive linear position sensor
Pages 216-223
Fernando Seco, José Miguel Martín, Antonio Ramón Jiménez and Leopoldo Calderón
Precise localisation of archaeological findings with a new ultrasonic 3D positioning sensor
Pages 224-233
A.R. Jiménez and F. Seco
Capacitive pressure sensor in post-processing on LTCC substrates
Pages 234-239
M.G.H. Meijerink, E. Nieuwkoop, E.P. Veninga, M.H.H. Meuwissen and M.W.W.J. Tijdink
A non-invasive capacitive sensor strip for aerodynamic pressure measurement
Pages 240-248
M. Zagnoni, A. Golfarelli, S. Callegari, A. Talamelli, V. Bonora, E. Sangiorgi and M. Tartagni
Characterization of a novel hybrid silicon three-axial force sensor
Pages 249-257
P. Valdastri, S. Roccella, L. Beccai, E. Cattin, A. Menciassi, M.C. Carrozza and P. Dario
Silicon resonant accelerometer with electronic compensation of input-output cross-talk
Pages 258-266
V. Ferrari, A. Ghisla, D. Marioli and A. Taroni
High sensitivity Love-mode liquid density sensors
Pages 267-273
A.C. Turton, D. Bhattacharyya and D. Wood
A novel microacoustic viscosity sensor providing integrated sample temperature control
Pages 274-280
B. Jakoby, F.P. Klinger and P. Svasek
Tunable response nano-mechanical beam resonator
Pages 281-284
Thomas Kemp and Michael Ward
Microfabrication of sensors with magnetic resonating elements for further application in molecular probe chemistry
Pages 285-289
Luminita Grigore, Graham Ensell and Alan Evans
Magnetoelastic sensor application in civil buildings monitoring
Pages 290-295
G. Ausanio, A.C. Barone, C. Hison, V. Iannotti, G. Mannara and L. Lanotte
Bipolar magnetic microsensor for longitudinal and transversal magnetic fields
Pages 296-302
Marioara Avram, Ciprian Iliescu, Otilia Neagoe, Corneliu Voitincu and Cecilia Codreanu
Wattmeter with AMR sensor
Pages 303-307
Michal Vopálenský, Antonín Platil and Petr Kašpar
SOS and CMOS differential micromagnetodiodes with electrically controlled sensitivity
Pages 308-312
Ch.S. Roumenin, S.V. Lozanova and D. Nikolov
End-fire coupling of a SU-8 waveguide to a silicon mesa photodiode: Integrability in an optical analysis microsystem
Pages 313-318
P. de la Fuente, J.A. Etxeberria, J. Berganzo, J.M. Ruano-López, M.T. Arroyo, E. Castańo and F.J. Gracia
Silicon microneedle electrode array with temperature monitoring for electroporation
Pages 319-325
N. Wilke, C. Hibert, J. O’Brien and A. Morrissey
Image and color recognition using amorphous silicon p–i–n photodiodes
Pages 326-330
Paula Louro, Manuela Vieira, Alessandro Fantoni, Miguel Fernandes, C. Nunes de Carvalho and G. Lavareda
A two terminal optical signal and image processing p–i–n/p–i–n image and colour sensor
Pages 331-336
M. Vieira, M. Fernandes, P. Louro, A. Fantoni, G. Lavareda, C. Nunes de Carvalho and Y. Vygranenko
Distributed fiber-optic frequency-domain Brillouin sensing
Pages 337-342
Romeo Bernini, Aldo Minardo and Luigi Zeni
Enhanced short wavelength response in laser-scanned-photodiode image sensor using an a-SiC:H/a-Si:H tandem structure
Pages 343-348
A. Fantoni, P. Louro, M. Fernandes, M. Vieira, G. Lavareda and C. Nunes De Carvalho
Non-contact detection of magnetoelastic bilayer position sensors
Pages 349-353
J. Kosel, H. Pfützner, L. Mehnen, E. Kaniusas, T. Meydan, M. Vázquez, M. Rohn, A.M. Merlo and B. Marquardt
Highly sensitive thermopile heat power sensor for micro-fluid calorimetry of biochemical processes
Pages 354-359
V. Baier, R. Födisch, A. Ihring, E. Kessler, J. Lerchner, G. Wolf, J.M. Köhler, M. Nietzsch and M. Krügel
Influence of electromagnetic interferences on the mass sensitivity of Love mode surface acoustic wave sensors
Pages 360-369
Laurent A. Francis, Jean-Michel Friedt and Patrick Bertrand
A novel piezoresistive microprobe for atomic and lateral force microscopy
Pages 370-378
Teodor Gotszalk, P.B. Grabiec and I.W. Rangelow
A new design and manufacturing process for embedded Lamb waves interdigital transducers based on piezopolymer film
Pages 379-387
Filippo Bellan, Andrea Bulletti, Lorenzo Capineri, Leonardo Masotti, Goksen G. Yaralioglu, F. Levent Degertekin, B.T. Khuri-Yakub, Francesco Guasti and Edgardo Rosi
Piezoresistance of silicon and strained Si0.9Ge0.1
Pages 388-396
J. Richter, O. Hansen, A. Nylandsted Larsen, J. Lundsgaard Hansen, G.F. Eriksen and E.V. Thomsen
Sensing the thermal conductivity of deteriorated mineral oils using a hot-film microsensor
Pages 397-402
J. Kuntner, R. Chabicovsky and B. Jakoby
Fabrication of high temperature surface acoustic wave devices for sensor applications
Pages 403-407
M.N. Hamidon, V. Skarda, N.M. White, F. Krispel, P. Krempl, M. Binhack and W. Buff
Development of temperature sensitive glassware for monitoring temperatures in harsh industrial environments
Pages 408-417
M. McSherry, E. Lewis and C. Fitzpatrick
In-use calibration of body-mounted gyroscopes for applications in gait analysis
Pages 418-422
Sergio Scapellato, Filippo Cavallo, Chiara Martelloni and Angelo M. Sabatini
A portable multi-sensor data-logger for medical surveillance in harsh environments
Pages 423-429
Bart Hermans and Robert Puers
Application of fluxgate excitation circuit with saturable inductor to magnetic sensing
Pages 430-437
M.C. Duffy, S.C. Tang and P. Ripka
 Materials and Technology
A novel magneto-optic ferrofluid material for sensor applications
Pages 438-443
Luis Martinez, Franjo Cecelja and Ryszard Rakowski
Thermal and thermoelastic dynamic analysis with finite element analysis, application to photothermal and thermoelastic microscopies
Pages 444-452
Bruno Cavallier, Sylvain Ballandras, Bernard Cretin and Pascal Vairac
 Actuator Section
Fabrication of a peristaltic PDMS micropump
Pages 453-458
Ok Chan Jeong, Sin Wook Park, Sang Sik Yang and James Jungho Pak
Miniaturized Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the near infrared wavelength regime incorporating an electromagnetic linear actuator
Pages 459-467
Ulrike Wallrabe, Christian Solf, Jürgen Mohr and Jan G. Korvink
3D free space thermally actuated micromirror device
Pages 468-475
Janak Singh, Terence Gan, Ajay Agarwal, Mohanraj and Saxon Liw
A dynamically driven micro mirror array as the encoding mask in a Hadamard transform spectrometer (HTS)
Pages 476-482
Marian Hanf, Ramon Hahn, Wolfram Dötzel and Thomas Gessner
Resonant micro-mirror excited by a thin-film piezoelectric actuator for fast optical beam scanning
Pages 483-489
F. Filhol, E. Defa˙, C. Divoux, C. Zinck and M.-T. Delaye
Electroplated Ni microcantilever probe with electrostatic actuation
Pages 490-496
Toshihiro Itoh, Shingo Kawamura, Kenichi Kataoka and Tadatomo Suga
Porous silicon based orientation independent, self-priming micro direct ethanol fuel cell
Pages 497-504
Shyam Aravamudhan, Abdur Rub Abdur Rahman and Shekhar Bhansali
Symmetric toggle switch—a new type of rf MEMS switch for telecommunication applications: Design and fabrication 
Pages 505-514
Kamaljit Rangra, Benno Margesin, Leandro Lorenzelli, Flavio Giacomozzi, Cristian Collini, Mario Zen, Giovanni Soncini, Laura del Tin and Roberto Gaddi
A simple lumped electrical model for an RF MEMS switch considering lossy substrate effects
Pages 515-521
Giuseppe Cusmai, Marco Mazzini, Paolo Rossi, Chantal Combi, Benedetto Vigna and Francesco Svelto
Inductive powering of a freely moving system
Pages 522-530
Bert Lenaerts and Robert Puers
Thermal actuator with optimized heater for liquid drop ejectors
Pages 531-539
Antonio Cabal, David S. Ross, John A. Lebens and David P. Trauernicht
Simulation of shaped comb drive as a stepped actuator for microtweezers application
Pages 540-546
Isabelle P.F. Harouche and C. Shafai
A novel hydraulic microactuator sealed by surface tension
Pages 547-554
Michaël De Volder, Jan Peirs, Dominiek Reynaerts, Johan Coosemans, Robert Puers, Olivier Smal and Benoit Raucent
Empirical and theoretical characterisation of electrostatically driven MEMS structures with stress gradients
Pages 555-562
J. De Coster, H.A.C. Tilmans, J.M.J. den Toonder, J.T.M. van Beek, Th.G.S.M. Rijks, P.G. Steeneken and R. Puers
A new latched 2 × 2 optical switch using bi-directional movable electrothermal H-beam actuators
Pages 563-569
Wen-Chih Chen, Chengkuo Lee, Chia-Yu Wu and Weileun Fang
Fabrication of vertical digital silicon optical micromirrors on suspended electrode for guided-wave optical switching applications
Pages 570-583
R. Guerre, C. Hibert, Y. Burri, Ph. Flückiger and Ph. Renaud
Mirror electrostatic actuation of a medium-infrared tuneable Fabry-Perot interferometer based on a surface micromachining process
Pages 584-589
N. Sabaté, R. Rubio, C. Calaza, J. Santander, L. Fonseca, I. Grŕcia, C. Cané, M. Moreno and S. Marco
Piezoelectric actuation of microbridges using AlN
Pages 590-595
J. Olivares, E. Iborra, M. Clement, L. Vergara, J. Sangrador and A. Sanz-Hervás
Monolithic-integrated 8CH MEMS variable optical attenuators
Pages 596-601
Chengkuo Lee
 Technology Section
Fabrication of nanofluidic devices in glass with polysilicon electrodes
Pages 602-607
V.G. Kutchoukov, L. Pakula, G.O.F. Parikesit, Y. Garini, L.K. Nanver and A. Bossche
Focused ion beam fabrication of thermally actuated bimorph cantilevers
Pages 608-613
J. Teng and P.D. Prewett
Fabrication of ultrasonic arrays with 7 μm PZT thick films as ultrasonic emitter for object detection in air
Pages 614-619
Hong Zhu, Jianmin Miao, Zhihong Wang, Changlei Zhao and Weiguang Zhu
Three-dimensional force sensor by novel alkaline etching technique
Pages 620-626
É. Vázsonyi, M. Ádám, Cs. Dücső, Z. Vízváry, A.L. Tóth and I. Bársony
Micro-mold fabrication by PET anisotropic ultra-violet assisted etching suitable for 3D structures on Si
Pages 627-632
S. Famini, B. Fallah, M. Sadeghi, M. Araghchini, S. Mohajerzadeh, M. Abdolhamidi and B. Sadeghi
Electrochemical deposition of Cu and Ni/Cu multilayers in Si Microsystem Technologies
Pages 633-639
C. Serre, N. Yaakoubi, S. Martínez, A. Pérez-Rodríguez, J.R. Morante, J. Esteve and J. Montserrat
Etch-stop characteristics of heavily B/Ge-doped silicon epilayer in KOH and TMAH
Pages 640-645
Svetlana Tatic-Lucic, Wen-Yue Zhang and Navneet Navneet
Novel room-temperature first-level packaging process for microscale devices
Pages 646-654
Wen-Yue Zhang, Joseph P. Labukas, Svetlana Tatic-Lucic, Lyndon Larson, Thirumalesh Bannuru, Richard P. Vinci and Gregory S. Ferguson
STM carbon nanotube tips fabrication for critical dimension measurements
Pages 655-659
A. Pasquini, G.B. Picotto and M. Pisani
Fabrication and characterization of bolometric oxide thin film based on vanadium–tungsten alloy
Pages 660-664
Yong-Hee Han, Kun-Tae Kim, Nguyen Chi-Anh, Hyun-Joon Shin, In-Hoon Choi and Sung Moon






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