ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 126, 1


Date: 26-Jan-2006


General Section
High sensitive touch sensor with piezoelectric thin film for pipetting works under microscope
Pages 1-6
Kohei Motoo, Fumihito Arai, Toshio Fukuda, Tohoru Katsuragi and Kouichi Itoigawa
Modelling of a novel hot-wire thermal flow sensor with neural nets under different operating conditions
Pages 7-14
Ahmed Al-Salaymeh and Moh’d Sami Ashhab
 Physical Section
Numerical simulation of sliding wear between the rotor bushing and ground plane in micromotors
Pages 15-24
Wen-Ming Zhang and Guang Meng
Effect of microstructure on the hysteresis performance of force transducers using AISI 4340 steel spring material
Pages 25-32
Sinan Fank and Mehmet Demirkol
Design and simulation of a dual-axis sensing decoupled vibratory wheel gyroscope
Pages 33-40
Deng-Horng Tsai and Weileun Fang
Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of La2O3 added Bi(Na, K)TiO3–SrTiO3 ceramics for pressure sensor application
Pages 41-47
Juhyun Yoo, Jaeil Hong, Hyunseok Lee, Yeongho Jeong, Byungyoul Lee, Hyunseon Song and Junsik Kwon
Packaging effect investigation of CMOS compatible pressure sensor using flip chip and flex circuit board technologies
Pages 48-55
Chang-Chun Lee, Chih-Tang Peng and Kuo-Ning Chiang
A computational study on CO adsorption onto SnO2 small grains
Pages 56-61
A.M. Mazzone and V. Morandi
An optical voltage and current sensor with electrically switchable quarter waveplate
Pages 62-67
Changsheng Li and Xiang Cui
Ultra-high-contrast low-leakage-light optical touch device structures using light scattering and total internal reflection concepts
Pages 68-72
Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn and Ratthasart Amarit
Wireless frequency-tuned generation and measurement of torsional waves using magnetostrictive nickel gratings in cylinders
Pages 73-77
Ik Kyu Kim and Yoon Young Kim
Fluorescence thermometer based on the photoluminescence intensity ratio in Tb doped phosphor materials
Pages 78-82
H. Aizawa, T. Katsumata, S. Komuro, T. Morikawa, H. Ishizawa and E. Toba
Comparisons of different viscous pumps based on physical flow behavior
Pages 83-92
Danny Blanchard and Phil Ligrani
Measurement of residual stress in multilayered thin films by a full-field optical method
Pages 93-97
Meng Nie, Qing-An Huang and Weihua Li
Spin valve sensors for ultrasensitive detection of superparamagnetic nanoparticles for biological applications  
Pages 98-106
Guanxiong Li, Shouheng Sun, Robert J. Wilson, Robert L. White, Nader Pourmand and Shan X. Wang
Fiber-optic laser speckle-intensity crack sensor for embedment in concrete
Pages 107-111
Zhijun Zhang and Farhad Ansari
Novel current measurement method based on fiber Bragg grating sensor technology
Pages 112-116
Yong Zhao, Qing-yao Meng and Kun Chen
Resonant frequency analysis of fixed-free single-walled carbon nanotube-based mass sensor
Pages 117-121
Der Ho Wu, Wen Tung Chien, Cheng Sheng Chen and Hsin Hua Chen
Thermal and thermal stress analysis of a thin-film thermoelectric cooler under the influence of the Thomson effect
Pages 122-128
Mei-Jiau Huang, Po-Kuei Chou and Ming-Chyuan Lin
Conductive knitted fabric as large-strain gauge under high temperature
Pages 129-140
Hui Zhang, Xiaoming Tao, Tongxi Yu and Shanyuan Wang
 Interfaces Section
The optical mouse for indoor mobile robot odometry measurement
Pages 141-147
J. Palacin, I. Valgañon and R. Pernia
A novel architecture of implementing wavelet transform and reconstruction processor with SAW device based on MSC
Pages 148-153
Changbao Wen and Changchun Zhu
CMOS magnetic sensor integrated circuit with sectorial MAGFET
Pages 154-158
Guo Qing, Zhu Dazhong and Yao Yunruo
 Materials and Technology Section
Micro-fabrication of silicon/ceramic hybrid cantilever for atomic force microscope and sensor applications
Pages 159-164
Takayuki Wakayama, Toshinari Kobayashi, Nobuya Iwata, Nozomi Tanifuji, Yasuaki Matsuda and Syoji Yamada
Polyacrylonitrile linear actuators: Chemomechanical and electro-chemomechanical properties
Pages 165-172
Kiyoung Choe and Kwang J. Kim
High-strain ionomeric–ionic liquid electroactive actuators
Pages 173-181
Barbar J. Akle, Matthew D. Bennett and Donald J. Leo
Fabrication and characterization of piezoelectric cantilever for micro transducers
Pages 182-186
Jin Xie, Min Hu, Shih-Fu Ling and Hejun Du
Solid micromechanical valves fabricated with in situ UV-LIGA assembled nickel
Pages 187-193
Bo Li and Quanfang Chen
Layer-by-layer self-assembled conductive thin films for MEMS applications
Pages 194-200
Brian Bush, Guohua Xu, Carlo Carraro and Roya Maboudian
 Actuator Section
Design, fabrication and operation of a wireless and miniature ignition system
Pages 201-210
Gustavo A. Ardila Rodríguez, Carole Rossi and Daniel Esteve
In-process gap reduction of capacitive transducers
Pages 211-217
Danny Reuter, Andreas Bertz, Detlef Billep, Dirk Scheibner, Wolfram Dötzel and Thomas Gessner
Eye-type scanning mirror with dual vertical combs for laser display
Pages 218-226
Young-Chul Ko, Jin-Woo Cho, Yong-Kweun Mun, Hyun-Gu Jeong, Won Kyoung Choi, Jung-Woo Kim, Yong-Hwa Park, Ji-Beon Yoo and Jin-Ho Lee
Coupled-resonator micromechanical filters with voltage tuneable bandpass characteristic in thick-film polysilicon technology
Pages 227-240
Dimitri Galayko, Andreas Kaiser, Bernard Legrand, Lionel Buchaillot, Chantal Combi and Dominique Collard
 Micromechanics Section
Matrix of 10 × 10 addressed solid propellant microthrusters: Review of the technologies
Pages 241-252
Carole Rossi, Danick Briand, Maxime Dumonteuil, Thierry Camps, Phuong Quyên Pham and Nicolaas F. de Rooij
On modeling and computer simulation of an electro-thermally driven cascaded nickel micro-actuator
Pages 253-263
D. Hill, W. Szyszkowski and E. Bordatchev
 Technology Section
A very simple compensation technique for bent V-grooves in KOH etched (1 0 0) silicon when thin structures or deep etching are required
Pages 264-269
Bruno Wacogne, Rabah Zeggari, Zouaoui Sadani and Tijani Gharbi
Parylene-strengthened thermal isolation technology for microfluidic system-on-chip applications
Pages 270-276
Chi-Yuan Shih, Yang Chen and Yu-Chong Tai






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