ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 127, 2

MEMS 2005 Special Issue of the Micromechanics Section of Sensors and Actuators (SAMM), based on contributions revised from the technical digest of the IEEE 18th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS-2005).


Date: 13-March-2006


Special Issue Papers
Fabrication and characterization of ZnO nanowires based UV photodiodes
Pages 201-206
Lei Luo, Yanfeng Zhang, Samuel S. Mao and Liwei Lin
An integrated system for on-chip temperature gradient interaction chromatography
Pages 207-215
Chi-Yuan Shih, Yang Chen, Wei Li, Jun Xie, Qing He and Yu-Chong Tai
An approach for creating polymeric microstructures with various aspect ratios for cellular analysis applications  
Pages 216-220
Yi Zhao and Xin Zhang
Experiments and theory of thermally-induced stress relaxation in amorphous dielectric films for MEMS and IC applications
Pages 221-227
Zhiqiang Cao and Xin Zhang
Fabrication of three-dimensional microstructures based on singled-layered SU-8 for lab-on-chip applications
Pages 228-234
Hui Yu, Oluwaseyi Balogun, Biao Li, T.W. Murray and Xin Zhang
Temperature measurements of microhotplates using fluorescence thermometry
Pages 235-240
C.W. Meyer, D.C. Meier, C.B. Montgomery and S. Semancik
Fabrication of integrated nozzle plates for inkjet print head using microinjection process
Pages 241-247
S.C. Shen, C.T. Pan, Y.R. Wang and C.C. Chang
Micro vertical comb actuators by selective stiction process
Pages 248-254
Jongbaeg Kim, Dane Christensen and Liwei Lin
The continuous spinning current (CSC) stress sensor method for the extraction of two stress components in an offset compensated manner
Pages 255-260
J. Bartholomeyczik, M. Doelle, P. Ruther and O. Paul
Geometry optimization for planar piezoresistive stress sensors based on the pseudo-Hall effect
Pages 261-269
M. Doelle, D. Mager, P. Ruther and O. Paul
Plastic 95-GHz rectangular waveguides by micro molding technologies
Pages 270-275
Firas Sammoura, Yu-Chuan Su, Ying Cai, Chen-Yu Chi, Bala Elamaran, Liwei Lin and Jung-Chih Chiao
Unpowered spiral-tube parylene pressure sensor for intraocular pressure sensing
Pages 276-282
Po-Jui Chen, Damien C. Rodger, Mark S. Humayun and Yu-Chong Tai
Computer aided design of an EWOD microdevice
Pages 283-294
J. Berthier, Ph. Clementz, O. Raccurt, D. Jary, P. Claustre, C. Peponnet and Y. Fouillet
A shear stress sensor for tactile sensing with the piezoresistive cantilever standing in elastic material
Pages 295-301
Kentaro Noda, Kazunori Hoshino, Kiyoshi Matsumoto and Isao Shimoyama
Laterally driven thin film PZT actuator with high-aspect-ratio silicon beam for stroke amplification
Pages 302-309
Young Ho Seo, Doo-Sun Choi, Joon-Hyung Lee, Tae-Jin Je and Kyung-Hyun Whang
A design method for out-of-plane structures by multi-step magnetic self-assembly
Pages 310-315
Eiji Iwase and Isao Shimoyama
Characterization of KrF excimer laser annealed PECVD SixGe1−x for MEMS post-processing
Pages 316-323
Sherif Sedky, Maria Gromova, Tom Van der Donck, Jean-Pierre Celis and Ann Witvrouw
Regular Papers
 General Section
Piezoresistive sensing with twin-beam structures in standard MEMS foundry processes
Pages 325-331
Behraad Bahreyni, Farshid Najafi and Cyrus Shafai
Flame imaging using laser-based transmission tomography
Pages 332-339
Elmy Johana Mohamad, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Sallehudin Ibrahim, Shaharum Sulaiman and Mohamad Shukri Manaf
 Physical Section
Calibration of three-dimensional integrated sensors for improved system accuracy
Pages 340-344
Rong Zhu and Zhaoying Zhou
A sensitive electromagnetic acoustic transducer for picometer-scale ultrasonic displacement measurements
Pages 345-354
S. Boonsang and R.J. Dewhurst
A 2826 MB Metglas ribbon as a strain sensor for remote and dynamic mechanical measurements  ARTICLE
Pages 355-359
Dimitrios Kouzoudis and Dionysios E. Mouzakis
The influence of calcium doped ZnO films on Love wave sensor characteristics
Pages 360-365
Walter Water and Yin-Shiang Yang
Numerical and analytical study on the pull-in instability of micro-structure under electrostatic loading
Pages 366-380
Yin Zhang and Ya-pu Zhao
 Micromechanics Section
Stability of surface tension self-assembled 3D MOEMS
Pages 381-391
Y.K. Hong and R.R.A. Syms
The evaluation of Young's modulus and residual stress of copper films by microbridge testing
Pages 392-397
Z.M. Zhou, Y. Zhou, C.S. Yang, J.A. Chen, W. Ding and G.F. Ding






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