ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.144, Issue 2



Date: 15 June 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. Integrated IPMC/PVDF sensory actuator and its validation in feedback control
Pages 231-241
Zheng Chen, Ki-Yong Kwon and Xiaobo Tan
Physical Section
3. A bio-inspired device to detect equilibrium variations using IPMCs and ferrofluids
Pages 242-250
B. Andò, C. Bonomo, L. Fortuna, P. Giannone, S. Graziani, L. Sparti and S. Strazzeri
4. Design and analysis of an orientation estimation system using coplanar gyro-free inertial measurement unit and magnetic sensors
Pages 251-262
C.F. Kao and T.L. Chen
5. Angular magnetic field sensor for automotive applications based on magnetic tunnel junctions using a current loop layout configuration
Pages 263-266
G. Malinowski, M. Hehn, F. Montaigne, A. Schuhl, C. Duret, R. Nantua and G. Chaumontet
6. Diagnostic of silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors by low frequency noise measurements
Pages 267-274
Milan M. Jevtić and Miloljub A. Smiljanić
7. First human trials of a dry electrophysiology sensor using a carbon nanotube array interface
Pages 275-279
G. Ruffini, S. Dunne, L. Fuentemilla, C. Grau, E. Farrés, J. Marco-Pallarés, P.C.P. Watts and S.R.P. Silva
8. Fibre-optic sensor technologies for humidity and moisture measurement
Pages 280-295
T.L. Yeo, T. Sun and K.T.V. Grattan
Interfaces Section
9. A MEM-varactor tuned, 7.8 GHz differential LC voltage-controlled oscillator
Pages 296-303
Emre Heves, Ibrahim Tekin and Yasar Gurbuz
10. A Core-CBCM sigma delta capacitive sensor array dedicated to lab-on-chip applications
Pages 304-313
Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh and Mohamad Sawan
Actuator Section
11. Monolithic fabrication of multilayer P(VDF-TrFE) cantilevers
Pages 314-320
N. Snis, E. Edqvist, U. Simu and S. Johansson
12. Development of serial-connection piezoelectric pumps
Pages 321-327
Junwu Kan, Kehong Tang, Guojun Liu, Guoren Zhu and Chenghui Shao
13. Method for the estimation of the total displacement of ferroelectric actuators under mixed thermal and electrical loading
Pages 328-336
Hans Kungl and Michael J. Hoffmann
14. Multilayered LiNbO3 actuator for XY-stage using a shear piezoelectric effect
Pages 337-340
Go Matsunami, Akito Kawamata, Hiroshi Hosaka and Takeshi Morita
15. Contoured thermal V-beam actuator with improved temperature uniformity
Pages 341-347
Wouter P. Sassen, Vincent A. Henneken, Marcel Tichem and Pasqualina M. Sarro
16. Integration of micro artificial muscle cells using electro-conjugate fluid
Pages 348-353
Kenjiro Takemura, Fumiya Yajima, Shinichi Yokota and Kazuya Edamura
17. A micro-robot fish with embedded SMA wire actuated flexible biomimetic fin
Pages 354-360
Zhenlong Wang, Guanrong Hang, Jian Li, Yangwei Wang and Kai Xiao
18. Test of B/Ti multilayer reactive igniters for a micro solid rocket array thruster
Pages 361-366
Shuji Tanaka, Kazuyuki Kondo, Hiroto Habu, Akihito Itoh, Masashi Watanabe, Keiichi Hori and Masayoshi Esashi
MicroMechanics Section
19. Piezoelectric microphone built on circular diaphragm
Pages 367-373
Woon Seob Lee and Seung S. Lee
20. Dual-mode temperature compensation for a comb-driven MEMS resonant strain gauge
Pages 374-380
Robert G. Azevedo, Wayne Huang, Oliver M. O’Reilly and Albert P. Pisano
21. Photolithography system with liquid crystal display as active gray-tone mask for 3D structuring of photoresist
Pages 381-388
Terutake Hayashi, Takayuki Shibata, Takahiro Kawashima, Eiji Makino, Takashi Mineta and Toru Masuzawa
Systems/Applications Section
22. Simple, effective and high sensitivity transducer for force measurement of myofibrils
Pages 389-393
Kien Nguyen Phan and Takakazu Kobayashi
23. A distributed sensor network for measurement of human thermal comfort feelings
Pages 394-402
Wai Leung Tse and Wai Lok Chan
Technology Section
24. Reduction of surface roughness of a silicon chip for advanced nanocalorimetry
Pages 403-409
Luigi La Spina, Denis Ovchinnikov, Wim H.A. Wien, Alexander W. van Herwaarden, Egbert J.G. Goudena, Joachim Loos and Lis K. Nanver
25. Corrigendum to “A simple method for calculation of the pull-in voltage and touch-point pressure for the small deflection of square diaphragm in MEMS”
Page 410
Anurekha Sharma and P.J. George








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