ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.134, Issue 1


Date: 28 February 2007


International Mechanical Engineering congress and Exposition 2005 - IMECE 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA, 6-11 November 2005

Edited by Prof. Aaron J. Knobloch


Polymer investment molding: Method for fabricating hollow, microscale parts
Pages 2-10
Julian M. Lippmann, Emil J. Geiger and Albert P. Pisano
A flip–chip encapsulation method for packaging of MEMS actuators using surface micromachined polysilicon caps for BioMEMS applications
Pages 11-19
Hrishikesh V. Panchawagh, Faheem F. Faheem, Cari F. Herrmann, David B. Serrell, Dudley S. Finch and Roop L. Mahajan
A single cell electrophysiological analysis device with embedded electrode
Pages 20-26
Sha Li and Liwei Lin
Novel direct-write CMOS-based laboratory-on-chip: Design, assembly and experimental results
Pages 27-36
Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh, Mohamad Sawan and Daniel Therriault
Thermal buckling of eccentric microfabricated nickel beams as temperature regulated nonlinear actuators for flow control
Pages 37-46
Matthew McCarthy, Nicholas Tiliakos, Vijay Modi and Luc G. Fréchette
The design of ARCTIC: A rotary compressor thermally insulated μcooler
Pages 47-56
Joshua D. Heppner, David C. Walther and Albert P. Pisano
A computational investigation of noncontinuum gas-phase heat transfer between a heated microbeam and the adjacent ambient substrate
Pages 57-68
M.A. Gallis, J.R. Torczynski and D.J. Rader
Effect of shape factors and material property variations on modeling the response of thermal microactuators
Pages 69-76
Amarendra Atre
Design and characterization of microfabricated piezoresistive floating element-based shear stress sensors
Pages 77-87
A. Alvin Barlian, Sung-Jin Park, Vikram Mukundan and Beth L. Pruitt
Electrical method to measure the dynamic behaviour and the quadrature error of a MEMS gyroscope sensor
Pages 88-97
Alfredo Cigada, Elisabetta Leo and Marcello Vanali
Nonlinear dynamics of vibrating MEMS
Pages 98-108
Francesco Braghin, Ferruccio Resta, Elisabetta Leo and Guido Spinola
Development and calibration of a stochastic dynamics model for the design of a MEMS inertial switch
Pages 109-118
Jr., R.V. Field and D.S. Epp
Microfluidics for generation and characterization of liquid and gaseous micro- and nanojets
Pages 119-127
Nisarga Naik, Christophe Courcimault, Hanif Hunter, John Berg, Jungchul Lee, Kianoush Naeli, Tanya Wright, Mark Allen, Oliver Brand, Ari Glezer, et al.
Characterization of liquid and gaseous micro- and nanojets using microcantilever sensors
Pages 128-139
Jungchul Lee, Kianoush Naeli, Hanif Hunter, John Berg, Tanya Wright, Christophe Courcimault, Nisarga Naik, Mark Allen, Oliver Brand, Ari Glezer, et al.
Thermal effects on liquid film dynamics in spin coating
Pages 140-145
Lin Wu
 Physical Section
A novel multivalent nanomaterial based hydrogen peroxide sensor
Pages 146-151
Anjum Mehta, Swanand Patil, Hyungseok Bang, Hyoung J. Cho and Sudipta Seal
Piezoelectric aluminum nitride MEMS annular dual contour mode filter
Pages 152-160
Philip J. Stephanou, Gianluca Piazza, Carolyn D. White, Muthu B.J. Wijesundara and Albert P. Pisano
 Materials and Technology section
Fabrication of multilayer passive and active electric components on polymer using inkjet printing and low temperature laser processing
Pages 161-168
Seung Hwan Ko, Jaewon Chung, Heng Pan, Costas P. Grigoropoulos and Dimos Poulikakos
Mechanical properties of ZnO nanowires
Pages 169-176
A.V. Desai and M.A. Haque
Gradient residual stress induced elastic deformation of multilayer MEMS structures
Pages 177-185
Shusen Huang and Xin Zhang
 Actuator Section
Planar micro-check valves exploiting large polymer compliance
Pages 186-193
Bozhi Yang and Qiao Lin
A latchable microvalve using phase change of paraffin wax
Pages 194-200
Bozhi Yang and Qiao Lin
Characterization and modeling of a microcapillary driven liquid–vapor phase-change membrane actuator
Pages 201-212
S.A. Whalen, C.D. Richards, D.F. Bahr and R.F. Richards
Waveform design for pulse-and-hold electrostatic actuation in MEMS
Pages 213-220
Hartono Sumali, Jordan E. Massad, David A. Czaplewski and Christopher W. Dyck
Characterization of a bimorph deformable mirror using stroboscopic phase-shifting interferometry
Pages 221-230
David A. Horsley, Hyunkyu Park, Sophie P. Laut and John S. Werner
Design of fully compliant, in-plane rotary, bistable micromechanisms for MEMS applications
Pages 231-238
Rajesh Luharuka and Peter J. Hesketh
Design of nano-gap piezoelectric resonators for mechanical RF magnetic field modulation
Pages 239-244
C.D. White, G. Piazza, P.J. Stephanou and A.P. Pisano
Theoretical and experimental performance of a high frequency gas micropump
Pages 245-256
A.A. Astle, H.S. Kim, L.P. Bernal, K. Najafi and P.D. Washabaugh
Large flow rate/high frequency microvalve array for high performance actuators
Pages 257-263
Dong Gun Lee, Daniel D. Shin and Gregory P. Carman
 Micromechanics Section
Indentation testing of axisymmetric freestanding nanofilms using a MEMS load cell
Pages 264-270
Z.C. Leseman and T.J. Mackin
 Systems/Applications Section
Device fabrication and integration with photodefinable microvalves for protein separation
Pages 271-277
Champak Das, Carl K. Fredrickson, Zheng Xia and Z. Hugh Fan
 Technology Section
Interconnecting fluidic packages and interfaces for micromachined sensors
Pages 278-285
Michael Pepper, Naveenkumar S. Palsandram, Peng Zhang, Moosung Lee and Hyoung J. Cho
An integrated system of microcantilever arrays with carbon nanotube tips for imaging, sensing, and 3D nanomanipulation: Design and control
Pages 286-295
Eunjeong Lee







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