ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol. 132, Issue 1


The 19th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers

Edited by P. J. French


Date: 8 November 2006


Physical Section
Two- and three-dimensional microcoil fabrication process for three-axis magnetic sensors on flexible substrates
Pages 2-7
M. Woytasik, J.-P. Grandchamp, E. Dufour-Gergam, J.-P. Gilles, S. Megherbi, E. Martincic, H. Mathias and P. Crozat
A mechanical-stress sensitive differential amplifier
Pages 8-13
Vitor Garcia and Fabiano Fruett
Analysis of offset and noise in CMOS piezoresistive sensors using a magnetometer as a case study
Pages 14-20
N. Dumas, L. Latorre and P. Nouet
PCB fluxgate current sensor with saturable inductor
Pages 21-24
A. Tipek, T. O’Donnell, A. Connell, P. McCloskey and S.C. O’Mathuna
RF MEMS dielectric sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
Pages 25-33
Vasilios George Theonas, Michael Exarchos, George J. Papaioannou and George Konstantinidis
A dry electrophysiology electrode using CNT arrays
Pages 34-41
Giulio Ruffini, Stephen Dunne, Esteve Farrés, Josep Marco-Pallarés, Chris Ray, Ernest Mendoza, Ravi Silva and Carles Grau
SOI rate gyro sensor for automotive control
Pages 42-46
Y. Nonomura, M. Fujiyoshi, Y. Omura, N. Fujitsuka, K. Mizuno and K. Tsukada
5.7 GHz on-chip antenna/RF CMOS transceiver for wireless sensor networks
Pages 47-51
J.P. Carmo, P.M. Mendes, C. Couto and J.H. Correia
On–off magnetoresistive sensor based on screen-printed La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 manganite
Pages 52-55
D. Rubi, J. Fontcuberta, M. Lacaba, A.M. González, J. Baztán, A. Calleja, Ll. Aragonés, X.G. Capdevila and M. Segarra
New cost-effective sensor for the characterization of automotive headlamps by measurements in the near field
Pages 56-62
S. Royo, M.J. Arranz, J. Arasa, M. Cattoen and T. Bosch
Advantages and limitations of cymbals for sensor and actuator applications
Pages 63-69
P. Ochoa, J.L. Pons, M. Villegas and J.F. Fernandez
Multi-functional probe for small-scale simultaneous measurements of soil thermal properties, water content, and electrical conductivity
Pages 70-77
A. Valente, R. Morais, A. Tuli, J.W. Hopmans and G.J. Kluitenberg
Experimental and finite-element study of convective accelerometer on CMOS
Pages 78-84
A. Chaehoi, F. Mailly, L. Latorre and P. Nouet
Influence of the anisotropy axis direction and ribbon geometry on the giant magnetoimpedance of Metglas® 2705M  
Pages 85-89
C.S. Franco, G.P. Ribas and A.C. Bruno
Fluxgate magnetic sensor and front-end circuitry in an integrated microsystem
Pages 90-97
A. Baschirotto, F. Borghetti, E. Dallago, P. Malcovati, M. Marchesi, E. Melissano, P. Siciliano and G. Venchi
Electron permeable membranes for MEMS electron sources
Pages 98-103
F. Haase, P. Detemple, S. Schmitt, A. Lendle, O. Haverbeck, T. Doll, D. Gnieser, H. Bosse and G. Frase
AeroMEMS sensor array for high-resolution wall pressure measurements
Pages 104-111
A. Berns, U. Buder, E. Obermeier, A. Wolter and A. Leder
A new position sensor based on the MDL technique
Pages 112-121
E. Hristoforou, P.D. Dimitropoulos and J. Petrou
Constant-phase element identification in conductivity sensors using a single square wave
Pages 122-128
Javier Lario-García and Ramon Pallŕs-Areny
An uncooled infrared focal plane array for low-cost applications fabricated with standard CMOS technology
Pages 129-138
C. Calaza, N. Viarani, G. Pedretti, M. Gottardi, A. Simoni, V. Zanini and M. Zen
MEMS based digital variable capacitors with a high-k dielectric insulator
Pages 139-146
J.K. Luo, M. Lin, Y.Q. Fu, L. Wang, A.J. Flewitt, S.M. Spearing, N.A. Fleck and W.I. Milne
A thermal convective accelerometer system based on a silicon sensor—Study and packaging
Pages 147-153
G. Kaltsas, D. Goustouridis and A.G. Nassiopoulou
System on chip mass sensor based on polysilicon cantilevers arrays for multiple detection
Pages 154-164
María Villarroya, Jaume Verd, Jordi Teva, Gabriel Abadal, Esko Forsen, Francesc Pérez Murano, Arantxa Uranga, Eduard Figueras, Josep Montserrat, Jaume Esteve et al.
Novel analog magnetic angle sensor with linear output
Pages 165-170
C. Schott, R. Racz and S. Huber
A low-cost rate-grade nickel microgyroscope
Pages 171-181
Said Emre Alper, Kanber Mithat Silay and Tayfun Akin
Effects of gas type on the sensitivity and transition pressure of integrated thermal flow sensors
Pages 182-187
P. Bruschi, M. Piotto and G. Barillaro
Measurement and modeling of pulsed mode flow meter for liquids based on a single chip probe
Pages 188-194
P. Bruschi, N. Nizza and M. Piotto
Fast dew point hygrometer with silicon integrated detector—Optimization of dynamic properties
Pages 195-198
J. Weremczuk, G. Tarapata, D. Paczesny and R. Jachowicz
PVB, PVAc and PS pressure sensors with interdigitated electrodes
Pages 199-206
K. Arshak, D. Morris, A. Arshak, O. Korostynska and E. Moore
High-resolution pressure sensor for photo acoustic gas detection
Pages 207-213
K. Schjřlberg-Henriksen, D.T. Wang, H. Rogne, A. Ferber, A. Vogl, S. Moe, R. Bernstein, D. Lapadatu, K. Sandven and S. Brida
Application of fluxgate gradiometer in magnetopneumography
Pages 214-217
Jiří Tomek, Antonín Platil, Pavel Ripka and Petr Kaspar
Colour filtering in a-SiC:H based p-i-n-p-i-n cells: A trade-off between bias polarity and absorption regions
Pages 218-223
M. Vieira, A. Fantoni, P. Louro, M. Fernandes, J. Martins, R. Schwarz, G. Lavareda and C.N. Carvalho
On the design of GaAs (hhl) resonant cantilevers: Study of piezoelectric excitation, of piezoresistive sensing and of micromachined structure
Pages 224-235
C.R Tellier and T.G. Leblois
Noise spectrum of pulse excited fluxgate sensor
Pages 236-240
Jan Kubik and Pavel Ripka
Lithium tantalate layer guided plate mode sensors
Pages 241-244
C.R. Evans, S.M. Stanley, C.J. Percival, G. McHale and M.I. Newton
Effects of the elastic cover on tactile sensor arrays
Pages 245-251
Gábor Vásárhelyi, Mária Ádám, Éva Vázsonyi, István Bársony and Csaba Dücső
 Interfaces Section
Integrated circuit interface for metal oxide chemical sensor arrays
Pages 252-257
P. Robogiannakis, S. Chatzandroulis and C. Tsamis
Analog and digital implementation of an accurate phasemeter for laser range finding
Pages 258-264
C. Baud, H. Tap-Béteille, M. Lescure and J.-P. Béteille
Digital sensors design based on universal frequency sensors interfacing IC
Pages 265-270
Sergey Y. Yurish
 Materials & Technology Section
Piezoelectric driven resonant beam array in langasite (La3Ga5SiO14)
Pages 271-277
Erik Ansorge, Stefan Schimpf, Soeren Hirsch, Jan Sauerwald, Holger Fritze and Bertram Schmidt
Optical and electrical properties of silicon rich oxide films for optical sensors
Pages 278-282
A. Luna-López, M. Aceves-Mijares and O. Malik
Amorphous metal alloy based MEMS for RF applications
Pages 283-288
Mari Ylönen, Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä and Hannu Kattelus
A measurement technique for thermoelectric power of CMOS layers at the wafer level
Pages 289-295
Fulvio Mancarella, Alberto Roncaglia and Gian Carlo Cardinali
A laser release method for producing prototype flexible retinal implant devices
Pages 296-301
N. MacCarthy, T. Wood, H. Ameri, D. O’Connell and J. Alderman
 Actuator Section
Appropriate charge control of the storage capacitor in a piezoelectric energy harvesting device for discontinuous load operation
Pages 302-310
Loreto Mateu and Francesc Moll
A multilayer thick-film PZT actuator for MEMs applications
Pages 311-316
N.R. Harris, M. Hill, R. Torah, R. Townsend, S. Beeby, N.M. White and J. Ding
Micro-hotplates on polyimide for sensors and actuators
Pages 317-324
D. Briand, S. Colin, A. Gangadharaiah, E. Vela, P. Dubois, L. Thiery and N.F. de Rooij
Coin-size coiled-up polymer foil thermoelectric power generator for wearable electronics
Pages 325-330
J. Weber, K. Potje-Kamloth, F. Haase, P. Detemple, F. Völklein and T. Doll
Chip integrated fuel cell
Pages 331-336
Gilbert Erdler, Mirko Frank, Mirko Lehmann, Holger Reinecke and Claas Müller
Optimization and fabrication of thick flexible polymer based micro thermoelectric generator
Pages 337-345
Wulf Glatz, Simon Muntwyler and Christofer Hierold
Modelling and fabrication of low operation temperature microcages with a polymer/metal/DLC trilayer structure
Pages 346-353
J.K. Luo, R. Huang, J.H. He, Y.Q. Fu, A.J. Flewitt, S.M. Spearing, N.A. Fleck and W.I. Milne
 Systems Applications Section
Concept study of an implantable microsystem for electrical resistance and temperature measurements in dairy cows, suitable for estrus detection
Pages 354-361
Raul Morais, A. Valente, J.C. Almeida, Amélia M. Silva, Salviano Soares, M.J.C.S. Reis, R. Valentim and Jorge Azevedo
25 mm sensor–actuator layer: A miniature, highly adaptable interface layer
Pages 362-369
J. Barton, G. Hynes, B. O’Flynn, K. Aherne, A. Norman and A. Morrissey
Applying autonomous sensor systems in logistics—Combining sensor networks, RFIDs and software agents
Pages 370-375
Reiner Jedermann, Christian Behrens, Detmar Westphal and Walter Lang
 Technology Section
A low loss flexural plate wave (FPW) device through enhanced properties of sol–gel PZT (52/48) thin film and stable TiN-Pt bottom electrode
Pages 376-384
Praveen Kumar Sekhar, Sriram Akella and Shekhar Bhansali
An ultrasonic welding based process for building up a new class of inert fluidic microsensors and -actuators from polymers
Pages 385-392
Roman Truckenmüller, Ralf Ahrens, Yue Cheng, Günther Fischer and Volker Saile
Reactive ion etching for bulk structuring of polyimide
Pages 393-399
U. Buder, J.-P. von Klitzing and E. Obermeier
Development of process for far infrared sensor fabrication
Pages 400-406
Roberto R. Neli, Ioshiaki Doi, José A. Diniz and Jacobus W. Swart
Determination of the adhesion energy of MEMS structures by applying Weibull-type distribution function
Pages 407-414
Daniel Bachmann, Stéphane Kühne and Christofer Hierold
Flip-chip packaging of piezoresistive pressure sensors
Pages 415-419
Francesca Campabadal, Josep Lluís Carreras and Enric Cabruja






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