ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.132, Issue 2


Date: 20 November 2006


Fast and precise positioning of electrostatically actuated dual-axis micromirror by multi-loop digital control
Pages 421-428
Yi Zhao, Francis E.H. Tay, Guangya Zhou and Fook Siong Chau
Direct-patterning of SnO2 thin film by photochemical metal-organic deposition
Pages 429-433
Hyeong-Ho Park, Hyung-Ho Park and Ross H. Hill
PMN–PT single-crystal transducer for non-destructive evaluation
Pages 434-440
G. Edwards, H.L.W. Chan, A. Batten, K.H. Lam, H.S. Luo and D.A. Scott
 Physical Section
A novel hysteretic model for magnetorheological fluid dampers and parameter identification using particle swarm optimization
Pages 441-451
N.M. Kwok, Q.P. Ha, T.H. Nguyen, J. Li and B. Samali
Micromachined bolometers on polyimide
Pages 452-459
Aamer Mahmood, Donald P. Butler and Zeynep Çelik-Butler
Large 3D free surface measurement using a mobile coded light-based stereo vision system
Pages 460-471
Junhua Sun, Guangjun Zhang, Zhenzhong Wei and Fuqiang Zhou
Piezoelectric gap waves between a piezoceramic half-space and a piezoceramic plate
Pages 472-479
X.-F. Li and J.S. Yang
Camera calibration with coplanar calibration board near parallel to the imaging plane
Pages 480-486
HongGen Luo, LiMin Zhu and Han Ding
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Characterization of the closed circuit response of an on-chip thin film thermopile
Pages 487-498
Muhammad Imran and A. Bhattacharyya
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Si technology based microinductive devices for biodetection applications
Pages 499-505
Christophe Serre, Susanna Martínez, Alejandro Pérez-Rodríguez, Joan Ramón Morante, Jaume Esteve and Josep Montserrat
Vibration monitoring in electrical engines using an in-line fiber etalon
Pages 506-515
Jesus M. Corres, Javier Bravo, Francisco J. Arregui and Ignacio R. Matias
Design and signal processing of a magnetic sensor array for train wheel detection
Pages 516-525
Patricio G. Donato, Jesús Ureña, Manuel Mazo, Carlos De Marziani and Alberto Ochoa
High accuracy ultrasonic air temperature measurement using multi-frequency continuous wave
Pages 526-532
Wen-Yuan Tsai, Hsin-Chieh Chen and Teh-Lu Liao
A temperature-compensated rotational position sensor based on fibre Bragg gratings
Pages 533-540
Roberto Montanini and Simone Pirrotta
Preparation of micrometric silver filaments for polymeric pressure sensors
Pages 541-546
G. Carotenuto, B. Martorana, G. LaPeruta, A. Longo, P. Perlo and L. Nicolais
Sensor placement for component diagnosability using bond-graph
Pages 547-556
M. Khemliche, B. Ould Bouamama and H. Haffaf
Tile-wall bonding integrity inspection based on time-domain features of impact acoustics
Pages 557-566
F. Tong, S.K. Tso and X.M. Xu
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Indirect comparison of the absolute LMR-Tunisia trap pyroelectric detector with the INM-France cryogenic absolute radiometer at 632.8 nm
Pages 567-571
O. Touayar, I. Mellouki, Z. Ben Achour, N. Sifi, N. Yacoubi and J. Bastié
Determination of the nonequivalence source between electrical and radiative heating in a pyroelectric sensor using experimental voltage response and heat wave propagation theoretical model
Pages 572-580
O. Touayar, I. Mellouki, N. Sifi and N. Yacoubi
Bulk-micromachined circular foil type micro heat-flux sensor
Pages 581-586
S.H. Oh, S.H. Lee, J.C. Jeon, M.H. Kim and S.S. Lee
 Interfaces Section
Improved interface electronics for nano-tesla magnetometry using Hall sensor
Pages 587-589
R.C. Woods
 Actuator Section
Liquid loading of silicon-based cantilevers using electrowetting actuation for microspotting applications
Pages 590-596
Thierry Leïchlé, Daisuke Saya, Jean-Bernard Pourciel, Fabrice Mathieu, Liviu Nicu and Christian Bergaud
Analysis of filling of an oval disk-shaped chamber with microfluidic flows
Pages 597-606
J.J. Chen, W.Z. Liu, J.D. Lin and J.W. Wu
Effectiveness of micro synthetic jet actuator enhanced by flow instability in controlling laminar separation caused by adverse pressure gradient
Pages 607-615
Guang Hong
Predicting force output of trilayer polymer actuators
Pages 616-625
Gursel Alici and Nam N. Huynh
Carbon nanotube-based transparent thin film acoustic actuators and sensors
Pages 626-631
X. Yu, R. Rajamani, K.A. Stelson and T. Cui
Analysis of quasi-static and dynamic motion mechanisms for piezoelectric miniature robots
Pages 632-642
Urban Simu and Stefan Johansson
A comparison of fitness functions for the identification of a piezoelectric hysteretic actuator based on the real-coded genetic algorithm
Pages 643-650
Jih-Lian Ha, Ying-Shieh Kung, Rong-Fong Fung and Shao-Chien Hsien
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 Micromechanics Section
The study of an electromagnetic levitating micromotor for application in a rotating gyroscope
Pages 651-657
Weiping Zhang, Wenyuan Chen, Xiaolin Zhao, Xiaosheng Wu, Wu Liu, Xiaogang Huang and Shiyi Shao
Piezoelectric properties of polycrystalline AlN thin films for MEMS application
Pages 658-663
K. Tonisch,V. Cimalla, Ch. Foerster, H. Romanus, O. Ambacher and D. Dontsov
Relative media pressure compensation technique using rectangular diaphragms
Pages 664-676
C. Pedersen, C. Christensen, J.P. Krog and E.V. Thomsen
Thermally driven micro-electrostatic fieldmeter
Pages 677-682
Xianxiang Chen, Chunrong Peng, Hu Tao, Chao Ye, Qiang Bai, Shaofeng Chen and Shanhong Xia
Development of a large-force low-loss metal-contact RF MEMS switch
Pages 683-688
T. Seki, Y. Uno, K. Narise, T. Masuda, K. Inoue, S. Sato, F. Sato, K. Imanaka and S. Sugiyama
Pneumatically actuated micromachined synthetic jet modulators
Pages 689-700
David J. Coe, Mark G. Allen, Christopher S. Rinehart and Ari Glezer
Static and dynamic responses of an electromagnetic bistable–bidirectional microactuator on a single silicon substrate
Pages 701-713
Jemmy Sutanto, Peter J. Hesketh and Yves H. Berthelot
 Systems Applications Section
Multilayer SU-8 based microdispenser for microarray assay
Pages 714-725
Baojian Xu, Yi-Kuen Lee, Qinghui Jin, Jianlong Zhao and Chih-Ming Ho
 Technology Section
Simulation of anisotropic etching of silicon in SF6 + O2 plasma
Pages 726-729
R. Knizikevičius
Analysis of the displacement amplification ratio of bridge-type flexure hinge
Pages 730-736
Hong-Wen Ma, Shao-Ming Yao, Li-Quan Wang and Zhi Zhong






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