ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.136, Issue 1


Date: 1 May 2007


Squeeze film air damping in MEMS
Pages 3-27
Minhang Bao and Heng Yang
Principal component analysis and artificial neural network based approach to analysing optical fibre sensors signals
Pages 28-38
E. Lewis, C. Sheridan, M. O’Farrell, D. King, C. Flanagan, W.B. Lyons and C. Fitzpatrick
Integrated sensors, MEMS, and microsystems: Reflections on a fantastic voyage
Pages 39-50
Kensall D. Wise
Materials and Technology Section
Nano electromechanical sensors based on carbon nanotubes
Pages 51-61
Christofer Hierold, Alain Jungen, Christoph Stampfer and Thomas Helbling
 Micromechanics Section
Trends and frontiers of MEMS
Pages 62-67
Wen H. Ko
 General Section
A fast-response microfluidic gas concentrating device for environmental sensing
Pages 69-79
Sheng Li, Jonathan C. Day, Jung J. Park, Christopher P. Cadou and Reza Ghodssi
Electrokinetic flow meter
Pages 80-89
Dong-Kwon Kim, Arun Majumdar and Sung Jin Kim
 Physical Section
Comparative study of the sensing performance of orthogonal fluxgate sensors with different amorphous sensing elements
Pages 90-94
Z.J. Zhao, X.P. Li, J. Fan, H.L. Seet, X.B. Qian and P. Ripka
Nanotopographical imaging using a heated atomic force microscope cantilever probe
Pages 95-103
K.J. Kim, K. Park, J. Lee, Z.M. Zhang and W.P. King
Detection of carbon dioxide emissions from a diesel engine using a mid-infrared optical fibre based sensor
Pages 104-110
Jim Mulrooney, John Clifford, Colin Fitzpatrick and Elfed Lewis
Characterization of polymer nanocomposite films using quartz thickness shear mode (TSM) acoustic wave sensor
Pages 111-117
Lifeng Qin, Hongbin Cheng, Jacob M. Li and Qing-Ming Wang
Fabrication and application of micro thin film thermocouples for transient temperature measurement in nanosecond pulsed laser micromachining of nickel
Pages 118-124
Hongseok Choi and Xiaochun Li
Frequency stability of wafer-scale film encapsulated silicon based MEMS resonators
Pages 125-131
Bongsang Kim, Rob N. Candler, Matthew A. Hopcroft, Manu Agarwal, Woo-Tae Park and Thomas W. Kenny
Enhancement of EMAT and eddy current using a ferrite back-plate
Pages 132-136
X. Jian and S. Dixon
Signal modeling of electromagnetic flowmeter under sine wave excitation using two-stage fitting method
Pages 137-143
Ke-Jun Xu and Xiao-Fen Wang
Utilisation of pattern recognition techniques to interpret complex data from a multipoint optical fibre ethanol concentration sensor system
Pages 144-153
Damien King, William B. Lyons, Colin Flanagan and Elfed Lewis
Dielectrophoretic tweezers using sharp probe electrode
Pages 154-160
Kiha Lee, Soon Geun Kwon, Soo Hyun Kim and Yoon Keun Kwak
An accelerometer incorporating a laser microencoder for a wide measurable range
Pages 161-167
R. Sawada, E. Higurashi, T. Ito and I. Ishikawa
A blue-violet enhanced BDJ photodetector and its applications in the probe chip measurements of the LEDs for solid-state lighting
Pages 168-172
W.J. Wang, X.L. Liu, W. Li, H.R. Ren, K. Liang and D.J. Han
Ho3+:TeO2 glass, a probe for temperature measurements
Pages 173-177
Anant Kumar Singh
Thermal control of micro reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction systems
Pages 178-183
Nan-Chyuan Tsai and Chung-Yang Sue
Laboratory evaluation of the hybrid fiber-optic current sensor
Pages 184-190
L. Dziuda, G. Fusiek, P. Niewczas, G.M. Burt and J.R. McDonald
Comparison of morphology and electrical conductivity of various thin films containing nano-crystalline praseodymium oxide particles
Pages 191-198
S. Shrestha, C.M.Y. Yeung, C. Nunnerley and S.C. Tsang
Influence of fiber geometry on the performance of two-fiber displacement sensor
Pages 199-204
P.B. Buchade and A.D. Shaligram
A deformation sensitive pad-structure embedded with hetero-core optic fiber sensors
Pages 205-211
Michiko Nishiyama, Hiroyuki Sasaki and Kazuhiro Watanabe
EPMA and XRD study on nickel metal thin film for temperature sensor
Pages 212-215
Weiping Yan, Henan Li, Junshan Liu and Jihong Guo
Rayleigh backscattering fiber optic rotation sensor based on combined two-ring-resonator
Pages 216-220
Libo Yuan, Zhihai Liu and Jun Yang
The design of a ferrite-cored probe
Pages 221-228
Philip May, Erping Zhou and Danny Morton
Butadiene acrylonitrile rubber loaded fast extrusion furnace black as a compressive strain and pressure sensors
Pages 229-233
Waleed E. Mahmoud, A.M.Y. El-Lawindy, M.H. El Eraki and H.H. Hassan
High temperature Hall sensors
Pages 234-237
Maciej Oszwaldowski and Tomasz Berus
New sensing mechanisms using an optical time domain reflectometry with fiber Bragg gratings
Pages 238-243
Yu-Lung Lo and Shao-Hung Xu
Oxygen interference mechanism of platinum–FET hydrogen gas sensor
Pages 244-248
T. Yamaguchi, T. Kiwa, K. Tsukada and K. Yokosawa
 Materials and Technology Section
In-line method for extracting the temperature coefficient of resistance of surface-micromachined polysilicon thin films
Pages 249-254
Gaobin Xu, Yang Li, Qing-An Huang and Weihua Li
Structural variation and piezoelectric properties of 0.95(Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–0.05BaTiO3 ceramics
Pages 255-260
Cheol-Woo Ahn, Hwi-Yeol Park, Sahn Nahm, Kenji Uchino, Hyeung-Gyu Lee and Hwack-Joo Lee
Effect of microstructure on modulus loss at flexural mode and stress in sensor materials
Pages 261-266
Levent Yagmur, Sinan Fank and Bulent Aydemir
Properties of (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–SrTiO3 based lead-free ceramics and surface acoustic wave devices
Pages 267-272
Ren-Chuan Chang, Sheng-Yuan Chu, Yi-Peng Wong, Yi-Fang Lin and Cheng-Shong Hong
 Actuator Section
Single use, robust, MEMS based electro-thermal microswitches for redundancy and system reconfiguration
Pages 273-281
Pierre Pennarun, Carole Rossi, Daniel Estčve and René-David Colin
Development of shunt type ohmic RF MEMS switches actuated by piezoelectric cantilever
Pages 282-290
Hee-Chul Lee, Jae-Hyoung Park and Yong-Hee Park
Microcantilever hotplates: Design, fabrication, and characterization
Pages 291-298
Jungchul Lee and William P. King
Advantages of alternative actuating signal for MEMS actuators
Pages 299-303
H. Camon and C. Ganibal
Three-dimensional bearing load sensor design and numerical investigations
Pages 304-312
Zhaojian Yang, Shiwen Wang, Qinxian Wang and Youbai Xie
Transcutaneous microvalve activation system using a coreless transformer
Pages 313-320
Alberto M. Pernía, Iván C. Orille, Juan A. Martinez, Juan Martín-Ramos, José A. Canal and Fred Zacouto
Dielectric elastomer based prototype fiber actuators
Pages 321-328
Sohil Arora, Tushar Ghosh and John Muth
Research on the torsional effect of piezoelectric quartz
Pages 329-334
Baoyuan Sun, Jiantong Wu, Changyin Gao and Min Qian
Investigation of a gripping device actuated by SMA wire
Pages 335-340
Z.W. Zhong and S.Y. Chan
Electrical characteristics of central driving type piezoelectric transformers with different electrode distributing
Pages 341-346
Zupei Yang, Lili Yang, Xiaolian Chao, Rui Zhang and Yaoqiang Chen
Simultaneous magnetic and electrostatic driving of microcantilevers
Pages 347-357
Javier Malo and José Ignacio Izpura
Two-dimensional electrostatic actuation of droplets using a single electrode panel and development of disposable plastic film card
Pages 358-366
Eric Lebrasseur, Muhammad Imran Al-Haq, Wan-Kyu Choi, Masaaki Hirano, Hidenori Tsuchiya, Toru Torii, Toshiro Higuchi, Hiroki Yamazaki and Etsuo Shinohara
Fabrication and performance evaluation of diaphragm-type polymer actuators using segmented polyurethane according to chemical-hard-segment content
Pages 367-373
Young-dae Jung, Han-soo Park, Nam-ju Jo and Hae-do Jeong
 Micromechanics Section
Development of various designs of low-power, MEMS valves for fluidic applications
Pages 374-384
A.M. Cardenas-Valencia, J. Dlutowski, J. Bumgarner, C. Munoz, W. Wang, R. Popuri and L. Langebrake
A flexible, quantum dot-labeled cantilever post array for studying cellular microforces
Pages 385-397
Kweku A. Addae-Mensah, Nicholas J. Kassebaum, Michael J. Bowers II, Ronald S. Reiserer, Sandra J. Rosenthal, Paul E. Moore and John P. Wikswo
Fabrication of a vertical reflow microlens with silylation technology
Pages 398-402
Chih-Chao Yang, Yun-Hsun Huang, Te-Chin Peng, Meng-Chyi Wu, Chong-Long Ho, Chao-Chi Hong, I-Ming Liu and Yao-Tsong Tsai
Development and verification of 2D dynamic electromechanical coupling solver for micro-electrostatic-actuator applications
Pages 403-411
Kuo-Shen Chen and Kuang-Shun Ou
Fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic microstructures on ITO glass substrate using reverse-side exposure of SU-8
Pages 412-416
Chunhua Lü, Xuefeng Yin and Min Wang
Behaviour of forbidden modes in the impedance characterization and modeling of piezoelectric microcantilevers
Pages 417-425
Javier Vázquez, Pablo Sanz and José Luis Sánchez-Rojas
A bi-polymer micro one-way valve
Pages 426-433
Dongshin Kim and David J. Beebe
PZT bimorph actuated atomizer based on higher order harmonic resonance and reduced operating pressure
Pages 434-440
Yeau-Ren Jeng, Ping-Yung Tu, Guo-Hua Feng, Chien-Chan Su and Yu-Yin Peng
 Systems/Applications Section
Sensor testing through bias superposition
Pages 441-455
C. Jeffrey, N. Dumas, Z. Xu, F. Mailly, F. Azaďs, P. Nouet, R.J.T. Bunyan, D.O. King, H. Mathias, J.P. Gilles, et al.
On a novel low-cost web-based power sensor via the Internet
Pages 456-466
Han Ding, Bo Zhang, Ye Ding and Bo Tao
 Technology Section
Switchable polymer-based thin film coils as a power module for wireless neural interfaces
Pages 467-474
S. Kim, K. Zoschke, M. Klein, D. Black, K. Buschick, M. Toepper, P. Tathireddy, R. Harrison, H. Oppermann and F. Solzbacher
Fabrication of nano-structures using inverse-μCP technique with a flat PDMS stamp
Pages 475-483
Beomjoon Kim, Janggil Kim and Nobuyuki Takama
Nano-liter size droplet dispenser using electrostatic manipulation technique
Pages 484-490
Wan-Kyu Choi, Eric Lebrasseur, Muhammad Imran Al-Haq, Hidenori Tsuchiya, Toru Torii, Hiroki Yamazaki, Etsuo Shinohara and Toshiro Higuchi







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