ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 125, 2


Date: 10 Jan 2006


Mathematical models for assessment of the safety of steel beams based on average strains from long gage optic sensors
Pages 109-113
Hyo Seon Park, Hyun Seok Jung, Yun Han Kwon and Ji Hyun Seo
Enhanced optical sensing by carbon nanotube functionalized with CdS particles
Pages 114-117
Yoonmook Kang and Donghwan Kim
A high displacement ultrasonic actuator based on a flexural mechanical amplifier
Pages 118-123
Antonio Iula, Lorenzo Parenti, Fabio Fabrizi and Massimo Pappalardo
Fiber-optic liquid-level continuous gauge
Pages 124-132
F. Pérez-Ocón, M. Rubiño, J.M. Abril, P. Casanova and J.A. Martínez
 Physical Section
Determination of water content and salinity from a producing oil well using CPW probe and eigendecomposition   
Pages 133-142
A.M.O. Mohamed, M. Elgamal and R.A. Said
Out-of-plane vibrations of quartz resonators used in quartz crystal microbalance measurements in gas phase
Pages 143-147
Vasile Mihai Mecea, Jan-Otto Carlsson, Oscar Alm and Mats Boman
A distributed optical fiber sensor for temperature detection in power cables
Pages 148-155
Gunes Yilmaz and Sait Eser Karlik
A design of absorption layers in stacked color sensors
Pages 156-158
Takahiro Numai
No-moving-part hybrid-synthetic jet actuator
Pages 159-169
Václav Tesař, Chuan-Hsiang Hung and William B. Zimmerman
Thin film temperature sensor for real-time measurement of electrolyte temperature in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Pages 170-177
Suhao He, Matthew M. Mench and Srinivas Tadigadapa
Effects of corner frequency on bandwidth and resonance amplitude in designing PZT thin-film actuators  Pages 178-185
Chia-Che Wu, Cheng-Chun Lee, G.Z. Cao and I.Y. Shen
Pulsed magnetic flux leakage techniques for crack detection and characterisation
Pages 186-191
Ali Sophian, Gui Yun Tian and Sofiane Zairi
An active trinocular vision system of sensing indoor navigation environment for mobile robots
Pages 192-209
Min Young Kim and Hyungsuck Cho
Analysis of a new combined stretch and pressure sensor for internal nodule palpation
Pages 210-216
Ishan Barman and Sujoy K. Guha
Integrated chip-size antennas for wireless microsystems: Fabrication and design considerations
Pages 217-222
P.M. Mendes, A. Polyakov, M. Bartek, J.N. Burghartz and J.H. Correia
Fabrication and frequency response of a complex ultrasonic transducer for multilayer evaluation
Pages 223-233
Man-Jong Lee, Joo Sun Kim, Soo Ho Kim, Seung Hyun Ji, Young Soo Yoon and Sang-Jin Lee
Conversion method and system
Pages 234-241
Eldar Musayev
Residual stress influences on the sensitivity of ultrasonic sensor having composite membrane structure 
Pages 242-248
Seungmock Lee, Tsunehisa Tanaka and Koji Inoue
A new magnetic configuration for a small in-plane electromagnetic acoustic transducer applied to laser-ultrasound measurements: Modelling and validation
Pages 249-259
B. Dutton, S. Boonsang and R.J. Dewhurst
Mechanical characterization of thermal flow sensors membranes
Pages 260-266
N. Sabaté, I. Gràcia, J. Santander, L. Fonseca, E. Figueras, C. Cané and J.R. Morante
Embedded long-period fiber grating bending sensor
Pages 267-272
K.M. Tan, C.C. Chan, S.C. Tjin and X.Y. Dong
A CMOS image sensor with optical and potential dual imaging function for on-chip bioscientific applications   
Pages 273-280
Takashi Tokuda, Akio Yamamoto, Keiichiro Kagawa, Masahiro Nunoshita and Jun Ohta
Moisture sensor at glass/polymer interface for monitoring of photovoltaic module encapsulants
Pages 281-287
Thomas Carlsson, Janne Halme, Peter Lund and Petri Konttinen
Evaluation of a low-cost commercial mosfet as radiation dosimeter
Pages 288-295
L.J. Asensio, M.A. Carvajal, J.A. López-Villanueva, M. Vilches, A.M. Lallena and A.J. Palma
Sensor properties and surface characterization of the metal-deposited SPR optical fiber sensors with Au, Ag, Cu, and Al
Pages 296-303
Masaru Mitsushio, Kenichiro Miyashita and Morihide Higo
Partitioning design space for linear tuning of natural frequencies in planar dynamic MEMS structures
Pages 304-312
Shishir Kumar and Rudra Pratap
Simultaneous temperature and ac-current measurements for high voltage lines using fiber Bragg gratings
Pages 313-316
J. Mora, Ll. Martínez-León, A. Díez, J.L. Cruz and M.V. Andrés
 Interfaces Section
Ultra-low power transmit/receive ASIC for battery operated ultrasound measurement systems
Pages 317-328
Jonny Johansson, Martin Gustafsson and Jerker Delsing
A high-accuracy, high-speed interface circuit for differential-capacitance transducer
Pages 329-334
H.L. Hu, T.M. Xu and S.E. Hui
 Materials and Technology Section
Growth and electrical properties of highly (0 0 1)-oriented Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin films on amorphous TiN buffered Si(1 0 0)
Pages 335-339
T.J. Zhu, L. Lu and M.O. Lai
Microstructural, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of low-temperature sintering Pb(Co1/2W1/2)O3–Pb(Mn1/2Nb2/3)O3–Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 ceramics with the addition of Li2CO3 and Bi2O3
Pages 340-345
Kwanghyun Chung, Juhyun Yoo, Changbae Lee, Duckchool Lee, Yeongho Jeong and Hyeunggyu Lee
Electroactive polymer based microfluidic pump
Pages 346-352
Feng Xia, Srinivas Tadigadapa and Q.M. Zhang
Effects of PbTiO3 seeding layer on electrical properties of PbZr0.4Ti0.6O3 thin films
Pages 353-357
Chang Jung Kim, Byung Ik Kim and Jeong Kim
Ruthenium oxide cryogenic temperature sensors
Pages 358-362
Raffi Sahul, Vasil Tasovski and T.S. Sudarshan
Electrical properties of nickel oxide thin films for flow sensor application
Pages 363-366
Sangsoo Noh, Eungahn Lee, Jeonghwan Seo and Mehran Mehregany
Injection molding and injection compression molding of three-beam grating of DVD pickup lens
Pages 367-375
Cheng-Hsien Wu and Wei-Shiu Chen
Electrical stimuli-induced deformation and material properties of electro-active polymer Nafion117
Pages 376-381
Shingo Okamoto, Katsunori Kuwabara and kakurou Otsuka
Characterization of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films deposited on stainless steel substrates by RF-magnetron sputtering for MEMS applications
Pages 382-386
Takaaki Suzuki, Isaku Kanno, Jacob J. Loverich, Hidetoshi Kotera and Kiyotaka Wasa
Effect of Joule-heating annealing conditions on giant magnetoimpedance of Co-rich amorphous ribbons
Pages 387-392
Xuezhi Zhou, Guohua Tu, Henry Kunkel and Gwyn Williams
Lead-free piezoceramic cymbal actuator
Pages 393-397
K.H. Lam, X.X. Wang and H.L.W. Chan
Cellular mechanics study in cardiac myocytes using PDMS pillars array
Pages 398-404
Yi Zhao and Xin Zhang
Gas sensing properties of ZnO thin films prepared by microcontact printing
Pages 405-410
Hey-Jin Lim, Deuk Yong Lee and Young-Jei Oh
InP dies transferred onto silicon substrate for optical interconnects application
Pages 411-414
M. Kostrzewa, L. Di Cioccio, M. Zussy, J.C. Roussin, J.M. Fedeli, N. Kernevez, P. Regreny, Ch. Lagahe-Blanchard and B. Aspar
Improvement in smoothness of anisotropically etched silicon surfaces: Effects of surfactant and TMAH concentrations
Pages 415-421
Di Cheng, Miguel A. Gosálvez, Tatsuya Hori, Kazuo Sato and Mitsuhiro Shikida
Wafer-compatible fabrication and characteristics of nanocrystalline silicon thermally induced ultrasound emitters
Pages 422-428
Takashi Kihara, Toshihiro Harada and Nobuyoshi Koshida
 Actuator Section
An earthworm-like micro robot using shape memory alloy actuator
Pages 429-437
Byungkyu Kim, Moon Gu Lee, Young Pyo Lee, YongIn Kim and GeunHo Lee
Design, fabrication, and testing of a 3-DOF HARM micromanipulator on (1 1 1) silicon substrate
Pages 438-445
Heng-Chung Chang, Julius Ming-Lin Tsai, Hsin-Chang Tsai and Weileun Fang
Detection of needle puncture to blood vessel by using electric conductivity of blood for automatic blood sampling
Pages 446-450
Hirokazu Saito, Kohji Mitsubayashi and Tatsuo Togawa
A microtranslation table with scratch-drive actuators fabricated from silicon-on-insulator wafer
Pages 451-457
Y. Kanamori, H. Yahagi and K. Hane
Development of a novel micromirror based on surface micromaching technology
Pages 458-462
Hongbin Yu and Haiqing Chen
Fabrication and frequency response of dual-element ultrasonic transducer using PZT-5A thick film
Pages 463-470
Young Soo Yoon, Soo Ho Kim, Sang-Jin Lee, Han Ki Kim and Man-Jong Lee
Modeling microwave behaviors of series cantilever MEMS switch
Pages 471-476
B. Peng, W.L. Zhang, G.H. Chen, W.X. Zhang and H.C. Jiang
A novel tiny ultrasonic linear motor using the radial mode of a bimorph
Pages 477-481
Hyun-Phill Ko, Sangsig Kim, Sergjus N. Borodinas, Piotr E. Vasiljev, Chong-Yun Kang and Seok-Jin Yoon
Design and mechanism analysis of a novel type compact single mirror laser scanner
Pages 482-485
Nanying He, Weipu Jia, Mali Gong and Lei Huang
A three DOF linear ultrasonic motor for transport and micropositioning
Pages 486-493
Sounkalo Dembélé and Karima Rochdi
Tolerance analysis for comb-drive actuator using DRIE fabrication
Pages 494-503
J. Li, A.Q. Liu and Q.X. Zhang
Electrostatically actuated dip pen nanolithography probe arrays
Pages 504-511
David Bullen and Chang Liu
Design of membrane actuator based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite for synthetic jet applications
Pages 512-518
Yuanchang Liang, Yasuo Kuga and Minoru Taya
 Micromechanics Section
Process window of micromachined gyroscopes subjected to vibrational frequencies
Pages 519-525
J. Albert Chiou
Simulation of SiO2-based piezoresistive microcantilevers
Pages 526-533
Venkata Chivukula, Ming Wang, Hai-Feng Ji, Abdul Khaliq, Ji Fang and Kody Varahramyan
On the integration of flexible circuit boards with hot embossed thermoplastic structures for actuator purposes
Pages 534-547
Malin Svedberg, Fredrik Nikolajeff and Greger Thornell
 Technology Section
Ferroelectric properties of direct-patterned half-micron thick PZT film
Pages 548-552
Sang-Woo Bae, Hyung-Ho Park and Tae-Song Kim
Flexible fabrication of three-dimensional multi-layered microstructures using a scanning laser system
Pages 553-564
Hui Yu, Biao Li and Xin Zhang
Optimal design of a micro-positioning Scott-Russell mechanism by Taguchi method
Pages 565-572
Jih-Lian Ha, Ying-Shieh Kung, Sheng-Chuen Hu and Rong-Fong Fung
Characterization of localized laser assisted eutectic bonds
Pages 573-585
A.W.Y. Tan, F.E.H. Tay and J. Zhang
Indirect removal of SU-8 photoresist using PDMS technique
Pages 586-589
Jianhua Li, Di Chen, Jinya Zhang, Jingquan Liu and Jun Zhu
Nonlinear and hysteretic influence of piezoelectric actuators in AFMs on lateral dimension measurement
Pages 590-596
Qiangxian Huang, Satoshi Gonda, Ichiko Misumi, Osamu Sato, Taeho Keem and Tomizo Kurosawa
Erratum to “Micromachined infrared bolometers on flexible polyimide substrates” [Sens. Actuators A 118 (1) 49–56]
Pages 597-598
Shadi A. Dayeh, Donald P. Butler and Zeynep Çelik-Butler






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