ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.133, Issue 2


Date: 12 February 2007


Selected Papers from the 9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies - ICMAT 2005 SI, 03-08 July 2005

Edited by Ai Qun Liu


A high-performance MEMS capacitive strain sensing system
Pages 272-277
Wen H. Ko, Darrin J. Young, Jun Guo, Michael Suster, Hung-I Kuo and N. Chaimanonart
Stimulated Raman amplification and lasing in silicon photonic band gap nanocavities
Pages 278-282
Xiaodong Yang and Chee Wei Wong
Silicon microphone development and application
Pages 283-287
Alfons Dehé
Photonic crystal slabs with hexagonal air holes fabricated by selective area metal organic vapor phase epitaxy
Pages 288-293
L. Yang, J. Motohisa, J. Takeda and T. Fukui
Design and pressure analysis for bulk-micromachined electrothermal hydraulic microactuators using a PCM
Pages 294-300
Jun Su Lee and Stepan Lucyszyn
Glass-based BioMEMS devices for optically excited cell impedance measurement
Pages 301-310
Xiaodong Zhou, Daniel Puiu Poenar, Kai Yu Liu, Wen Li, Man Siu Tse, Hui Chen, Chew-Kiat Heng and Swee Ngin Tan
Surface nanostructuring by femtosecond laser irradiation through near-field scanning optical microscopy
Pages 311-316
Y. Lin, M.H. Hong, W.J. Wang, Z.B. Wang, G.X. Chen, Q. Xie, L.S. Tan and T.C. Chong
Optical measurement of flow field and concentration field inside a moving nanoliter droplet
Pages 317-322
Cheng Wang, Nam-Trung Nguyen and Teck Neng Wong
Investigation of active interface control of pressure driven two-fluid flow in microchannels
Pages 323-328
Cheng Wang, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Teck Neng Wong, Zhigang Wu, Chun Yang and Kim Tiow Ooi
Bioparticle separation and manipulation using dielectrophoresis
Pages 329-334
D.F. Chen, H. Du and W.H. Li
Microfluidic systems for extracting nucleic acids for DNA and RNA analysis
Pages 335-339
Wing C. Hui, Levent Yobas, Victor D. Samper, Chew-Kiat Heng, Saxon Liw, Hongmiao Ji, Yu Chen, Lin Cong, Jing Li and Tit Meng Lim
Design, simulation and experiment of electroosmotic microfluidic chip for cell sorting
Pages 340-348
Y. Sun, C.S. Lim, A.Q. Liu, T.C. Ayi and P.H. Yap
Determining refractive index of single living cell using an integrated microchip
Pages 349-354
X.J. Liang, A.Q. Liu, C.S. Lim, T.C. Ayi and P.H. Yap
Micromachined tunable filter using fractal electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures
Pages 355-362
Muhammad Faeyz Karim, Ai-Qun Liu, Aibin Yu and Arokiaswami Alphones
 Actuator Section
Modeling and simulation of drug delivery from a new type of biodegradable polymer micro-device
Pages 363-367
Xiao-Peng Wang, Tian-Ning Chen and Zhan-Xiao Yang
A MEMS-based tracking milli-mirror for high-density optical disk drives
Pages 368-374
J.P. Yang, L.N. Low and D. Johnson
Electrokinetic pumping using packed microcapillary
Pages 375-382
Yuejun Kang, Say Chong Tan, Chun Yang and Xiaoyang Huang
 Technology Section
Integrated SPM probes with NEMS technology
Pages 383-387
Xinxin Li, Jianqiang Han, Haifei Bao and Zunxian Yang
Hole-type two-dimensional photonic crystal fabricated in silicon on insulator wafers
Pages 388-394
Selin H.G. Teo, A.Q. Liu, J. Singh and M.B. Yu
Strategies in deep wet etching of Pyrex glass
Pages 395-400
Ciprian Iliescu, Francis E.H. Tay and Jianmin Miao
 Physical Section
Blocked force measurement of electro-active paper actuator by micro-balance
Pages 401-406
Jaehwan Kim, Yukeun Kang and Sungryul Yun
Investigation of electrical transient behavior of an ultrasonic transducer under impulsive mechanical excitation
Pages 407-414
Kuo-Tsai Chang
Modal analysis and damage detection by Fiber Bragg grating sensors
Pages 415-424
P. Capoluongo, C. Ambrosino, S. Campopiano, A. Cutolo, M. Giordano, I. Bovio, L. Lecce and A. Cusano
Drift error analysis caused by RLG dither axis bending
Pages 425-430
Kwangjin Kim and Chan Gook Park
A micro shear stress sensor based on laterally aligned carbon nanotubes
Pages 431-438
Steve Tung, Husein Rokadia and Wen J. Li
A model for transient ultrasonic field in solid generated by a transducer in immersion
Pages 439-446
X. Jian, J.P. Weight, K.T.V. Grattan and S. Dixon
A novel Terfenol-D transducer for guided-wave inspection of a rotating shaft
Pages 447-456
Youngkyu Kim and Yoon Young Kim
Die separation and packaging of a surface micromachined piezoresistive pressure sensor
Pages 457-466
Ingelin Clausen and Ola Sveen
A novel conductive humidity sensor based on field ionization from carbon nanotubes
Pages 467-471
Jia-Rui Huang, Min-Qiang Li, Zhong-Ying huang and Jin-Huai Liu
Interfaces Section
Study of long-term drift of a porous silicon humidity sensor and its compensation using ANN technique
Pages 472-479
T. Islam and H. Saha
Transit time coplanar probe for biomolecular interactions at an aqueous–solid interface
Pages 480-485
Qin Chen, Daniel Roitman and Andre Knoesen
Actuators Section
Theoretical performance of a coiled coil piezoelectric bimorph
Pages 486-492
K.A. Seffen
Development and control of a micro artificial muscle cell using electro-conjugate fluid
Pages 493-499
Kenjiro Takemura, Shinichi Yokota and Kazuya Edamura
Stacking nematic elastomers for artificial muscle applications
Pages 500-505
Christopher M. Spillmann, Jawad Naciri, Brett D. Martin, Waleed Farahat, Hugh Herr and Banahalli R. Ratna
Analysis of electro-active polymer bending: A component in a low cost ultrathin scanning endoscope
Pages 506-517
W. Jong Yoon, Per G. Reinhall and Eric J. Seibel
Closed-form solutions of the parallel plate problem
Pages 518-525
Ki Bang Lee







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