ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.141, Issue 2



Date: 15 February 2008


General Section
The effect of physical design parameters on the RF and microwave performance of the BST thin film planar interdigitated varactors
Pages 231-237
J. Zhang, H. Zhang, S.G. Lu, Z. Xu and K.J. Chen
A new touch sensor for material discrimination and detection of thickness and hardness
Pages 238-244
Akira Kimoto and Katsunori Shida
Thermal history sensor based on glass-ceramics
Pages 245-255
Geoff E. Fair, Ronald J. Kerans and Triplicane A. Parthasarathy
Zinc oxide thin film-based MEMS acoustic sensor with tunnel for pressure compensation
Pages 256-261
Aarti Arora, Anil Arora, V.K. Dwivedi, P.J. George, K. Sreenivas and Vinay Gupta
Physical Section
Displacement amplification in curved piezoelectric diaphragm transducers
Pages 262-265
D.J. Morris, D.F. Bahr and M.J. Anderson
MEMS sensors for density–viscosity sensing in a low-flow microfluidic environment
Pages 266-275
Isabelle Etchart, Hua Chen, Philip Dryden, Jacques Jundt, Christopher Harrison, Kai Hsu, Frederic Marty and Bruno Mercier
Development of 6-axis force/moment sensor for a humanoid robot's intelligent foot
Pages 276-281
Gab-Soon Kim, Hi-Jun Shin and Jungwon Yoon
Effect of seed layer on the sensitivity of exchange biased planar Hall sensor
Pages 282-287
K.M. Chui, A.O. Adeyeye and Mo-Huang Li
Microfabrication of coupled fluid–structure systems with applications in acoustic sensing
Pages 288-298
Robert D. White, Lei Cheng and Karl Grosh
Monolithic SU-8 micro-interferometer for biochemical detections
Pages 299-306
B.Y. Shew, Y.C. Cheng and Y.H. Tsai
Thermal simulation and experimental results of a micromachined thermal inclinometer
Pages 307-313
J. Courteaud, P. Combette, N. Crespy, G. Cathebras and A. Giani
Sensitivity enhancement of long period gratings for temperature measurement using the long period grating pair technique
Pages 314-320
Samer K. Abi Kaed Bey, Tong Sun and Kenneth T.V. Grattan
Analysis of the ultrasonic collection of small particles by a tapered metal strip
Pages 321-327
Yanyan Liu and Junhui Hu
Optimal design of silica-based temperature-insensitive long-period waveguide gratings for realization of athermal refractive-index sensor
Pages 328-333
Bikash Dev Choudhury, Suchandan Pal and Babu Ram Singh
Spectra profile expansion of Bragg wavelength on nano-particle embedded fiber-Bragg-grating
Pages 334-338
Pham Van Hoi, Pham Thanh Binh, Pham Tran Tuan Anh, Ha Xuan Vinh, Chu Thi Thu Ha and Nguyen Thu Trang
High-performance monolithic triaxial piezoresistive shock accelerometers
Pages 339-346
Peitao Dong, Xinxin Li, Heng Yang, Haifei Bao, Wei Zhou, Shengyi Li and Songlin Feng
On the sensitivity improvement of CMOS capacitive accelerometer
Pages 347-352
Chih-ming Sun, ChuanWei Wang and Weileun Fang
Impact responses of a multi-element quartz shock gauge
Pages 353-358
Xuemin Wang, Xiaoqin Zeng, Guosong Wu, Shoushan Yao and Hanzhao Zhang
Characterization of area arrays of microbolometer-based un-cooled IR detectors without using ROIC
Pages 359-366
R.S. Saxena, R.K. Bhan, C.R. Jalwania, P.S. Rana and S.K. Lomash
Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of pressure sensors using ARX system identification
Pages 367-375
Ho Chang and Po Kai Tzenog
A simple method for calculation of the pull-in voltage and touch-point pressure for the small deflection of square diaphragm in MEMS
Pages 376-382
Anurekha Sharma and P.J. George
Photovoltaic properties of the organic–inorganic photodiode based on polymer and fullerene blend for optical sensors
Pages 383-389
Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu
Chloride ion optical sensing using a long period grating pair
Pages 390-395
Samer K. Abi Kaed Bey, Cathy Chung Chun Lam, Tong Sun and Kenneth T.V. Grattan
A wearable yarn-based piezo-resistive sensor
Pages 396-403
Ching-Tang Huang, Chien-Lung Shen, Chien-Fa Tang and Shuo-Hung Chang
Multipurpose MEMS thermal sensor based on thermopiles
Pages 404-413
Danijela Randjelović, Anastasios Petropoulos, Grigoris Kaltsas, Miloš Stojanović, Žarko Lazić, Zoran Djurić and Milan Matić
Hazardous gas detection using an integrating sphere as a multipass gas absorption cell
Pages 414-421
E. Hawe, C. Fitzpatrick, P. Chambers, G. Dooly and E. Lewis
Hot embossing of micro-lens array on bulk metallic glass
Pages 422-431
C.T. Pan, T.T. Wu, M.F. Chen, Y.C. Chang, C.J. Lee and J.C. Huang
Wearable magnetic locating and tracking system for MEMS medical capsule
Pages 432-439
Xudong Wu, Wensheng Hou, Chenglin Peng, Xiaolin Zheng, Xing Fang and Jin He
The pendulum-like fluxgate magnetic field sensor
Pages 440-446
Sergii B. Ubizskii and Lyubomyr P. Pavlyk
Linear robust photometer circuit
Pages 447-453
Wilmar Hernandez
A 0.18-μm CMOS capacitive sensor Lab-on-Chip
Pages 454-462
Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh, Mohamad Sawan and Daniel Therriault
Materials and Technology Section
Synthesis of pyrochlore free PMN–PZT ceramics via a seeding method
Pages 463-470
Pouya Moetakef and Z. Ali Nemati
Characterisation of gold surface plasmon resonance sensor substrates
Pages 471-475
B.A. Sexton, B.N. Feltis and T.J. Davis
Bonding silicon wafers with reactive multilayer foils
Pages 476-481
X. Qiu and J. Wang
Effects of BiFeO3 addition on electrical properties and temperature stability of low temperature sintered PZT–PFW–PMN ceramics
Pages 482-488
Xiaolian Chao, Zupei Yang, Chao Kang and Yunfei Chang
Actuator Section
Multi-physics system modeling of a pneumatic micro actuator
Pages 489-498
Gustavo A. Ardila Rodríguez, Carole Rossi and Kaili Zhang
Push/pull actuation using opto-electrowetting
Pages 499-505
Florian Krogmann, Hong Qu, Wolfgang Mönch and Hans Zappe
Pole-type ground electrode in nozzle for electrostatic field induced drop-on-demand inkjet head
Pages 506-514
Sukhan Lee, Doyoung Byun, Daewon Jung, Jaeyong Choi, Yongjae Kim, Ji Hye Yang, Sang Uk Son, Si Bui Quang Tran and Han Seo Ko
Design and implementation of a piezoelectric clutch mechanism using piezoelectric buzzers
Pages 515-522
Kuo-Tsai Chang, Hsuang-Chang Chiang and Chun-Wei Lee
A closed-form approach for frequency tunable comb resonators with curved finger contour
Pages 523-529
Ki Bang Lee, Liwei Lin and Young-Ho Cho
Effect of aligned cellulose film to the performance of electro-active paper actuator
Pages 530-535
Gyu Young Yun, Heung Soo Kim, Jaehwan Kim, Kwangsok Kim and Chulho Yang
Nonlinear Hamiltonian modelling of magnetic shape memory alloy based actuators
Pages 536-547
Jean-Yves Gauthier, Arnaud Hubert, Joël Abadie, Nicolas Chaillet and Christian Lexcellent
Development of a miniaturised hydraulic actuation system for artificial hands
Pages 548-557
A. Kargov, T. Werner, C. Pylatiuk and S. Schulz
An LVDT-based self-actuating displacement transducer
Pages 558-564
Shang-Teh Wu, Szu-Chieh Mo and Bo-Siou Wu
AlN as an actuation material for MEMS applications: The case of AlN driven multilayered cantilevers
Pages 565-576
Alexandru Andrei, Katarzyna Krupa, Michal Jozwik, Patrick Delobelle, Laurent Hirsinger, Christophe Gorecki, Lukasz Nieradko and Cathy Meunier
Design and characterization of an active hinge segment based on soft dielectric EAPs
Pages 577-587
P. Lochmatter and G. Kovacs
Design and characterization of an actively deformable shell structure composed of interlinked active hinge segments driven by soft dielectric EAPs
Pages 588-597
P. Lochmatter and G. Kovacs
Micromechanics Section
Solidly mounted thin film electro-acoustic resonator utilizing a conductive Bragg reflector
Pages 598-602
Johannes Enlund, David Martin, Ventsislav Yantchev and Ilia Katardjiev
Minimum scale controlled topology optimization and experimental test of a micro thermal actuator
Pages 603-609
Seok Heo, Gil Ho Yoon and Yoon Young Kim
Observations of piezoresistivity for polysilicon in bending that are unexplained by linear models
Pages 610-618
Tyler L. Waterfall, Gary K. Johns, Robert K. Messenger, Brian D. Jensen, Timothy W. McLain and Larry L. Howell
SAW based passive sensor with passive signal conditioning using MEMS A/D converter
Pages 631-639
Jae-Geun Oh, Bumkyoo Choi and Seung-Yop Lee
Design, fabrication, and experimental characterization of a flap valve IPMC micropump with a flexibly supported diaphragm
Pages 640-648
Thanh Tung Nguyen, Nam Seo Goo, Vinh Khanh Nguyen, Youngtai Yoo and Seungbae Park
AMR current measurement device
Pages 649-653
Pavel Mlejnek, Michal Vopálenský and Pavel Ripka
Technology Section
Experimental study on mechanical power generation from MEMS internal combustion engine
Pages 654-661
Yu Suzuki, Yasuhiro Okada, Jyunji Ogawa, Susumu Sugiyama and Toshiyuki Toriyama
Macroporous silicon: A versatile material for 3D structure fabrication
Pages 662-669
T. Trifonov, A. Rodríguez, L.F. Marsal, J. Pallarès and R. Alcubilla
Fabrication and analysis of ionic conductive polymer films for micro drug delivery systems
Pages 670-676
Nan-Chyuan Tsai and Chung-Yang Sue
Deep plasma etching of glass with a silicon shadow mask
Pages 677-684
K. Kolari
Silicon nanopillars based 3D stacked microchannel heat sinks concept for enhanced heat dissipation applications in MEMS packaging
Pages 685-694
Pradeep Dixit, Nay Lin, Jianmin Miao, Wai Kwan Wong and Teo Kiat Choon
Effect of tightening torque on transducer dynamics and bond strength in wire bonding
Pages 695-702
Lei Han, Jue Zhong and Gongzhi Gao
Study of deep X-ray lithography behaviour for microstructures
Pages 703-711
M.-C. Chou, C.T. Pan, T.T. Wu and C.T. Wu
Development of a transducer for in-line and through cycle monitoring of key process and quality variables in injection molding
Pages 712-722
Ho Yin Wong, Ka Tsai Fung and Furong Gao
Systems/Applications Section
Wireless MEMS inertial sensor system for golf swing dynamics
Pages 619-630
Kevin King, S.W. Yoon, N.C. Perkins and K. Najafi







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