ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.143, Issue 2



Date: 16 May 2008


Physical Section
Microcantilever hotplates with temperature-compensated piezoresistive strain sensors
Pages 181-190
Fabian Goericke, Jungchul Lee and William P. King
Nitride-based photodetectors with unactivated Mg-doped GaN cap layer
Pages 191-195
K.T. Lam, P.C. Chang, S.J. Chang, C.L. Yu, Y.C. Lin, Y.X. Sun and C.H. Chen
Characterization and fabrication of wireless flexible physiological monitor sensor
Pages 196-203
Wen-Yang Chang, Te-Hua Fang and Yu-Cheng Lin
Modeling of magnetomechanical effect behaviors in a giant magnetostrictive device under compressive stress
Pages 204-214
Jiaju Zheng, Shuying Cao and Hongli Wang
Remote sensing of a magnetic target utilizing population based incremental learning
Pages 215-223
Arie Sheinker, Nizan Salomonski, Boris Ginzburg, Lev Frumkis and Ben-Zion Kaplan
An optical MEMS pressure sensor based on a phase demodulation method
Pages 224-229
Yixian Ge, Ming Wang, Xuxing Chen and Hua Rong
Development of a novel GaAs micromachined accelerometer based on resonant tunneling diodes
Pages 230-236
Bo Li, Wendong Zhang, Bin Xie, Chenyang Xue and Jijun Xiong
Racetrack fluxgate sensor core demagnetization factor
Pages 237-244
J. Kubík and P. Ripka
Synthesis and humidity sensing properties of feather-like ZnO nanostructures with macroscale in shape
Pages 245-250
Ning Zhang, Ke Yu, Ziqiang Zhu and Desheng Jiang
Overhead line wooden pole condition sensing by acoustic method
Pages 251-255
K.M. Tsang and W.L. Chan
Power compensated thin film calorimetry at fast heating rates
Pages 256-264
A.F. Lopeandia, J. Valenzuela and J. Rodríguez-Viejo
Optimal design of an ultrasonic low-noise chain of reception
Pages 265-271
Frédéric Coutard, Etienne Tisserand and Patrick Schweitzer
Flexible displacement sensor using injected conductive paste
Pages 272-278
Kenji Kure, Takefumi Kanda, Koichi Suzumori and Shuichi Wakimoto
Development of LC resonator for label-free biomolecule detection
Pages 279-285
Young-Il Kim, Yunkwon Park and Hong Koo Baik
Measurement accuracy of lateral-effect position-sensitive devices in presence of stray illumination noise
Pages 286-292
S. Iqbal, M.M.S. Gualini and A. Asundi
Modeling of a clamped–clamped beam vibrating in a fluid for viscosity and density sensing regarding compressibility
Pages 293-301
Bernhard Weiss, Erwin K. Reichel and Bernhard Jakoby
New Synchronized Switch Damping methods using dual transformations
Pages 302-314
Mickaël Lallart, Christophe Magnet, Claude Richard, Élie Lefeuvre, Lionel Petit, Daniel Guyomar and Frédéric Bouillault
 Interfaces Section
Direct interface circuit for capacitive humidity sensors
Pages 315-322
Ferran Reverter and Òscar Casas
Materials and Technology section
Low temperature epoxy bonding for wafer level MEMS packaging
Pages 323-328
Yong-Kook Kim, Eun-Kyung Kim, Soo-Won Kim and Byeong-Kwon Ju
Structural and functional properties of screen-printed PZT–PVDF-TrFE composites
Pages 329-334
Matthias Dietze and Mohammed Es-Souni
 Actuator Section
A compact electroactive polymer actuator suitable for refreshable Braille display
Pages 335-342
Kailiang Ren, Sheng Liu, Minren Lin, Yong Wang and Q.M. Zhang
A self-sensing dielectric elastomer actuator
Pages 343-351
Kwangmok Jung, Kwang J. Kim and Hyouk Ryeol Choi
Design, modeling and testing of a unidirectional MEMS ring thermal actuator
Pages 352-359
Peng Yang, Mathew Stevenson, Yongjun Lai, Chris Mechefske, Marek Kujath and Ted Hubbard
Modeling, fabrication and performance test of an electro-thermal microactuator
Pages 360-369
Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Chi-Kang Chan, Tsung-Chieh Cheng, Che-Wei Hsu and Guang-Jer Lai
A neural networks based model for rate-dependent hysteresis for piezoceramic actuators
Pages 370-376
Ruili Dong, Yonghong Tan, Hui Chen and Yangqiu Xie
Self-powered circuit for broadband, multimodal piezoelectric vibration control
Pages 377-382
Mickaël Lallart, Élie Lefeuvre, Claude Richard and Daniel Guyomar
Levitation compensation method for dynamic electrostatic comb-drive actuators
Pages 383-389
S.J. Timpe, D.A. Hook, M.T. Dugger and K. Komvopoulos
Micromechanics Section
Multi-directional micro-switching valve chip with rotary mechanism
Pages 390-398
Tadahiro Hasegawa, Kenichiro Nakashima, Fumiyuki Omatsu and Koji Ikuta
Simulated and experimental dynamic response characterization of an electromagnetic microvalve
Pages 399-408
Rajesh Luharuka, Saniya LeBlanc, Jemmy S. Bintoro, Yves H. Berthelot and Peter J. Hesketh
The residual stress-induced buckling of annular thin plates and its application in residual stress measurement of thin films
Pages 409-414
Da-Yong Qiao, Wei-Zheng Yuan, Yi-Ting Yu, Qing Liang, Zhi-Bo Ma and Xiao-Ying Li
Boundary characterization of MEMS structures through electro-mechanical testing
Pages 415-422
G. Rinaldi, M. Packirisamy and I. Stiharu
Systems/Applications Section
Flexible polymeric dry electrodes for the long-term monitoring of ECG
Pages 423-429
Ju-Yeoul Baek, Jin-Hee An, Jong-Min Choi, Kwang-Suk Park and Sang-Hoon Lee
Development of a new instrument for examination of stiffness in the breast using haptic sensor technology
Pages 430-438
Yoshinobu Murayama, Mineyuki Haruta, Yuichi Hatakeyama, Takayuki Shiina, Hiroshi Sakuma, Seichi Takenoshita, Sadao Omata and Christos E. Constantinou
Image processing method for eyes location based on segmentation texture
Pages 439-451
Fei Ni, Zhuang Fu, QiXin Cao and YanZheng Zhao
Technology Section
Tuning of resist slope with hard-baking parameters and release methods of extra hard photoresist for RF MEMS switches
Pages 452-461
Shimul Chandra Saha, Håkon Sagberg, Erik Poppe, Geir Uri Jensen, Tor A. Fjeldly and Trond Sæther
Yield improvement for anodic bonding with suspending structure
Pages 462-468
Hongbin Yu, Guangya Zhou and Fook Siong Chau
A micrometer scale and low temperature PZT thick film MEMS process utilizing an aerosol deposition method
Pages 469-474
Xuan-Yu Wang, Chi-Yuan Lee, Cheng-Jien Peng, Pei-Yen Chen and Pei-Zen Chang







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