ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 129/1- 2


EMSA 2004 - Selected Papers from the 5th European Magnetic Sensors & Actuators Conference - EMSA 2004, Cardiff, UK, 4-6 July 2004.
Edited by Dr. Turgut Meyden


Date: 24-May-2006


Laser-pumped cesium magnetometers for high-resolution medical and fundamental research
Pages 1-5
S. Groeger, G. Bison, P.E. Knowles, R. Wynands and A. Weis
Progress towards the optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio in giant magnetoimpedance sensors
Pages 6-9
D. Ménard, G. Rudkowska, L. Clime, P. Ciureanu, A. Yelon, S. Saez, C. Dolabdjian and D. Robbes
Multi sensor probe and defect classification in eddy current tubing inspection
Pages 10-14
P.-Y. Joubert and Y. Le Bihan
On cross-axis effect of the anisotropic magnetoresistive sensors
Pages 15-19
J. Kubik, J. Vcelak and P. Ripka
Planar fluxgate current sensor integrated in printed circuit board
Pages 20-24
Terence O’Donnell, A. Tipek, A. Connell, P. McCloskey and S.C. O’Mathuna
Mechanical vibration sensor based on elastomagnetic composite
Pages 25-28
G. Ausanio, A.C. Barone, C. Hison, V. Iannotti, C. Luponio, Jr. and L. Lanotte
Development of a transverse flux sensor
Pages 29-33
J.-Y. Voyant, J.-P. Yonnet, G. Jay and C. Foucher
Measurement of the differential susceptibility of soft magnetic ribbons under applied tensile and compressive stress
Pages 34-36
J. Kosel, H. Hauser, G. Pertl and R.J. Taylor
Bulk and surface magnetization of nearly zero magnetostrictive Co-based amorphous glass-coated microwires
Pages 37-40
T.A. Óvári, F. Borza and T. Meydan
A magnetoelastic microtransformer-based microstrain gauge
Pages 41-44
A. Ben Amor, T. Budde and H.H. Gatzen
Nanocrystalline Fe87Zr7Al2B3Cu1 ribbons
Pages 45-49
C.L. Hison, H. Chiriac, N. Lupu and M. Neagu
Magnetic properties of Fe-based bulk ferromagnetic glasses
Pages 50-52
J.M. Barandiaran, J. Bezanilla, H.A. Davies and P. Pawlik
Errors of AMR compass and methods of their compensation
Pages 53-57
J. Včelák, P. Ripka, A. Platil, J. Kubík and P. Kašpar
Advanced process of the magnetic core integration for the micro fluxgate magnetometer
Pages 58-61
Predrag M. Drljača, Franck Vincent, Pavel Kejík and Radivoje S. Popović
Effect of annealing temperature on permeability and giant magneto-impedance of Fe-based amorphous ribbon
Pages 62-65
M.H. Phan, H.X. Peng, M.R. Wisnom, S.C. Yu, C.G. Kim and N.H. Nghi
Fe70Cr10B20 metallic glass as a new candidate for nuclei of stress and magnetic field sensors
Pages 66-68
M.L. Sánchez, J.D. Santos, M.J. Pérez, J. Olivera, V.M. Prida, P. Gorria and B. Hernando
Tunnel magnetoresistive current sensors for IC testing
Pages 69-74
Kim Le Phan, Hans Boeve, Frederik Vanhelmont, Ton Ikkink, Frans de Jong and Hans de Wilde
Excitation efficiency of fluxgate sensors
Pages 75-79
Pavel Ripka and William G. Hurley
Improved multi-sensor for force measurement of pre-stressed steel cables by means of the eddy current technique
Pages 80-85
W. Ricken, H.C. Schoenekess and W.-J. Becker
Highly sensitive magnetometers—a review
Pages 86-93
D. Robbes
CMOS magnetic sensors with integrated ferromagnetic parts
Pages 94-99
Radivoje S. Popovic, Predrag M. Drljaca and Pavel Kejik
Setup and capability of CMOS Hall sensor arrays
Pages 100-102
Heinrich Grüger, Uwe Vogel and Steffen Ulbricht
Rotor shielding influence on the detection of induction machine flux position
Pages 103-106
T.M. Wolbank, J.L. Machl and H. Hauser
New 2D fluxgate devices based on the phase modulation of magnetization rotation in AMR films
Pages 107-111
J. Petrou, P.D. Dimitropoulos, E. Hristoforou and M. Neagu
A new adaptive automated feedback system for Barkhausen signal measurement
Pages 112-117
H.V. Patel, S. Zurek, T. Meydan, D.C. Jiles and L. Li
Electromagnetic micro-actuator array for loudspeaker application
Pages 118-120
R. Rashedin, T. Meydan and F. Borza
A novel capacitive flux density sensor
Pages 121-125
S. Zurek and T. Meydan
Linear magneto-optic imager for non-destructive evaluation
Pages 126-130
P.-Y. Joubert and J. Pinassaud
A new magnetoelastic device for sensing applications
Pages 131-137
C. Petridis, P. Dimitropoulos and E. Hristoforou
Magnetostrictive delay line improvement for long range position detection
Pages 138-141
F. Martínez, I. Santiago, F. Sánchez, G. Obieta, A. García-Arribas, J.M. Barandiarán and Jon Gutiérrez
GMI sensors based on stress-annealed iron based nanocrystalline ribbons
Pages 142-145
A.-D. Bensalah, F. Alves, R. Barrué, F. Simon and S.N. Kane
Field line distribution in a mixed sensor
Pages 146-149
M. Pannetier, C. Fermon, P. Vedrine, M.S. Welling and R.J. Wijngaarden
Basic quantification of magnetic particles in solid substance and human tissue by the SQUID magnetometer
Pages 150-153
F. Boháková, I. Šimáček and P. Jurdák
Magnetostrictive bilayers for multi-functional sensor families
Pages 154-158
H. Pfützner, E. Kaniusas, J. Kosel, L. Mehnen, T. Meydan, M. Vázquez, M. Rohn, A.M. Merlo and B. Marquardt
Piezomagnetic coefficients of polymer bonded Co-ferrites
Pages 159-162
C.P. Sasso, M. Pasquale, L. Giudici, S.H. Lim and S.M. Na
Magnetic properties of a rapidly quenched Ni–Mn–Ga shape memory alloy
Pages 163-166
J. Gutiérrez, J.M. Barandiarán, P. Lázpita, C. Seguí and E. Cesari
Control of tip oscillation in magnetostrictive dental scalers
Pages 167-171
Thant P.P. Phway, S. Zurek, T. Meydan and A.D. Walmsley
The surface magnetism investigation of FeSiB amorphous thin films obtained by evaporation technique
Pages 172-175
Maria Neagu, M. Dobromir, G. Popa, H. Chiriac, Gh. Singurel and Cornelia Hison
Preparation of plastic ferromagnetic composite materials for magnetic encoders
Pages 176-179
B. Martorana, G. Carotenuto, D. Pullini, K. Zvezdin, G. La Peruta, P. Perlo and L. Nicolais
Multi-ferroic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 bilayers for electrical field-induced resistance modulations  • ARTICLE
Pages 180-183
C. Thiele, K. Dörr, W.-M. Lin, K.-H. Müller and L. Schultz
Influence of deposition potentials applied in continuous and pulse waveforms on magnetic properties of electrodeposited nickel–iron films
Pages 184-187
Mursel Alper, Hakan Kockar, Hilal Kuru and Turgut Meydan
Production and characterisations of thin films deposited by a novel vacuum coating plant (VCP)
Pages 188-191
Hakan Kockar, Turgut Meydan, Mursel Alper and Elif Gungor
Direct Hall measurements of InSb thin films during their irradiation with fast neutrons  • ARTICLE
Pages 192-196
Inessa Bolshakova and Evangelos Hristoforou
Finite element modelling of a circumferential magnetiser
Pages 197-202
R.C. Ireland and C.R. Torres
Optimised GMR sensors for low and high frequencies applications
Pages 203-206
C. Fermon, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, N. Biziere and B. Cousin
Development of an hybrid 3D FEM for the modeling of micro-coil sensors and actuators
Pages 207-211
Mohamed Bensetti, Yann Le Bihan and Claude Marchand
An integrated micro-Hall probe for scanning magnetic microscopy
Pages 212-215
P. Kejik, G. Boero, M. Demierre and R.S. Popovic
Study of magnetoimpedance effect in Co–Fe–Si–B glass-covered microwires
Pages 216-219
S.N. Kane, F. Alves, Zs. Gercsi, F. Mazaleyrat, S. Gupte, H. Chiriac and M. Vázquez
Solenoid actuator for loudspeaker application
Pages 220-223
R. Rashedin and T. Meydan
Mechanical torque in the ac field induced rotation of amorphous wires
Pages 224-226
F. Borza, T.A. Óvári and T. Meydan
Influence of magnetostriction constant on magnetoimpedance–frequency dependence
Pages 227-230
D. García, V. Raposo, O. Montero and J.I. Íńiguez
Magnetic hysteresis calculation of sensors based on orthoferrites
Pages 231-234
H. Hauser and M. Evanzin
Non-contact measurement of CNT compounding ratio in composite material by eddy current method
Pages 235-238
H. Wakiwaka, M. Kodani, M. Endo and Y. Takahashi
Accurate measurement of angle position at high angular velocities
Pages 239-242
Don Payne
Simulation and measurement of bilayer sensor characteristics
Pages 243-246
G.S. Katranas, T. Meydan, A. Ovari, F. Borza, M. Yasin, C. Malvicino, H. Pfützner, M. Vázquez, M. Rohn and B. Marquardt
Ultra-sensitive mixed sensors—Design and performance
Pages 247-250
M. Pannetier, C. Fermon, G. Le Goff and E. Kerr
Novel composite of magnetostrictive material and piezoelectric actuator for coil-free magnetic force control
Pages 251-255
Toshiyuki Ueno and Toshiro Higuchi
Very large magnetoimpedance (MI) in FeNi/Au multilayer film systems
Pages 256-259
D. de Cos, N. Fry, I. Orue, L.V. Panina, A. Garcia-Arribas and J.M. Barandiaran
Effects of external white noise on spin valve sensors
Pages 260-264
Y. Bei and E.W. Hill
Novel magnetic micro-actuators and systems (MAGMAS) using permanent magnets
Pages 265-269
O. Cugat, G. Reyne, J. Delamare and H. Rostaing
Sensors in position control applications for industrial automation
Pages 270-274
T. Reininger, F. Welker and M. von Zeppelin
Non-linear magnetoimpedance in amorphous ribbons: Large asymmetries and angular dependence
Pages 275-278
A. García-Arribas, A. Saad, I. Orue, G.V. Kurlyandskaya, J.M. Barandiarán and J.A. García






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