ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.142, Issue 1



Special Issue: Eurosensors XX The 20th European conference on Solid-State Transducers - Eurosensors 2006, Eurosensors 20th Edition
Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden, 17-20 September 2006, Edited by P.J. French



Date: 10 March 2008


Physical Section

A comparison of precision optical displacement sensors for the 3D measurement of complex surface profiles
Pages 2-11
Peter J. Boltryk, Martyn Hill, John W. McBride and Antony Nascč

Optical characterization of silicon rich oxide films
Pages 12-18
A. Morales-Sánchez, J. Barreto, C. Domínguez-Horna, M. Aceves-Mijares and J.A. Luna-López

A novel haptic platform for real time bilateral biomanipulation with a MEMS sensor for triaxial force feedback
Pages 19-27
Arne Sieber, Pietro Valdastri, Keith Houston, Clemens Eder, Oliver Tonet, Arianna Menciassi and Paolo Dario

Wireless real time compact radiation detector based on Bi2O3/Nb2O5 thick film capacitors
Pages 28-33
O. Korostynska, K. Arshak, D. Morris, E. Jafer and A. Arshak

The precision of gastric motility and volume sensing by implanted magnetic sensors
Pages 34-39
J. Tomek, P. Mlejnek, V. Janásek, P. Ripka, P. Kašpar and J. Chen

Design and development of batch fabricatable metal–insulator–metal diode and microstrip slot antenna as rectenna elements
Pages 40-47
S. Krishnan, H. La Rosa, E. Stefanakos, S. Bhansali and K. Buckle

Pressure sensor from a PVDF film
Pages 48-55
A.V. Shirinov and W.K. Schomburg

A model for the assessment of interfering processes in Faradic electrodes
Pages 56-60
Juan Soto, Roberto H. Labrador, M.D. Marcos, Ramón Martínez-Máńez, Carmen Coll, Eduardo García-Breijo and Luis Gil

Fabrication and characteristics of a PECVD SiC evanescent wave optical sensor
Pages 61-66
G. Pandraud, P.J. French and P.M. Sarro

Comparison of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) measurements with two novel sensors based on different sensing principles
Pages 67-72
Martin Mündlein, Bernhard Valentin, Rupert Chabicovsky, Johann Nicolics, Jerzy Weremczuk, Grzegorz Tarapata and Ryszard Jachowicz

Towards an optimal readout of a residence times difference (RTD) Fluxgate magnetometer
Pages 73-79
B. Andň, A. Ascia, S. Baglio, A.R. Bulsara, J.D. Neff and V. In

Self-sealed circular channels for micro-fluidics
Pages 80-87
Ajay Agarwal, Nagarajan Ranganathan, Wee-Liat Ong, Kum Cheong Tang and Levent Yobas

Application of optimal and robust design methods to a MEMS accelerometer
Pages 88-96
John K. Coultate, Colin H.J. Fox, Stewart McWilliam and Alan R. Malvern

Advanced application of the impedance spectrum of a lateral field excited sensor
Pages 97-103
U. Hempel, R. Lucklum, J.F. Vetelino and P. Hauptmann

Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography for technical materials investigation
Pages 104-110
Marcin R. Strąkowski, Jerzy Pluciński, Małgorzata Jędrzejewska-Szczerska, Ryszard Hypszer, Maciej Maciejewski and Bogdan B. Kosmowski

Reinforced piezoresistive pressure sensor for ocean depth measurements
Pages 111-117
Shyam Aravamudhan and Shekhar Bhansali

Pulse characteristics of silicon double barrier optical sensors with signal amplification
Pages 118-123
Oleksandr Malik, F. Javier De la Hidalga-W and Carlos Zúńiga-I

Ultrasound transducer for medical therapy
Pages 124-129
Irinela Chilibon

AeroMEMS polyimide based wall double hot-wire sensors for flow separation detection
Pages 130-137
Ulrich Buder, Ralf Petz, Moritz Kittel, Wolfgang Nitsche and Ernst Obermeier

Hybrid dielectrophoresis devices that employ electrically floating electrodes
Pages 138-146
Saar Golan, David Elata and Uri Dinnar

GaAs based micromachined thermal converter for gas sensors
Pages 147-152
T. Lalinský, M. Držík, J. Jakovenko, G. Vanko, Ž. Mozolová, Š. Haščík, J. Chlpík, I. Hotový, V. Řeháček, I. Kostič, L. Matay and M. Husák

Design and analysis of integrated flow sensors by means of a two-dimensional finite element model
Pages 153-159
P. Bruschi, A. Ciomei and M. Piotto

Acoustic Love wave platform with PDMS microfluidic chip
Pages 160-165
V. Raimbault, D. Rebičre, C. Dejous, M. Guirardel and V. Conedera

A MEMS friction vacuum gauge suitable for high temperature environment
Pages 166-172
D. Tenholte, S. Kurth, T. Geßner and W. Dötzel

Reprint of “Magnetogradient effect-based high-resolution integrated sensors”
Pages 173-177
Ch. Roumenin and S. Lozanova

HDL modeling of convective accelerometers for system design and optimization
Pages 178-184
O. Leman, F. Mailly, L. Latorre and P. Nouet

A SAW filter integrated on a silicon passive substrate used for system in package
Pages 185-191
V. Georgel, F. Verjus, E.C.E. van Grunsven, P. Poulichet, G. Lissorgues, C. Pellet, S. Chamaly and T. Bourouina

CMOS integrated tactile sensor array by porous Si bulk micromachining
Pages 192-195
Mária Ádám, Tibor Mohácsy, Péter Jónás, Csaba Dücső, Éva Vázsonyi and István Bársony

Digital output silicon optical sensors
Pages 196-202
Oleksandr Malik, F. Javier De la Hidalga-W and Carlos Zúńiga-I

Nonlinear behavior of SOI free-free micromechanical beam resonator
Pages 203-210
Moorthi Palaniapan and Lynn Khine

Design and fabrication steps for a MEMS-based infrared spectrometer using evanescent wave sensing
Pages 211-216
G. de Graaf, W. der Vlist and R.F. Wolffenbuttel


Interfaces Section

Yarn hairiness parameterization using a coherent signal processing technique
Pages 217-224
Vítor Carvalho, Paulo Cardoso, Michael Belsley, Rosa M. Vasconcelos and Filomena O. Soares

A novel method for estimating the angle from analog co-sinusoidal quadrature signals
Pages 225-231
Mohieddine Benammar, Lazhar Ben-brahim, Mohd. A. Alhamadi and Mohamed Al-Naemi


Materials and Technology Section

Extension of the 3ω method to measure the thermal conductivity of thin films without a reference sample
Pages 232-236
J. Alvarez-Quintana and J. Rodríguez-Viejo

A novel III–V semiconductor material for NO2 detection and monitoring
Pages 237-241
Katarzyna Wierzbowska, Luc Bideux, Boguslawa Adamowicz and Alain Pauly

Long-term creep behavior of SU-8 membranes: Application of the time–stress superposition principle to determine the master creep compliance curve
Pages 242-249
B. Schoeberle, M. Wendlandt and C. Hierold

Microstructure dependent switching properties of VO2 thin films
Pages 250-255
Jyrki Lappalainen, Santtu Heinilehto, Sami Saukko, Vilho Lantto and Heli Jantunen


Actuator Section

Performance characterization of a miniature spiral-channel viscous pump
Pages 256-262
A.T. Al-Halhouli, S. Demming, M. Feldmann, S. Büttgenbach, M.I. Kilani and A. Al-Salaymeh

Power MEMS—A capacitive vibration-to-electrical energy converter with built-in voltage
Pages 263-269
Ingo Kuehne, Alexander Frey, Djordje Marinkovic, Gerald Eckstein and Helmut Seidel

Cost-effective system for the characterization of microstructures vibrating in out-of-plane modes
Pages 270-275
M. Baů, V. Ferrari, D. Marioli and A. Taroni

Electrostatic force coupling of MEMS oscillators for spectral vibration measurements
Pages 276-283
Roman Forke, Dirk Scheibner, Jan E. Mehner, Thomas Gessner and Wolfram Dötzel

Reliability improvement of suspended platinum-based micro-heating elements
Pages 284-291
J. Courbat, D. Briand and N.F. de Rooij

A new approach for MEMS power generation based on a piezoelectric diaphragm
Pages 292-297
Ingo Kuehne, Djordje Marinkovic, Gerald Eckstein and Helmut Seidel

Improved thermal U-beam actuators for micro-assembly
Pages 298-305
Vincent A. Henneken, Marcel Tichem and Pasqualina M. Sarro

Modelling the dynamics of a MEMS resonator: Simulations and experiments
Pages 306-315
R.M.C. Mestrom, R.H.B. Fey, J.T.M. van Beek, K.L. Phan and H. Nijmeijer

Precision in-package positioning with a thermal inchworm
Pages 316-321
Weisong Wang, Svetlana Tatic-Lucic, Walter Brown, Jason Iceman, Seungmin Hyun and Richard Vinci

Localized-mass detection based on thin-film bulk acoustic wave resonators (FBAR): Area and mass location aspects
Pages 322-328
Humberto Campanella, Arantxa Uranga, Albert Romano-Rodríguez, Josep Montserrat, Gabriel Abadal, Nuria Barniol and Jaume Esteve

Piezoelectric multifrequency energy converter for power harvesting in autonomous microsystems
Pages 329-335
Marco Ferrari, Vittorio Ferrari, Michele Guizzetti, Daniele Marioli and Andrea Taroni


Micromechanics Section

MEMS-based VCSEL beam steering using replicated polymer diffractive lens
Pages 336-345
Karin Hedsten, Jonas Melin, Jörgen Bengtsson, Peter Modh, David Karlén, Björn Löfving, Richard Nilsson, Henrik Rödjegĺrd, Katrin Persson, Peter Enoksson, Fredrik Nikolajeff and Gert Andersson

GHz-range FSK-reception with microelectromechanical resonators
Pages 346-351
M. Koskenvuori and I. Tittonen


Systems/Applications Section

Smart sensor architecture for mobile-terminal-centric ambient intelligence
Pages 352-360
Iiro Jantunen, Hannu Laine, Pertti Huuskonen, Dirk Trossen and Vladimir Ermolov

A flexible system-on-chip (SoC) for biomedical signal acquisition and processing
Pages 361-368
N. Van Helleputte, J.M. Tomasik, W. Galjan, A. Mora-Sanchez, D. Schroeder, W.H. Krautschneider and R. Puers

An implantable ZigBee ready telemetric platform for in vivo monitoring of physiological parameters
Pages 369-378
Pietro Valdastri, Stefano Rossi, Arianna Menciassi, Vincenzo Lionetti, Fabio Bernini, Fabio A. Recchia and Paolo Dario

Energy managed reporting for wireless sensor networks
Pages 379-389
Geoff V. Merrett, Nick R. Harris, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi and Neil M. White

Modeling of wireless based sensors data acquisitions systems used for esophagus monitoring
Pages 390-397
Khalil Arshak and Essa Jafer


Technology Section

Direct media exposure of MEMS multi-sensor systems using a potted-tube packaging concept
Pages 398-404
Anders Hyldgĺrd, Karen Birkelund, Jakob Janting and Erik V. Thomsen

Fabrication of silicon based through-wafer interconnects for advanced chip scale packaging
Pages 405-412
Fan Ji, Seppo Leppävuori, Ismo Luusua, Kimmo Henttinen, Simo Eränen, Iiro Hietanen and Mikko Juntunen

Low-temperature plasma activated bonding for a variable optical attenuator
Pages 413-420
Kari Schjřlberg-Henriksen, Sigurd Moe, Maaike M. Visser Taklo, Preben Storĺs and Jon Herman Ulvensřen

Flip chip microassembly of a silicon triaxial force sensor on flexible substrates
Pages 421-428
Arne Sieber, Pietro Valdastri, Keith Houston, Arianna Menciassi and Paolo Dario

Simulation tool for proximity effects in high aspect ratio UV-lithographic patterning
Pages 429-433
U. Triltsch, M. Feldmann, C. Boese and S. Büttgenbach

Electromagnetic optimization of an RF-MEMS wafer-level package
Pages 434-441
J. Iannacci, M. Bartek, J. Tian, R. Gaddi and A. Gnudi

RF–MEMS wafer-level packaging using through-wafer interconnect
Pages 442-451
J. Tian, S. Sosin, J. Iannacci, R. Gaddi and M. Bartek






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