ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.138, Issue 2


Date: 26 August 2007


Physical Section
Integrated micro-displacement sensor that measures tilting angle and linear movement of an external mirror
Pages 269-275
Itaru Ishikawa, Renshi Sawada, Eiji Higurashi, Shingo Sanada and Daisuke Chino
Development of capacitive pure bending strain sensor for wireless spinal fusion monitoring
Pages 276-287
Ji-Tzuoh Lin, Kevin W. Walsh, Douglas Jackson, Julia Aebersold, Mark Crain, John F. Naber and William P. Hnat
Hardware implementation of varicap diode's ANN model using PIC microcontrollers
Pages 288-293
Ibrahim Turkoglu
Embedded piezoresistive cement-based stress/strain sensor
Pages 294-298
Baoguo Han and Jinping Ou
Development and application of side-polished fiber immunosensor based on surface plasmon resonance for the detection of Legionella pneumophila with halogens light and 850 nm-LED
Pages 299-305
Hong-Yu Lin, Yu-Chia Tsao, Woo-Hu Tsai, Yi-Wen Yang, Tsong-Rong Yan and Bor-Chiou Sheu
Single photon avalanche photodiodes arrays
Pages 306-312
M. Mazzillo, G. Condorelli, A. Campisi, E. Sciacca, M. Belluso, S. Billotta, D. Sanfilippo, G. Fallica, L. Cosentino, P. Finocchiaro, et al.
Fabrication and characterization of bismuth–telluride-based alloy thin film thermoelectric generators by flash evaporation method
Pages 329-334
M. Takashiri, T. Shirakawa, K. Miyazaki and H. Tsukamoto
Photothermal investigations of thermal and optical properties of liquids by mirage effect
Pages 335-340
Faycel Saadallah, Leila Attia, Sameh Abroug and Noureddine Yacoubi
 Interfaces Section
FBG sensor multiplexing system based on the TDM and fixed filters approach
Pages 341-349
Luiz C.S. Nunes, Bruno S. Olivieri, Carla C. Kato, Luiz C.G. Valente and Arthur M.B. Braga
 Materials and Technology Section
Influence of helium, hydrogen, oxygen, air and methane on conductivity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Pages 350-354
A.I. Romanenko, O.B. Anikeeva, V.L. Kuznetsov, T.I. Buryakov, E.N. Tkachev and A.N. Usoltseva
The effects of sintering temperature on the properties of (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–CaTiO3 based lead-free ceramics
Pages 355-360
Ren-Chuan Chang, Sheng-Yuan Chu, Yi-Fang Lin, Cheng-Shong Hong, Po-Ching Kao and Chun-Hsien Lu
Novel polyaniline/PVDF/BaTiO3 hybrid composites with high piezo-sensitivity
Pages 361-365
R. Patil, A. Ashwin and S. Radhakrishnan
Actuator Section
Investigations of Karman vortex street using flow visualization and image processing
Pages 366-375
Grzegorz L. Pankanin, Artur Kulińczak and Jerzy Berliński
Highly sensitive nanostructured platinum electrocatalysts for CO oxidation: Implications for CO sensing and fuel cell performance
Pages 376-383
Bhaskar R. Sathe, Mandar S. Risbud, Sanjay Patil, K.S. Ajayakumar, R.C. Naik, Imtiaz S. Mulla and Vijayamohanan K. Pillai
Electromechanical coupling in dielectric elastomer actuators
Pages 384-393
Michael Wissler and Edoardo Mazza
Configurations of fluidic actuators for generating hybrid-synthetic jets
Pages 394-403
V. Tesař
Frequency dependence of piezoelectric vibration velocity
Pages 404-410
Tao Li, Y.H. Chen and J. Ma
 Systems/Applications Section
Calibration and data fusion solution for the miniature attitude and heading reference system
Pages 411-420
David Jurman, Marko Jankovec, Roman Kamnik and Marko Topič







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