ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.141, Issue 1



Date: 15 January 2008


 Physical Section
Temperature cycling of MOS-based radiation sensors
Pages 1-5
Ercan Yilmaz and Raşit Turan
Improved EHM-based NN hysteresis model
Pages 6-12
Lianwei Ma, Yonghong Tan and Ya Chu
Study of pulse eddy current probes detecting cracks extending in all directions
Pages 13-19
Li Shu, Huang Songling, Zhao Wei and Yu Peng
New real-time non-contact probe using Gaussian convolution smooth technique for in-process inspection
Pages 20-28
K. Vacharanukul and S. Mekid
Magnetic microstructure and magnetoimpedance effect in NiFe/FeAlN multilayer films
Pages 29-33
Zhiyong Zhong, Huaiwu Zhang, Yulan Jing, Xiaoli Tang and Shuang Liu
Yield enhancement of piezoresistive pressure sensors for automotive applications
Pages 34-42
Marko Pavlin and Franc Novak
Analysis of resonating microcantilevers operating in a viscous liquid environment
Pages 43-51
Cyril Vančura, Isabelle Dufour, Stephen M. Heinrich, Fabien Josse and Andreas Hierlemann
Diode temperature sensor array for measuring micro-scale surface temperatures with high resolution
Pages 52-58
Il Young Han and Sung Jin Kim
Characterization of electrostatic sensors for flow measurement of particulate solids in square-shaped pneumatic conveying pipelines
Pages 59-67
Lihui Peng, Yan Zhang and Yong Yan
Magnetic field meter based on giant magnetoimpedance effect
Pages 68-75
M. Kuźmiński, K. Nesteruk and H.K. Lachowicz
NIR and optical fiber sensor for gases detection produced by transformation oil degradation
Pages 76-83
M. Benounis, T. Aka-Ngnui, N. Jaffrezic and J.P. Dutasta
Theoretical and experimental study on novel weak current sensor using single nanocrystalline toroidal core with double-winding
Pages 84-88
Binghao Bao, Yadong Zhou, Ping Yang and Guoyu Wang
Novel sensor–actuator device for early detection of fire
Pages 89-96
Serge Zhuiykov
Development of an electro-optic technique for the measurement of temperature rise of hot bodies
Pages 97-100
Mahfoozur Rehman, Basem Abdeljalel and Mohd Rizal Arshad
 Interfaces Section
Digital self-learning calibration system for smart sensors
Pages 101-108
Matej Možek, Danilo Vrtačnik, Drago Resnik, Uroš Aljančič, Samo Penič and Slavko Amon
Materials and Technology Section
Active 433 MHz-W UHF RF-powered chip integrated with a nanocomposite m-MWCNT/polypyrrole sensor for wireless monitoring of volatile anesthetic agent sevoflurane
Pages 109-119
Murthy Chavali, Tzu-Hsuan Lin, Ren-Jang Wu, Hsiang-Ning Luk and Shih-Lin Hung
Influence of friction on piezoelectric sensors
Pages 120-128
S. Sokhanvar, J. Dargahi and M. Packirisamy
Resonant magnetoelectric response of magnetostrictive/piezoelectric laminate composite in consideration of losses
Pages 129-135
F. Yang, Y.M. Wen, P. Li, M. Zheng and L.X. Bian
 Actuator Section
The radial composite piezoelectric ceramic transducer
Pages 136-143
Shuyu Lin
Design of a microgripper for micromanipulation of microcomponents using SMA wires and flexible hinges
Pages 144-150
J.H. Kyung, B.G. Ko, Y.H. Ha and G.J. Chung
Fabrication of a novel piezoelectric actuator with high load-bearing capability
Pages 160-165
C.H. Cheng and S.L. Tu
Effects of electrode layouts on voltage gain characteristics for ring-shaped piezoelectric transformers
Pages 166-172
Kuo-Tsai Chang, Hsuang-Chang Chiang and Kuo-Sheng Lyu
Effect of substrate to piezoceramic layer thickness ratio on the performance of a C-shape piezoelectric actuator
Pages 173-181
A.N. Mtawa, B. Sun and J. Gryzagoridis
Drop ejection utilizing sideways actuation of a MEMS piston
Pages 182-191
Paul Galambos, Dave Czaplewski, Rick Givler, Kenneth R. Pohl, David L. Luck, Gilbert Benavides and Bernie Jokiel
Characterization and control of a pneumatic microactuator with an integrated inductive position sensor
Pages 192-200
M. De Volder, J. Coosemans, R. Puers and D. Reynaerts
High flow rate per power electroosmotic pumping using low ion density solvents
Pages 201-212
Daejoong Kim, Jonathan D. Posner and Juan G. Santiago
Glass wafers bonding via Diels–Alder reaction at mild temperature
Pages 213-216
Minjie Zhang, Jianying Zhao and Lianxun Gao
Small absolute distance measurement with nanometer resolution using geometrical optics principles and a SPR angular sensor
Pages 217-223
Ming-Hung Chiu, Bo-Yuan Shih, Chih-Wen Lai, Lih-Horng Shyu and Tsung-Hsien Wu
Erratum to “ZnO-based MIS photodetectors” [135 (2006) 529–533]
Page 224
S.J. Young, L.W. Ji, S.J. Chang, S.H. Liang, K.T. Lam, T.H. Fang, K.J. Chen, X.L. Du and Q.K. Xue
ZnO-based MIS photodetectors
Pages 225-229
S.J. Young, L.W. Ji, S.J. Chang, S.H. Liang, K.T. Lam, T.H. Fang, K.J. Chen, X.L. Du and Q.K. Xue






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