ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol. 130-131


Selected Papers from TRANSDUCERS '05 - The 13th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors,

Actuators and Microsystems - Seoul, Korea, 5-9 June 2005 Edited by P. French


Date: 14-August-2006


General Section
A finite element model for bending behaviour of conducting polymer electromechanical actuators
Pages 1-11
Philippe Metz, Gürsel Alici and Geoffrey M. Spinks
 Physical Section
Evaporation evolution of volatile liquid droplets in nanoliter wells
Pages 12-19
Chin-Tai Chen, Fan-Gang Tseng and Ching-Chang Chieng
Distortion optimized focusing mirror device with large aperture
Pages 20-27
Ulrich M. Mescheder, Carlos Estañ, Gergoe Somogyi and Markus Freudenreich
Development of a MOEMS sun sensor for space applications
Tobias Böhnke, Marika Edoff and Lars Stenmark
Thin film NiTi microthermostat array
Pages 37-41
Daniel D. Shin, Dong-Gun Lee, Kotekar P. Mohanchandra and Gregory P. Carman
Stability of wafer level vacuum encapsulated single-crystal silicon resonators
Pages 42-47
Ville Kaajakari, Jyrki Kiihamäki, Aarne Oja, Sami Pietikäinen, Ville Kokkala and Heikki Kuisma
Integrating wireless ECG monitoring in textiles
Pages 48-53
Johan Coosemans, Bart Hermans and Robert Puers
Three-dimensional nanosprings for electromechanical sensors
Pages 54-61
D.J. Bell, Y. Sun, L. Zhang, L.X. Dong, B.J. Nelson and D. Grützmacher
Simultaneous thermal conductivity and diffusivity sensing in liquids using a micromachined device
Pages 62-67
J. Kuntner, F. Kohl and B. Jakoby
Micromachined gas inertial sensor based on convection heat transfer
Pages 68-74
Rong Zhu, Henggao Ding, Yan Su and Zhaoying Zhou
Micro force sensor with piezoresistive amorphous carbon strain gauge
Pages 75-82
E. Peiner, A. Tibrewala, R. Bandorf, S. Biehl, H. Lüthje and L. Doering
Parasitic leakage resonance-free HRS MEMS package for microwave and millimeter-wave
Pages 83-90
Yo-Tak Song, Hai-Young Lee and Masayoshi Esashi
The constituent equations of piezoelectric multilayer bending actuators in closed analytical form and experimental results
Pages 91-98
Ruediger G. Ballas, H.F. Schlaak and A.J. Schmid
Fabrication and characteristics of the suppressed sidewall injection magnetotransistor using a CMOS process
Pages 99-104
Youn-Gui Song, Ji-Goo Ryu, Young-Shig Choi and Nam-Ho Kim
A self-excited micro cantilever biosensor actuated by PZT using the mass micro balancing technique
Pages 105-110
Yeolho Lee, Geunbae Lim and Wonkyu Moon
Pyroelectric infrared sensors with fast response time and high sensitivity using epitaxial Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 films on epitaxial γ-Al2O3/Si substrates
Pages 111-115
Daisuke Akai, Keisuke Hirabayashi, Mikako Yokawa, Kazuaki Sawada, Yoshiharu Taniguchi, Shinnichi Murashige, Naoto Nakayama, Tetsuya Yamada, Kensuke Murakami and Makoto Ishida
SOI micromachined 5-axis motion sensor using resonant electrostatic drive and non-resonant capacitive detection mode
Pages 116-123
Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Toshiaki Mitsui, Takashi Mineta, Yoshiyuki Matsu and Kazuhiro Okada
Study on the low power consumption of racetrack fluxgate
Pages 124-128
Shibin Liu
A new high-temperature thermal sensor based on large-grain polysilicon on insulator
Pages 129-134
Z.H. Wu, P.T. Lai and Johnny K.O. Sin
A new capacitive displacement sensor with high accuracy and long-range
Pages 135-141
Moojin Kim, Wonkyu Moon, Euisung Yoon and Kwang-Ryeol Lee
Analytical model for the sensitivity of a toroidal fluxgate sensor
Pages 142-146
Lucas Pérez, Irene Lucas, Claudio Aroca, Pedro Sánchez and M. Carmen Sánchez
Microactuators based on ion implanted dielectric electroactive polymer (EAP) membranes
Pages 147-154
Philippe Dubois, Samuel Rosset, Sander Koster, Johann Stauffer, Serguei Mikhaïlov, Massoud Dadras, Nico-F. de Rooij and Herbert Shea
Experiments on aircraft flight parameter detection by on-skin sensors
Pages 155-165
S. Callegari, M. Zagnoni, A. Golfarelli, M. Tartagni, A. Talamelli, P. Proli and A. Rossetti
Micromachined integrated shock protection for MEMS
Pages 166-175
Sang Won Yoon, Navid Yazdi, Noel C. Perkins and Khalil Najafi
A ternary barcode detection system with a pattern-adaptable dual threshold
Pages 176-183
Hiroo Wakaumi and Chikao Nagasawa
PCB racetrack fluxgate sensor with improved temperature stability
Pages 184-188
J. Kubik, L. Pavel and P. Ripka
Electrowetting on superhydrophobic SU-8 patterned surfaces
Pages 189-193
Dale L. Herbertson, Carl R. Evans, Neil J. Shirtcliffe, Glen McHale and Michael I. Newton
Enhanced stability of Ti/Pt micro-heaters using a-SiC:H passivation layers
Pages 194-201
U. Schmid and H. Seidel
Current gain in silicon near infrared optical sensor containing multiple low–high junctions
Pages 202-207
O. Malik, V. Grimalsky, J. De la Hidalga-W and P. Pasos-Canul
Behavior of an optical sensor based on non-ideal silicon capacitors: From amplification to generation
Pages 208-213
O. Malik, V. Grimalsky and J. De la Hidalga-W
Optical feedback system with integrated color sensor on LCD
Pages 214-219
Ki-Chan Lee, Seung-Hwan Moon, Brian Berkeley and Sang-Soo Kim
Compact gate-all-around silicon light modulator for ultra high speed operation
Pages 220-227
K.E. Moselund, P. Dainesi, M. Declercq, M. Bopp, P. Coronel, T. Skotnicki and A.M. Ionescu
Direct hemoglobin measurement on a centrifugal microfluidic platform for point-of-care diagnostics
Pages 228-233
J. Steigert, M. Grumann, M. Dube, W. Streule, L. Riegger, T. Brenner, P. Koltay, K. Mittmann, R. Zengerle and J. Ducrée
Design of differential electromagnetic transducer for implantable middle ear hearing device using finite element method
Pages 234-240
Min-Kyu Kim, Young-Ho Yoon, Il-Yong Park and Jin-Ho Cho
Buckled-type valves integrated by parylene micro-tubes
Pages 241-246
Lung-Jieh Yang, Hsin-Hsiung Wang, Jiun-Min Wang, Kuan-Chun Liu and Kai-Chung Ko
Novel 1-chip FBAR filter for wireless handsets
Pages 247-253
Byeoungju Ha, Insang Song, Yun-Kwon Park, Duck-Hwan Kim, Woonbae Kim, Kuangwoo Nam and James Jungho Pak
Design and fabrication of novel three-dimensional multi-electrode array using SOI wafer
Pages 254-261
Huai-Yuan Chu, Tzu-Ying Kuo, Baowen Chang, Shao-Wei Lu, Chuan-Chin Chiao and Weileun Fang
A high-temperature thermopile fabrication process for thermal flow sensors
Pages 262-266
Rainer Buchner, Christoph Sosna, Marcus Maiwald, Wolfgang Benecke and Walter Lang
Fabrication of a disposable biochip for measuring percent hemoglobin A1c (%HbA1c)
Pages 267-272
Sang Uk Son, Jee-Hoon Seo, Yo Han Choi and Seung S. Lee
A 4 μs integration time imager based on CMOS single photon avalanche diode technology
Pages 273-281
Cristiano Niclass, Alexis Rochas, Pierre-André Besse, Radivoje Popovic and Edoardo Charbon
A novel thermal-bubble-based micromachined accelerometer
Pages 282-289
Ke-Min Liao, Rongshun Chen and Bruce C.S. Chou
Interfaces Section
A smart node architecture for underwater monitoring of sensor networks
Pages 290-296
L. Magagni, M. Sergio, M. Nicolini, D. Gennaretti, R. Canegallo and R. Guerrieri
High voltage thin film transistors integrated with MEMS
Pages 297-301
Eugene M. Chow, Jeng Ping Lu, Jackson Ho, Chinwen Shih, Dirk De Bruyker, Michel Rosa and Eric Peeters
Development of a low-cost piezoresistive compass on CMOS
Pages 302-311
N. Dumas, L. Latorre and P. Nouet
A sensitive microsystem as biosensor for cell growth monitoring and antibiotic testing
Pages 312-321
E. Spiller, A. Schöll, R. Alexy, K. Kümmerer and G.A. Urban
Simplified circuit modeling and fabrication of intrabody communication devices
Pages 322-330
Keisuke Hachisuka, Yusuke Terauchi, Yoshinori Kishi, Ken Sasaki, Terunao Hirota, Hiroshi Hosaka, Katsuyuki Fujii, Masaharu Takahashi and Koichi Ito
Materials and Technology Section
Elimination of stress-induced curvature in microcantilever infrared focal plane arrays
Pages 331-339
Shusen Huang, Biao Li and Xin Zhang
A novel surface micromachining process to fabricate AlN unimorph suspensions and its application for RF resonators
Pages 340-345
S. Saravanan, E. Berenschot, G. Krijnen and M. Elwenspoek
Thermoelectric microstructures of Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 for a self-calibrated micro-pyrometer
Pages 346-351
L.M. Goncalves, C. Couto, P. Alpuim, D.M. Rowe and J.H. Correia
Modifying residual stress and stress gradient in LPCVD Si3N4 film with ion implantation
Pages 352-357
Wendian Shi, Haixia Zhang, Guobing Zhang and Zhihong Li
Fabrication and mechanical characterization of LCVD-deposited carbon micro-springs
Pages 358-364
K.L. Williams, J. Köhler and M. Boman
Fully integrated ferrite-based inductors for RF ICs
Pages 365-370
C. Yang, F. Liu, T. Ren, L. Liu, H. Feng, A.Z. Wang and H. Long
GaN-on-patterned-silicon (GPS) technique for fabrication of GaN-based MEMS
Pages 371-378
Zhenchuan Yang, Ruonan Wang, Deliang Wang, Baoshun Zhang, Kei May Lau and Kevin J. Chen
Fabrication and characterization of folded SU-8 suspensions for MEMS applications
Pages 379-386
Daniel Bachmann, Bernd Schöberle, Stéphane Kühne, Yves Leiner and Christofer Hierold
Fabrication of three-dimensional microstructure using maskless gray-scale lithography
Pages 387-392
Kentaro Totsu, Kenta Fujishiro, Shuji Tanaka and Masayoshi Esashi
Evaluation of langasite (La3Ga5SiO14) as a material for high temperature microsystems
Pages 393-396
Erik Ansorge, Stefan Schimpf, Soeren Hirsch, Jan Sauerwald, Holger Fritze and Bertram Schmidt
Temperature dependence of piezoelectric properties of sputtered AlN on silicon substrate
Pages 397-402
Kazuhiko Kano, Kazuki Arakawa, Yukihiro Takeuchi, Morito Akiyama, Naohiro Ueno and Nobuaki Kawahara
Characterization and strain gradient optimization of PECVD poly-SiGe layers for MEMS applications
Pages 403-410
M. Gromova, A. Mehta, K. Baert and A. Witvrouw
Micro-thermoelectric devices with ceramic combustors
Pages 411-418
Woosuck Shin, Kazuki Tajima, Yeongsoo Choi, Maiko Nishibori, Noriya Izu, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
The mechanical properties of atomic layer deposited alumina for use in micro- and nano-electromechanical systems
Pages 419-429
Marie K. Tripp, Christoph Stampfer, David C. Miller, Thomas Helbling, Cari F. Herrmann, Christofer Hierold, Ken Gall, Steven M. George and Victor M. Bright
Actuator Section
A capillary system with 1 × 4 microflow switches via a micronozzle–diffuser pump and hydrophobic-patch design for continuous liquid handling
Pages 430-437
Chih-Ming Cheng and Cheng-Hsien Liu
Permanent magnet planar micro-generators
Pages 438-444
Hynek Raisigel, Orphée Cugat and Jérôme Delamare
A high performance bidirectional micropump for a novel artificial sphincter system
Pages 445-453
A. Doll, M. Heinrichs, F. Goldschmidtboeing, H.-J. Schrag, U.T. Hopt and P. Woias
A single-crystal silicon micromirror for large bi-directional 2D scanning applications
Pages 454-460
Ankur Jain and Huikai Xie
Shape memory thin film actuator for holding a fine blood vessel
Pages 461-467
Takashi Sugawara, Ken-ichi Hirota, Masaru Watanabe, Takashi Mineta, Eiji Makino, Satoshi Toh and Takayuki Shibata
MicroXY stages with spider-leg actuators for two-dimensional optical scanning
Pages 468-477
Ho Nam Kwon, Jong-Hyun Lee, Kazuhiro Takahashi and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi
Micromachined S-band patch antenna with reduced dielectric constant
Pages 478-484
H. Kratz, E. Öjefors and L. Stenmark
Micromachined thick film piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer array
Pages 485-490
Zhihong Wang, Weiguang Zhu, Jianmin Miao, Hong Zhu, Chen Chao and Ooi Kiang Tan
A piezoelectric micro-actuator with a three-dimensional structure and its micro-fabrication
Pages 491-496
Peng Gao, Kui Yao, Xiaosong Tang, Xujiang He, Santiranjan Shannigrahi, Yaolong Lou, Jian Zhang and Kanzo Okada
Large displacement parallel plate electrostatic actuator with saturation type characteristic
Pages 497-512
Slava Krylov and Yacov Bernstein
Initial levitation of an electrostatic bearing system without bias
Pages 513-522
Fengtian Han, Qiuping Wu and Zhongyu Gao
Micromachined Fourier transform spectrometer on silicon optical bench platform
Pages 523-530
Kyoungsik Yu, Daesung Lee, Uma Krishnamoorthy, Namkyoo Park and Olav Solgaard
Study on a PZT-actuated diaphragm pump for air supply for micro fuel cells
Pages 531-536
Xing Yang, Zhaoying Zhou, Hyejung Cho and Xiaobing Luo
Using EWOD (electrowetting-on-dielectric) actuation in a micro conveyor system
Pages 537-544
Ilju Moon and Joonwon Kim
A lobster-sniffing inspired actuator for manipulation of micro-objects via controlling local fluid
Pages 545-552
Cheng-Hsiang Liu, Chia-Fang Chiang, Chieh Chang and Cheng-Hsien Liu
Micromechanics Section
Tuning the shape and curvature of micromachined cantilevers using multiple plasma treatments
Pages 553-559
Wang-Shen Su, Sheng-Ta Lee, Cheng-Yu Lin, Ming-Shih Tsai, Ming-Chuen Yip and Weileun Fang
Processing of graphite-based sacrificial layer for microfabrication of low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC)
Pages 560-567
Hansu Birol, Thomas Maeder and Peter Ryser
Technology Section
Corrugated membranes for improved pattern definition with micro/nanostencil lithography
Pages 568-574
Marc A.F. van den Boogaart, Maryna Lishchynska, Lianne M. Doeswijk, James C. Greer and Jürgen Brugger
Fabrication challenges for a complicated micro-flow channel system at low temperature process
Pages 575-582
C.W. Liu, C. Gau, H.S. Ko, C.S. Yang and B.T. Dai
Meso-scale adhesion testing of integrated micro- and nano-scale structures
Pages 583-587
Michael T. Northen and Kimberly L. Turner
Process integration of carbon nanotubes into microelectromechanical systems
Pages 588-594
Alain Jungen, Christoph Stampfer, Jochen Hoetzel, Victor M. Bright and Christofer Hierold
Tuning wettability and getting superhydrophobic surface by controlling surface roughness with well-designed microstructures
Pages 595-600
Liang Zhu, Yanying Feng, Xiongying Ye and Zhaoying Zhou
Modeling and fabrication of capillary stop valves for planar microfluidic systems
Pages 601-608
Alain Glière and Cyril Delattre
Fabrication of pyramid shaped three-dimensional 8 × 8 electrodes for artificial retina
Pages 609-615
Kyo-in Koo, Hum Chung, Youngsuk Yu, Jongmo Seo, Jaehong Park, Jung-Min Lim, Seung-Joon Paik, Sungil Park, Hyun Min Choi, Myoung-Jun Jeong et al.
A new design of knife-edged AFM probe for chromosome precision manipulating
Pages 616-624
Masato Saito, Kazuhisa Nakagawa, Keiichiro Yamanaka, Yuzuru Takamura, Gen Hashiguchi and Eiichi Tamiya
Selective local synthesis of nanowires on a microreactor chip
Pages 625-632
Wei-Chih Lin, Yao-Joe Yang, Gen-Wen Hsieh, Ching-Hsiang Tsai, Chien-Chen Chen and Chao-Chiun Liang






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