ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.133, Issue 1


Date: 8 January 2007


Interdigital capacitive strain gauges fabricated by direct-write thermal spray and ultrafast laser micromachining
Pages 1-8
Jinggao Li, Jon P. Longtin, Szymon Tankiewicz, Andrew Gouldstone and Sanjay Sampath
Ultra high performance planar InGaAs PIN photodiodes for high speed optical fiber communication
Pages 9-12
Shiuan-Ho Chang, Yean-Kuen Fang, Shyh-Fann Ting, Shih-Fang Chen, Chun-Yue Lin and Cheng-Yi Wu
Field analysis and electrical models of multi-electrode impedance sensors
Pages 13-22
Zdzislaw Szczepanik and Zbigniew Rucki
Temperature coefficients of Hall sensors made of InSb/GaAs epitaxial layers
Pages 23-26
M. Oszwaldowski and T. Berus
Design of a six-axis wrist force/moment sensor using FEM and its fabrication for an intelligent robot
Pages 27-34
Gab-Soon Kim
Characterisation of PZT thin film micro-actuators using a silicon micro-force sensor
Pages 35-44
Fabrice F.C. Duval, Stephen A. Wilson, Graham Ensell, Nicolas M.P. Evanno, Markys G. Cain and Roger W. Whatmore
Design of a resonator device for in vivo measurement of regional tissue viscoelasticity
Pages 45-54
Parag R. Dhar and Jean W. Zu
Fabrication and characterization of a thermal switch
Pages 55-63
J. Cho, T. Wiser, C. Richards, D. Bahr and R. Richards
Design, simulation and validation of a novel uncooled infrared focal plane array
Pages 64-71
Shali Shi, Binbin Jiao, Dapeng Chen, Chaobo Li, Deyong Ding, Yi Ou, Tianchun Ye, Zhihui Duan, Xiaoping Wu and Qingchuan Zhang
First-order piezoresistance coefficients in heavily doped p-type silicon crystals
Pages 72-81
S.I. Kozlovskiy, V.V. Nedostup and I.I. Boiko
In situ high-speed synchrotron X-ray beam profiling and position monitoring
Pages 82-87
R.G. van Silfhout, S. Manolopoulos, N.R. Kyele and K. Decanniere
A miniature bio-inspired optic flow sensor based on low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) technology
Pages 88-95
Marko Pudas, Stéphane Viollet, Franck Ruffier, Arvi Kruusing, Stéphane Amic, Seppo Leppävuori and Nicolas Franceschini
Reduction of blind zone in ultrasonic transmitter/receiver transducers
Pages 96-103
Álvaro Hernández, Jesús Ureña, Manuel Mazo, Juan J. García, Ana Jiménez and Fernando J. Álvarez
 Materials & Technology Section
Improvements of conductive property and room temperature magnetoresistance in Ag–Ti-added La0.67Ba0.33MnO3
Pages 104-109
Xiao-Bo Yuan, Yi-Hua Liu, Cheng-Jian Wang and Liang-Mo Mei
Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of [0 0 1] and [0 1 1]-poled relaxor ferroelectric PZN–PT and PMN–PT single crystals
Pages 110-116
K.K. Rajan, M. Shanthi, W.S. Chang, J. Jin and L.C. Lim
Ionic polymer–metal composite bending actuator loaded with multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 117-127
Deuk Yong Lee, Il-Seok Park, Myung-Hyun Lee, Kwang J. Kim and Seok Heo
 Actuator Section
Modeling and experimental validation of a piezoelectric micropump with novel no-moving-part valves
Pages 128-140
Ivano Izzo, Dino Accoto, Arianna Menciassi, Lothar Schmitt and Paolo Dario
A new flextensional piezoelectric ultrasonic motor—Design, fabrication and characterisation
Pages 141-151
J.T. Leinvuo, S.A. Wilson, R.W. Whatmore and M.G. Cain
SummaryPlus | Full Text + Links | PDF (1199 K)
Transient thermal response of SMA actuator under gas-jet impingement
Pages 152-160
Li-xiang Zhang and Guo-xin Hu
A collapsing bubble-induced micropump: An experimental study
Pages 161-172
Kelly Siew Fong Lew, Evert Klaseboer and Boo Cheong Khoo
Principles of space-charge based bi-stable MEMS: The junction-MEMS
Pages 173-179
Jean-Michel Sallese and Didier Bouvet
Analysis of the deflection of a circular plate with an annular piezoelectric actuator
Pages 180-194
C.H.J. Fox, X. Chen and S. McWilliam
Piezocomposite ultrasonic transducer for high-frequency wire-bonding of microelectronics devices
Pages 195-199
Siu Wing Or, Helen Lai Wa Chan and Peter Chou Kee Liu
Surface resistance experiments with IPMC sensors and actuators
Pages 200-209
A. Punning, M. Kruusmaa and A. Aabloo
Creep and cycle life in polypyrrole actuators
Pages 210-217
John D. Madden, Derek Rinderknecht, Patrick A. Anquetil and Ian W. Hunter
A microgripper using piezoelectric actuation for micro-object manipulation
Pages 218-224
S.K. Nah and Z.W. Zhong
Performance of Electro-active paper actuators with thickness variation
Pages 225-230
Sungryul Yun, Jaehwan Kim and Chunseok Song
 Systems Applications section
Realization of a flow injection analysis in PCB technology
Pages 231-235
Stefan Gaßmann, Ingo Ibendorf and Lienhard Pagel
An uncooled optically readable infrared imaging detector
Pages 236-242
Fengliang Dong, Qingchuan Zhang, Dapeng Chen, Liang Pan, Zheying Guo, Weibing Wang, Zhihui Duan and Xiaoping Wu
Implementation of phase-locked loop control for MEMS scanning mirror using DSP
Pages 243-249
Chuanwei Wang, Hung-Hsiu Yu, Mingching Wu and Weileun Fang
 Technology Section
Development of a piezoelectric lead titanate thin film process on silicon substrates by high rate gas flow sputtering • ARTICLE
Pages 250-258
H. Jacobsen, Th. Jung, K. Ortner, K.I. Schiffmann, H.-J. Quenzer and B. Wagner
Polysilicon sacrificial layer etching using ClF3 for thin film encapsulation of silicon acceleration sensors with high aspect ratio
Pages 259-265
Lars Metzger, Frank Fischer and Wilfried Mokwa
Research on low-temperature anodic bonding using induction heating
Pages 266-269
Mingxiang Chen, Liulin Yuan and Sheng Liu






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