ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.135, Issue 2


Date: 15 April 2007


Improved chemical detection using single-walled carbon nanotube network capacitors
Pages 309-314
J.A. Robinson, E.S. Snow and F.K. Perkins
Optical and electrochemical dual-image CMOS sensor for on-chip biomolecular sensing applications
Pages 315-322
Takashi Tokuda, Kunihiro Tanaka, Masamichi Matsuo, Keiichiro Kagawa, Masahiro Nunoshita and Jun Ohta
Physical Section
Fiber grating sensor for pressure mapping during total knee arthroplasty
Pages 323-328
Lipi Mohanty, Swee Chuan Tjin, Denny T.T. Lie, Silvino E.C. Panganiban and Pierce K.H. Chow
Reliability of freestanding polysilicon microheaters to be used as igniters in solid propellant microthrusters
Pages 329-336
Danick Briand, Phuong Quyên Pham and Nicolaas F. de Rooij
Non-invasive imaging of liquid/gas flow using ultrasonic transmission-mode tomography
Pages 337-345
R. Abdul Rahim, M.H. Fazalul Rahiman, K.S. Chan and S.W. Nawawi
Simultaneous determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of solid samples using the “Mirage effect” method
Pages 346-354
Taher Ghrib, Noureddine Yacoubi and Faycel Saadallah
Characteristics of tantalum nitride thin film strain gauges for harsh environments
Pages 355-359
Gwiy-Sang Chung
Electrode design, measuring method and data acquisition system of carbon fiber cement paste piezoresistive sensors
Pages 360-369
Baoguo Han, Xinchun Guan and Jinping Ou
Fiber optic sensor for the monitoring of mixed mode cracks in structures
Pages 370-380
Kai Tai Wan and Christopher K.Y. Leung
Residual magnetic field sensing for stress measurement
Pages 381-387
John W. Wilson, Gui Yun Tian and Simon Barrans
Tin oxide and zinc oxide based doped humidity sensors
Pages 388-393
Shrikrishna Pandurangji Yawale, Sangita Shrikrishna Yawale and Gajanan Trymbakapp Lamdhade
Barium titanate-based PTCR thermistor fibers: Processing and properties
Pages 394-404
Markus Wegmann, Rolf Brönnimann, Frank Clemens and Thomas Graule
Development of an online machining process monitoring system: Application in hard turning
Pages 405-414
Dongfeng Shi and Nabil N. Gindy
A FBG sensor system with cascaded LPFGs and Music algorithm for dynamic strain measurement
Pages 415-419
Zeng-Ling Ran and Yun-Jiang Rao
Silicon microphone with wide frequency range and high linearity
Pages 420-425
Yoshinori Iguchi, Masahide Goto, Masakazu Iwaki, Akio Ando, Kenkichi Tanioka, Toshifumi Tajima, Futoshi Takeshi, Susumu Matsunaga and Yoshinobu Yasuno
A portable magnetic position and orientation tracker
Pages 426-432
D. Roetenberg, P. Slycke, A. Ventevogel and P.H. Veltink
Independent measurement of strain and sensor failure features in Bragg grating sensors through multiple mode coupling
Pages 433-442
Mohanraj Prabhugoud, Kara Peters, James Pearson and Mohammed A. Zikry
Oscillator interrogated time-of-flight optical fiber interferometer for global strain measurements
Pages 443-450
Guoliang Jiang, Patrick Van Vickle, Kara Peters and Victor Knight
A novel CMOS sensor for measuring thermal diffusivity of liquids
Pages 451-457
Yi-Ting Cheng, Chih-Wei Chang, Ya-Rui Chung, Jui-Hung Chien, Jin-Sun Kuo, Wei-Ting Chen and Ping-Hei Chen
Applications of a distributed fiber optic crack sensor for concrete structures
Pages 458-464
Kai Tai Wan and Christopher K.Y. Leung
A novel method for fabrication of self-aligned double microlens arrays
Pages 465-471
Jeng-Rong Ho, Teng-Kai Shih, J.-W. John Cheng, Cheng-Kuo Sung and Chia-Fu Chen
Preparation and electrical properties of copper–nickel manganite ceramic derived from mixed oxalate
Pages 472-475
Jun-Feng Gao, Dao-Lai Fang, Zhong-Bing Wang, Ping-Hua Yang and Chu-Sheng Chen
A novel fluidic oscillator incorporating step-shaped attachment walls
Pages 476-483
Jing-Tang Yang, Chi-Ko Chen, Kun-Jyh Tsai, Wei-Zhih Lin and Horn-Jiunn Sheen
Theoretical and experimental study of power radiometric measurements using a pyroelectric current integrator converter
Pages 484-491
O. Touayar, N. Sifi and J. Ben Brahim
A new sensor for the thermo-optical detection of surface plasmon resonance
Pages 492-501
S. Brantzen, F. Völklein, W. Knoll and B. Menges
AlGaN ultraviolet metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors grown on Si substrates
Pages 502-506
S.J. Chang, T.K. Ko, J.K. Sheu, S.C. Shei, W.C. Lai, Y.Z. Chiou, Y.C. Lin, C.S. Chang, W.S. Chen and C.F. Shen
A silicon directly bonded capacitive absolute pressure sensor
Pages 507-514
Fang He, Qing-An Huang and Ming Qin
Integrated miniaturized optical detection platform for fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy
Pages 515-524
Lidija Malic and Andrew G. Kirk
On theory of the indirect coupling photodetection
Pages 525-528
Zhongbin Shi and Xiaomei Chen
ZnO-based MIS photodetectors
Pages 529-533
S.J. Young, L.W. Ji, S.J. Chang, S.H. Liang, K.T. Lam, T.H. Fang, K.J. Chen, X.L. Du and Q.K. Xue
Examination of silver–graphite lithographically printed resistive strain sensors
Pages 534-546
Gareth I. Hay, Darren J. Southee, Peter S.A. Evans, David J. Harrison, George Simpson and Blue J. Ramsey
A micro-LC-resonator fabricated by MEMS technique for high-frequency sensor applications
Pages 547-551
Anh-Tuan Le, Wan-Shik Cho, Yong-Seok Kim, Jeong-Bong Lee, Chong-Oh Kim and Heebok Lee
Characterization of Al2O3 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis method for humidity sensor
Pages 552-557
K.S. Shamala, L.C.S. Murthy, M.C. Radhakrishna and K. Narasimha Rao
Single-mass 6-DOF isotropic accelerometer with segmented PSD sensors
Pages 558-569
Vladimir Chapsky, Vladimir T. Portman and Ben-Zion Sandler
Fiber optic in-line distributed sensor for detection and localization of the pipeline leaks
Pages 570-579
Shih-Chu Huang, Wuu-Wen Lin, Meng-Tsan Tsai and Mao-Hsiung Chen
Effect of weld clip design on thermally induced angular misalignment in laser welding based optoelectronic packaging
Pages 580-586
Xinye Lou, Jing Wu and X. Wu
Effects of conductive phase content on critical pressure of carbon black filled silicone rubber composite
Pages 587-592
Wang Luheng, Ding Tianhuai and Wang Peng
 Materials and Technology Section
Flexible thin film temperature and strain sensor array utilizing a novel sensing concept
Pages 593-597
Daniel J. Lichtenwalner, Aaron E. Hydrick and Angus I. Kingon
Thermoluminescence properties of barium titanate prepared by solid-state reaction
Pages 598-604
A.Y. Fasasi, F.A. Balogun, M.K. Fasasi, P.O. Ogunleye, C.E. Mokobia and E.P. Inyang
New raw material discrimination system based on a spatial optical spectroscopy technique
Pages 605-612
Pilar B. García-Allende, Olga M. Conde, Ana M. Cubillas, César Jáuregui and José M. López-Higuera
Influence of top electrode design on pMUTs performance
Pages 613-619
Hongsoo Choi, Abhishek Dalakoti, Susmita Bose and Amit Bandyopadhyay
Replication of three-dimensional valves from printed wax molds
Pages 620-624
George Maltezos, Matthew Johnston, Dimitrios G. Maltezos and Axel Scherer
A new UV lithography photoresist based on composite of EPON resins 165 and 154 for fabrication of high-aspect-ratio microstructures
Pages 625-636
Ren Yang, Steven A. Soper and Wanjun Wang
Nanomechanical characterization of polymer beam structures for BioMEMS applications
Pages 637-650
Manuel Palacio, Bharat Bhushan, Nicholas Ferrell and Derek Hansford
Modeling the Al2O3 particle–polymer composites for the packaging of the shock-wave pulsed transducer
Pages 651-659
Xianhua Zeng, Huiqing Fan and Jie Zhang
Determination of piezoelectric coefficients and elastic constant of thin films by laser scanning vibrometry techniques
Pages 660-665
Z. Huang, G. Leighton, R. Wright, F. Duval, H.C. Chung, P. Kirby and R.W. Whatmore
Properties of porous silicon nano-explosive devices
Pages 666-674
Monuko du Plessis
Development of differential probes in pulsed eddy current testing for noise suppression
Pages 675-679
Li Shu, Huang Songling and Zhao Wei
 Actuator Section
Mechanism design of the flapper actuator in Chinese Braille display
Pages 680-689
Fung-Huei Yeh and Shih-Hao Liang
PZT thin films for low voltage actuation: Fabrication and characterization of the transverse piezoelectric coefficient
Pages 690-699
Mandar Deshpande and Laxman Saggere
PVPF control of piezoelectric tube scanners
Pages 700-712
B. Bhikkaji, M. Ratnam and S.O.R. Moheimani
Design and implementation of a sliding-mode controller and a high-gain observer for output tracking of a three-axis pickup
Pages 713-730
Paul C.-P. Chao and Chien-Yu Shen
Thermal analysis for bulk-micromachined electrothermal hydraulic microactuators using a phase change material
Pages 731-739
Jun Su Lee and Stepan Lucyszyn
A non-contact linear bearing and actuator via ultrasonic levitation
Pages 740-747
Takeshi Ide, James Friend, Kentaro Nakamura and Sadayuki Ueha
Characterization of dielectric elastomer actuators based on a hyperelastic film model
Pages 748-757
Lochmatter Patrick, Kovacs Gabor and Michel Silvain
Micro torsion mirror actuated by compound electrostatic driving structure
Pages 758-764
W.G. Wu, Q.H. Chen, G.Z. Yan, D.Q. Yin, Z.Y. Chen, Y.L. Hao, A.S. Xu and Y.Y. Wang
Design and optimization of a linear vibration-driven electromagnetic micro-power generator
Pages 765-775
Thomas von Büren and Gerhard Tröster
A micromagnetic actuator for biomolecule manipulation
Pages 776-781
Hervé Rostaing, Hichem Chetouani, Marin Gheorghe and Paul Galvin
Non-hysteresis and perfect linear piezoelectric performance of a multilayered lithium niobate actuator
Pages 782-786
Akito Kawamata, Hiroshi Hosaka and Takeshi Morita
“Zero-power” positioning actuator for cryogenic environments by combining magnetostrictive bimetal and HTS
Pages 787-791
Mojtaba Ghodsi, Toshiyuki Ueno, Hidekazu Teshima, Hosei Hirano, Toshiro Higuchi and Eric Summers
Influence of the Casimir force on the pull-in parameters of silicon based electrostatic torsional actuators
Pages 792-800
A. Gusso and G.J. Delben
Modeling and compensation of piezoceramic actuator hysteresis for helicopter vibration control
Pages 801-810
S.R. Viswamurthy and Ranjan Ganguli
Ultrasonic microfluidic transportation based on a twisted bundle of thin metal wires
Pages 811-817
Junhui Hu, Chinlee Tan and Wenyao Hu
 Micromechanics Section
A corrugated bridge of low residual stress for RF-MEMS switch
Pages 818-826
Yo-Tak Song, Hai-Young Lee and Masayoshi Esashi
The resonant behavior of silicon tubes under two-phase microfluidic conditions with both microbeads and gas bubbles
Pages 827-832
D. Sparks, V. Cruz and N. Najafi
A valveless micropump for bidirectional applications
Pages 833-838
Jae Sung Yoon, Jong Won Choi, Il Hwan Lee and Min Soo Kim
Analytical solution of the modified Reynolds equation for squeeze film damping in perforated MEMS structures
Pages 839-848
Ashok Kumar Pandey, Rudra Pratap and Fook Siong Chau
Fabrication and drive test of pneumatic PDMS micro pump
Pages 849-856
Ok Chan Jeong and Satoshi Konishi
Detection of the Au thin-layer in the Hz per picogram regime based on the microcantilevers
Pages 857-862
Dong Won Chun, Kyo Seon Hwang, Kilho Eom, Jeong Hoon Lee, Byung Hak Cha, Woo Young Lee, Dae Sung Yoon and Tae Song Kim
Measurement of static and dynamic friction coefficients of sidewalls of bulk-microfabricated MEMS devices with an on-chip micro-tribotester
Pages 863-869
Zhanshe Guo, Yonggang Meng, Hao Wu, Caijun Su and Shizhu Wen
Buckling shape of elastically constrained multi-layered micro-bridges
Pages 870-880
A. Michael and C.Y. Kwok
 Systems Applications Section
Generic architectures and design methods for autonomous sensors
Pages 881-888
W. Bracke, P. Merken, R. Puers and C. Van Hoof
Thermal accelerometer based predictive drop sensor
Pages 889-894
D.S. Lee
 Technology Section
SiCN ceramic patterns fabricated by soft lithography techniques
Pages 895-901
Dong-Hoon Lee, Kyoung-Hoon Park, Lan-Young Hong and Dong-Pyo Kim







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