ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.142, Issue 2



The 6th European Magnetic Sensor and Actuator Conference, Bilbao, Spain, 3-5 July 2008,

Edited by Jose Manuel Barandiaran


Date: 10 April 2008


Physical Section
1. Applications of the bi-layer thin film sensor system for registering cardio-respiratory activity
Pages 455-458
G.S. Katranas, T. Meydan, T.A. Ovari and F. Borza
2. Trilayer GMI sensors based on fast stress-annealing of FeSiBCuNb ribbons
Pages 459-463
F. Alves, L. Abi Rached, J. Moutoussamy and C. Coillot
3. Magnetic structures for contactless temperature sensor
Pages 464-467
Diana Mavrudieva, Jean-Yves Voyant, Afef Kedous-Lebouc and Jean-Paul Yonnet
4. Magnetic field sensor based on asymmetric inverse Wiedemann effect
Pages 468-473
Luděk Kraus, Michal Malátek and Miroslav Dvořák
5. Magnetostrictive bilayer sensor system for testing of rotating microdevices
Pages 474-478
I. Giouroudi, J. Kosel, H. Pfützner and W. Brenner
6. Thermal stability of bi-layer thin film displacement sensors systems
Pages 479-484
G.S. Katranas, T. Meydan, T.A. Ovari and F. Borza
7. Low field magnetoimpedance in the GHz range
Pages 485-490
D. de Cos, G. Alvarez, A. García-Arribas, H. Montiel, J.M. Barandiaran, R. Zamorano and R. Valenzuela
8. Contactless flow detection with magnetostrictive bilayers
Pages 491-495
S. Traxler, J. Kosel, H. Pfützner, E. Kaniusas, L. Mehnen and I. Giouroudi
9. Wide-angle magnetoimpedance field sensor based on two crossed amorphous ribbons
Pages 496-502
Victor M. De La Prida, Héctor García-Miquel and Galina V. Kurlyandskaya
10. An ac/dc magnetometer for space missions: Improvement of a Hall sensor by the magnetic flux concentration of the magnetic core of a searchcoil
Pages 503-510
P. Leroy, C. Coillot, V. Mosser, A. Roux and G. Chanteur
11. Sensor system for early detection of heart valve bioprostheses failure
Pages 511-519
G. Rivero, J.M. García-Páez, L. Alvarez, M. Multigner, J. Valdés, I. Carabias, J. Spottorno and A. Hernando
12. Wireless magnetic motion capture system using multiple LC resonant magnetic markers with high accuracy
Pages 520-527
Shuichiro Hashi, Masaharu Toyoda, Shin Yabukami, Kazushi Ishiyama, Yasuo Okazaki, Ken Ichi Arai and Hiroyasu Kanetaka
13. Dynamic low-frequency noise cancellation in quantum well Hall sensors (QWHS)
Pages 528-532
Alexandre Kerlain and Vincent Mosser
Materials and Technology Section
14. Effect of the metal-to-wire ratio on the high-frequency magnetoimpedance of glass-coated CoFeBSi amorphous microwires
Pages 533-537
R. Valenzuela, A. Fessant, J. Gieraltowski and C. Tannous
15. High magnetostriction polymer-bonded Terfenol-D composites
Pages 538-541
Cristina Rodríguez, Ainara Barrio, Iñaki Orue, J.L. Vilas, L.M. León, Jose Manuel Barandiarán and M.L. Fdez-Gubieda Ruiz
16. Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys: Scientific and applied aspects
Pages 542-548
V.A. Chernenko and S. Besseghini
17. Magnetocaloric effect in (La0.55Bi0.15)Ca0.3MnO3 perovskites
Pages 549-553
Jon Gutiérrez, Jesús Rodríguez Fernández, Jose Manuel Barandiarán, Iñaki Orúe and Lara Righi
18. Thermal evolution of the ferromagnetic resonance in Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites for magneto-optical sensors
Pages 554-560
D. Ortega, J.S. Garitaonandía, C. Barrera-Solano and M. Domínguez
Micromechanics Section
19. A 3D micromechanical compass
Pages 561-568
Jukka Kyynäräinen, Jaakko Saarilahti, Hannu Kattelus, Anu Kärkkäinen, Tor Meinander, Aarne Oja, Panu Pekko, Heikki Seppä, Mika Suhonen, Heikki Kuisma, Sami Ruotsalainen and Markku Tilli
Systems/Applications Section
20. Analysis of twisting of search coil leads as a method reducing the influence of stray fields on accuracy of magnetic measurements
Pages 569-573
Stan Zurek, Turgut Meydan and Anthony J. Moses






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