ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.138, Issue 1


Date: 20 July 2007


Physical Section
Liquid-level measurement system based on a remote grounded capacitive sensor
Pages 1-8
Ferran Reverter, Xiujun Li and Gerard C.M. Meijer
Four-beam single fiber optic interferometer and its sensing characteristics
Pages 9-15
Libo Yuan and Xue Wang
Design and evaluation of a detection system for external water condensation on low U-value windows
Pages 16-21
Anna Werner, Arne Roos and Per Nilsson
Complex MEMS: a fully integrated TOF micro mass spectrometer
Pages 22-27
Eric Wapelhorst, Jan-Peter Hauschild and Jörg Müller
Tracking the position of an unknown moving load along a plate using the distributive sensing method
Pages 28-36
M.T. Elliott, X. Ma and P.N. Brett
Linear displacement sensor using a new CMOS double-hall device
Pages 37-43
Ch.S. Roumenin and S.V. Lozanova
Viscosity and density values from excitation level response of piezoelectric-excited cantilever sensors
Pages 44-51
Tamika L. Wilson, Gossett A. Campbell and Raj Mutharasan
SU-8 MEMS Fabry-Perot pressure sensor
Pages 52-62
G.C. Hill, R. Melamud, F.E. Declercq, A.A. Davenport, I.H. Chan, P.G. Hartwell and B.L. Pruitt
LTCC microflow analyzers with monolithic integration of thermal control
Pages 63-70
Cynthia S. Martínez-Cisneros, Núria Ibáńez-García, Francisco Valdés and Julián Alonso
Magnetogradient effect-based high-resolution integrated sensors
Pages 71-75
Ch. Roumenin and S. Lozanova
Research of a novel fiber Bragg grating underwater acoustic sensor
Pages 76-80
Xingjie Ni, Yong Zhao and Jian Yang
Double-chip condenser microphone for rigid backplate using DRIE and wafer bonding technology
Pages 81-86
Hyu-sang Kwon and Kwang-Cheol Lee
Characteristics of on-wall in-tube flexible thermal flow sensor under radially asymmetric flow condition
Pages 87-96
Zhiyong Tan, Mitsuhiro Shikida, Masafumi Hirota, Yan Xing, Kazuo Sato, Takuya Iwasaki and Yasuroh Iriye
 Interfaces Section
Interface circuit for resistive sensors utilizing digital potentiometers
Pages 97-104
M. Leinonen, J. Juuti and H. Jantunen
Processing of a scalar magnetometer signal contaminated by 1/fα noise
Pages 105-111
Arie Sheinker, Ariel Shkalim, Nizan Salomonski, Boris Ginzburg, Lev Frumkis and Ben-Zion Kaplan
ASIC front-end interface with frequency and duty cycle output for resistive-bridge sensors
Pages 112-119
V. Ferrari, A. Ghisla, Zs. Kovács Vajna, D. Marioli and A. Taroni
 Materials and Technology Section
Insulator coated metal nanoparticles with a core/shell geometry exhibit a temperature sensitivity similar to advanced spinels
Pages 120-129
Evagelos K. Athanassiou, Christian Mensing and Wendelin J. Stark
Characteristics of a commercially available silicon-on-insulator MEMS material
Pages 130-144
David C. Miller, Brad L. Boyce, Michael T. Dugger, Thomas E. Buchheit and Ken Gall
 Actuator Section
High sensitive magnetically actuated micromirrors for magnetic field measurement
Pages 145-150
Zheng Cui, Xudi Wang, Yong Li and Gui Yun Tian
Synchronized switch harvesting applied to selfpowered smart systems: Piezoactive microgenerators for autonomous wireless transmitters
Pages 151-160
Daniel Guyomar, Yves Jayet, Lionel Petit, Elie Lefeuvre, Thomas Monnier, Claude Richard and Mickaël Lallart
The formulation and testing of new solid propellant mixture (DB + x%BP) for a new MEMS-based microthruster
Pages 161-166
A. Chaalane, C. Rossi and D. Estčve
In-plane motion characterization of MEMS resonators using stroboscopic scanning electron microscopy
Pages 167-178
Chee-Leong Wong and Wai-Kin Wong
Resonant mode-hopping micromixing
Pages 179-186
Ling-Sheng Jang, Shih-Hui Chao, Mark R. Holl and Deirdre R. Meldrum
Trapping, transportation and separation of small particles by an acoustic needle
Pages 187-193
Junhui Hu, Libin Ong, Changhan Yeo and Yanyan Liu
Enhanced sliding mode motion tracking control of piezoelectric actuators
Pages 194-202
Hwee Choo Liaw, Bijan Shirinzadeh and Julian Smith
Experimental and computational analysis of droplet formation in a high-performance flow-focusing geometry
Pages 203-212
Wee-Liat Ong, Jinsong Hua, Baili Zhang, Teng-Yuan Teo, Junlong Zhuo, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Nagarajan Ranganathan and Levent Yobas
Experimental investigation of a fluidic actuator generating hybrid-synthetic jets
Pages 213-220
V. Tesař, Z. Trávníček, J. Kordík and Z. Randa
 Micromechanics Section
Integration of trench-isolated through-wafer interconnects with 2d capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer arrays
Pages 221-229
Xuefeng Zhuang, Arif S. Ergun, Yongli Huang, Ira O. Wygant, Omer Oralkan and Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
Design and development of a 331-segment tip–tilt–piston mirror array for space-based adaptive optics
Pages 230-238
Jason B. Stewart, Thomas G. Bifano, Steven Cornelissen, Paul Bierden, B. Martin Levine and Timothy Cook
Modelling of a planar magnetic micropusher for biological cell manipulations
Pages 239-247
Michaël Dauge, Michaël Gauthier and Emmanuel Piat
 Technology Section
Fabrication of intrinsic fibre Fabry–Perot sensors in silica fibres using hydrofluoric acid etching
Pages 248-260
V.R. Machavaram, R.A. Badcock and G.F. Fernando
Micropressure sensor fabrication without problem of stiction for a wider range of measurement
Pages 261-267
H.S. Ko, C.W. Liu and C. Gau







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