ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.144, Issue 1



Date: 28 May 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. High-speed gas concentration measurement using ultrasound
Pages 1-6
H. Toda and T. Kobayakawa
3. Optimization and characterization of a ZnO biosensor array
Pages 7-12
Anthony Dickherber, Christopher D. Corso and William D. Hunt
Physical Section
4. A mid-infrared optical fibre sensor for the detection of carbon monoxide exhaust emissions
Pages 13-17
Jim Mulrooney, John Clifford, Colin Fitzpatrick, Paul Chambers and Elfed Lewis
5. A biocompatible Parylene thermal flow sensing array
Pages 18-28
Ellis Meng, Po-Ying Li and Yu-Chong Tai
6. Development of high-accuracy image centroiding algorithm for CMOS-based digital sun sensors
Pages 29-37
Young-Keun Chang and Byung-Hoon Lee
7. A wireless biosensor using microfabricated phage-interfaced magnetoelastic particles
Pages 38-47
Michael L. Johnson, Jiehui Wan, Shichu Huang, Zhongyang Cheng, Valery A. Petrenko, Dong-Joo Kim, I.-Hsuan Chen, James M. Barbaree, Jong Wook Hong and Bryan A. Chin
8. Microwave nondestructive evaluation of dielectric materials with a metamaterial lens
Pages 48-55
D. Shreiber, M. Gupta and R. Cravey
9. Dynamics and control of a MEMS angle measuring gyroscope
Pages 56-63
Sungsu Park, Roberto Horowitz and Chin-Woo Tan
10. Optical low-coherence reflectometry for a distributed sensor array of fiber Bragg gratings
Pages 64-68
Weisheng Liu, Zu-Guang Guan, Guorong Liu, Chunsheng Yan and Sailing He
11. Top-gate ZnO thin-film transistors with a polymer dielectric designed for ultraviolet optical gating
Pages 69-73
Kimoon Lee, Jeong-M. Choi, D.K. Hwang, Min Suk Oh, J.K. Kim, Y. Jung, K. Oh and Seongil Im
12. Characterization of miniaturized one-side-electrode-type fluid-based inclinometer
Pages 74-82
Asrulnizam Bin Abd Manaf, Kazumasa Nakamura and Yoshinori Matsumoto
13. Simultaneous measurement of temperature and strain with long period grating pairs using low resolution detection
Pages 83-89
Samer K. Abi Kaed Bey, Tong Sun and Kenneth T.V. Grattan
14. Piezoelectric properties of vinylidene fluoride oligomer for use in medical tactile sensor applications
Pages 90-96
Kazuto Takashima, Satoshi Horie, Toshiharu Mukai, Kenji Ishida and Kazumi Matsushige
15. Evaluation of tile–wall bonding integrity based on impact acoustics and support vector machine
Pages 97-104
F. Tong, X.M. XU, B.L. Luk and K.P. Liu
Materials and Technology Section
16. Effect of magnesium doping on the structural and piezoelectric properties of sputtered ZnO thin film
Pages 105-108
Walter Water, Yin-Shiang Yan and Teen-Hang Meen
17. An advanced reactive ion etching process for very high aspect-ratio sub-micron wide trenches in silicon
Pages 109-116
Reza Abdolvand and Farrokh Ayazi
18. Fabrication and characterization of low temperature sintering PMN–PZN–PZT step-down multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Pages 117-123
Xiaolian Chao, Zupei Yang, Gang Li and Yaoqiang Cheng
19. The influence of surface profiles on leakage in room temperature seal-bonding
Pages 124-129
Hironao Okada, Toshihiro Itoh and Tadatomo Suga
Actuator Section
20. A simple technique for automated performance testing of piezoelectric micro-motors by transient motion analysis
Pages 130-134
P.J. Rayner, S.A. Wilson, R.W. Whatmore and M.G. Cain
21. Design and fabrication of medical micro-nebulizer
Pages 135-143
Sheng-Chih Shen, Yu-Jen Wang and Yung-Yue Chen
22. Application of low temperature co-fire ceramics on in-plane micro-generator
Pages 144-153
C.T. Pan and Y.J. Chen
23. The gas flow rate increase obtained by an oscillating piezoelectric actuator on a micronozzle
Pages 154-160
R.S. Wiederkehr, M.C. Salvadori, J. Brugger, F.T. Degasperi and M. Cattani
24. Design of a magnetostrictive (MS) actuator
Pages 161-175
A. Grunwald and A.G. Olabi
25. Feedback control of tri-layer polymer actuators to improve their positioning ability and speed of response
Pages 176-184
Qingyu Yao, Gursel Alici and Geoffrey M. Spinks
26. Mechanical characterization of a dielectric elastomer microactuator with ion-implanted electrodes
Pages 185-193
S. Rosset, M. Niklaus, P. Dubois and H.R. Shea
Micromechanics Section
27. Nonlinear oscillations of piezoelectric microresonators with curved cross-sections
Pages 194-200
H. Li, B. Piekarski, D.L. DeVoe and B. Balachandran
28. Performance of thin film silicon MEMS on flexible plastic substrates
Pages 201-206
S.B. Patil, V. Chu and J.P. Conde
29. A distributed MEMS phase shifter on a low-resistivity silicon substrate
Pages 207-212
Jianqun Wang, Thermpon Ativanichayaphong, Wen-Ding Huang, Ying Cai, Alan Davis, Mu Chiao and J.-C. Chiao
30. Development and experimental characterization of micromachined electromagnetic probes for biological manipulation and stimulation applications
Pages 213-221
Murat K. Yapici, Ali E. Ozmetin, Jun Zou and Donald G. Naugle
Systems/Applications Section
31. Data fusion for defect characterisation using a dual probe system
Pages 222-228
R.S. Edwards, A. Sophian, S. Dixon and G.Y. Tian
32. Corrigendum to “Development of a miniaturised hydraulic actuation system for artificial hands” [Sens. Actuators A 141 (2007) 548–557]
Page 229
A. Kargov, T. Werner, C. Pylatiuk and S. Schulz








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