ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 126, 2


Date: 14-Feb-2006


General Section
Passive wireless strain monitoring of actual tire using capacitance–resistance change and multiple spectral features
Pages 277-286
Ryosuke Matsuzaki and Akira Todoroki
 Physical Section
Strain sensitivity of TiB2, TiSi2, TaSi2 and WSi2 thin films as possible candidates for high temperature strain gauges
Pages 287-291
Guenter Schultes, Markus Schmitt, Dirk Goettel and Olivia Freitag-Weber
Magnetic field sensors built from slightly crystallographic mismatched thin films of In0.53Ga0.47As/InP obtained by MBE and MOCVD
Pages 292-299
Andrzej Wolkenberg and Tomasz Przesławski
A micro-Pirani vacuum gauge based on micro-hotplate technology
Pages 300-305
F.T. Zhang, Z. Tang, J. Yu and R.C. Jin
Neural network based identification of Preisach-type hysteresis in piezoelectric actuator using hysteretic operator
Pages 306-311
Xinlong Zhao and Yonghong Tan
Tactile sensor arrays using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Pages 312-327
Jin-Seok Heo, Jong-Ha Chung and Jung-Ju Lee
TrEndo, a device for tracking minimally invasive surgical instruments in training setups
Pages 328-334
Magdalena K. Chmarra, Niels H. Bakker, Cornelis A. Grimbergen and Jenny Dankelman
A refractometer based on fiber-to-liquid planar waveguide coupler
Pages 335-339
Kwang Taek Kim, Kyu Hyu Lee, Sueng Hwangbo and Kyung Rak Sohn
Structural NDE of concrete structures using protected EFPI and FBG sensors
Pages 340-347
J.S. Leng, R.A. Barnes, A. Hameed, D. Winter, J. Tetlow, G.C. Mays and G.F. Fernando
 Interfaces Section
Enclosed microphone array system with point-listening characteristics based on adjustment of complex weighting
Pages 348-354
Shinji Ohyama, Yukifumi Sasagawa, Junya Takayama and Akira Kobayashi
Comparative study of ZnCr2O4–K2CrO4 ceramic humidity sensor using computer controlled humidity measurement set-up
Pages 355-361
N. Kavasoğlu, A.S. Kavasoğlu and M. Bayhan
 Materials and Technology Section
Optimized piezoelectric sensor for a specific application: Detection of Lamb waves
Pages 362-368
Mohamed Rguiti, Sébastien Grondel, Faysal El youbi, Christian Courtois, Marc Lippert and Anne Leriche
Fabrication of short and thin silicon cantilevers for AFM with SOI wafers
Pages 369-374
Qingkai Yu, Guoting Qin, Chinmay Darne, Chengzhi Cai, Wanda Wosik and Shin-Shem Pei
Development of a gripper using SMA wire
Pages 375-381
Z.W. Zhong and C.K. Yeong
Shear axial modes in a PCTSCM,: Part VIII: Spectral holes with dissimilar materials but without phase defects
Pages 382-385
Ryan J. Carey and Akhlesh Lakhtakia
 Actuator Section
Effect of poling conditions on out-of-plane displacement for a shear mode PZT actuator
Pages 386-395
C.H. Cheng, S.C. Chen, S.W. Young, Y.R. Su and Y.C. Lin
Bending modeling and its experimental verification for conducting polymer actuators dedicated to manipulation applications
Pages 396-404
Gursel Alici, Brian Mui and Chris Cook
A comparison between several vibration-powered piezoelectric generators for standalone systems
Pages 405-416
E. Lefeuvre, A. Badel, C. Richard, L. Petit and D. Guyomar
 Micromechanics Section
Design study of piezoelectric micro-machined mechanically coupled cantilever filters using a combined finite element and microwave circuit analysis
Pages 417-424
Meiling Zhu and Paul B. Kirby
Simultaneous optical/electrical interconnection of polymer planar-lightwave-circuit chip based on polymer MOEMS and replication technology
Pages 425-429
Jin Tae Kim and Choon-Gi Choi
Thermal simulation of micromachined bridge and self-heating for uncooled VO2 infrared microbolometer
Pages 430-435
Ge Li, Ningyi Yuan, Jinhua Li and Xiaoshuang Chen
A surface micromachined electrostatically tunable film bulk acoustic resonator
Pages 436-446
Wanling Pan, Philippe Soussan, Bart Nauwelaers and Harrie A.C. Tilmans
 Systems/Applications Section
Local gas holdup measurement of a bubble column using SONIA-ultrasonic non-invasive method
Pages 447-454
Muhammad R. Widyanto, Marsudi B. Utomo, Kazuhiko Kawamoto, Benyamin Kusumoputro and Kaoru Hirota
Read-out concepts for multiplexed bead-based fluorescence immunoassays on centrifugal microfluidic platforms
Pages 455-462
L. Riegger, M. Grumann, T. Nann, J. Riegler, O. Ehlert, W. Bessler, K. Mittenbuehler, G. Urban, L. Pastewka, T. Brenner et al.
 Technology Section
Using thermally printed transparency as photomasks to generate microfluidic structures in PDMS material
Pages 463-468
Cheuk-Wing Li, Jun Yang, Chi Hung Tzang, Jianlong Zhao and Mengsu Yang






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