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Special Issue: Transducers/07 Eurosensors XXI, The 14th International Conference on Solid State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems and the 21st European Conference on Solid-State Transducers, 10-14 June 2007, Edited by Paddy French


Date: July-August 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Editorial message for the special issue on selected papers from Transducers’07 & Eurosensors XXI
Page 1
Robert Puers and Gilles Delapierre
Physical Section
3. A silicon carbide capacitive pressure sensor for in-cylinder pressure measurement
Pages 2-8
Li Chen and Mehran Mehregany
4. Embedded MEMS-based concentration sensor for fuel cell and biofuel applications
Pages 9-13
D. Sparks, K. Kawaguchi, M. Yasuda, D. Riley, V. Cruz, N. Tran, A. Chimbayo and N. Najafi
5. Tuning the sensing range and sensitivity of three axes tactile sensors using the polymer composite membrane
Pages 14-22
Chih-Chieh Wen and Weileun Fang
6. Characterization of a novel micromachined gyroscope under varying ambient pressure conditions
Pages 52-58
A. Kulygin, U. Schmid and H. Seidel
7. Wearable pupil position detection system utilizing dye-sensitized photovoltaic devices
Pages 103-108
T. Shigeoka, T. Ninomiya, T. Muro and N. Miki
8. A novel method of fabricating convoluted shaped electrode arrays for neural and retinal prostheses
Pages 123-130
R. Bhandari, S. Negi, L. Rieth, R.A. Normann and F. Solzbacher
9. Polymer microoptoelectromechanical systems: Accelerometers and variable optical attenuators
Pages 147-153
V.J. Cadarso, A. Llobera, G. Villanueva, V. Seidemann, S. Büttgenbach and J.A. Plaza
10. An implantable and fully integrated complementary metal–oxide semiconductor device for in vivo neural imaging and electrical interfacing with the mouse hippocampus
Pages 176-186
David C. Ng, Hideki Tamura, Taro Mizuno, Takashi Tokuda, Masahiro Nunoshita, Yasuyuki Ishikawa, Sadao Shiosaka and Jun Ohta
11. Silicon nanowire sensor array using top–down CMOS technology
Pages 207-213
Ajay Agarwal, K. Buddharaju, I.K. Lao, N. Singh, N. Balasubramanian and D.L. Kwong
12. Biocompatible flow sensor with integrated solvent concentration measurement
Pages 257-262
T. Velten, T. Knoll, W. Haberer, T. Koch and O. Scholz
13. High sensitivity ultrasonic sensor for hydrophone applications, using an epitaxial Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 film grown on SrRuO3/Pt/γ-Al2O3/Si
Pages 278-282
M. Ito, N. Okada, M. Takabe, M. Otonari, D. Akai, K. Sawada and M. Ishida
Materials and Technology Section
14. A reusable high aspect ratio parylene-C shadow mask technology for diverse micropatterning applications
Pages 306-315
S. Selvarasah, S.H. Chao, C.-L. Chen, S. Sridhar, A. Busnaina, A. Khademhosseini and M.R. Dokmeci
15. Cathodic corrosion of polycrystalline silicon MEMS
Pages 323-329
Melitta Hon, Frank W. DelRio, John T. White, Martin Kendig, Carlo Carraro and Roya Maboudian
16. A novel RF induced power supply system for monolithically integrated ubiquitous micro sensor nodes
Pages 343-348
Minoru Sudou, Hidekuni Takao, Kazuaki Sawada and Makoto Ishida
17. Characterization of a microfluidic magnetic bead separator for high-throughput applications
Pages 430-436
Minqiang Bu, Troels B. Christensen, Kristian Smistrup, Anders Wolff and Mikkel F. Hansen
18. Application of vertical microreactor stack with polystylene microbeads to immunoassay
Pages 449-455
Yoshiaki Ukita, Toshifumi Asano, Kuniyo Fujiwara, Katsuhiro Matsui, Masahiro Takeo, Seiji Negoro, Tomohiko Kanie, Makoto Katayama and Yuichi Utsumi
19. Laser microfabrication of long thin holes on biodegradable polymer in vacuum for preventing clogginess and its application to blood collection
Pages 464-472
Seiji Aoyagi, Hayato Izumi, Sumio Nakahara, Mitsukazu Ochi and Hiroshi Ogawa
20. Characterisation of magnetic wires for fluxgate cores
Pages 23-28
P. Ripka, M. Butta, M. Malatek, S. Atalay and F.E. Atalay
21. Resonance impedance sensing of human blood cells
Pages 29-36
Siyang Zheng, Mandheerej S. Nandra, Chi-Yuan Shih, Wei Li and Yu-Chong Tai
22. Temperature-dependent thermomechanical noise spectra of doped silicon microcantilevers
Pages 37-43
Jungchul Lee, Fabian Goericke and William P. King
23. Novel magnetic–acoustic resonator sensors for remote liquid phase measurement and mass detection
Pages 44-51
F. Lucklum and B. Jakoby
24. Via-in-pixel design of truly 2D extendable photodiode detector for medical CT imaging
Pages 59-65
Fan Ji, Juha Kalliopuska, Simo Eränen, Mikko Juntunen, Iiro Hietanen and Seppo Leppävuori
25. Monolithic integration of micro-channel on disposable flow sensors for medical applications
Pages 66-74
S. Billat, K. Kliche, R. Gronmaier, P. Nommensen, J. Auber, F. Hedrich and R. Zengerle
26. On-chip array of thermoelectric Peltier microcoolers
Pages 75-80
L.M. Goncalves, J.G. Rocha, C. Couto, P. Alpuim and J.H. Correia
27. A low-cost and highly integrated fiber optical pressure sensor system
Pages 81-86
F. Ceyssens, M. Driesen, K. Wouters, R. Puers and K.U. Leuven
28. Microfabricated VHF acoustic crystals and waveguides
Pages 87-93
Roy H. Olsson III, Ihab F. El-Kady, Mehmet F. Su, Melanie R. Tuck and James G. Fleming
29. Development of a capacitive ultrasonic sensor having parylene diaphragm and characterization of receiving performance of arrayed device
Pages 94-102
Seiji Aoyagi, Katsuhide Furukawa, Daisuke Ono, Kaoru Ymashita, Tsunehisa Tanaka, Koji Inoue and Masanori Okuyama
30. A novel elastomer-based magnetoresistive accelerometer
Pages 109-115
K.L. Phan, A. Mauritz and F.G.A. Homburg
31. A hybrid-assembled MEMS Fabry-Pérot wavelength tunable filter
Pages 116-122
Toshio Yamanoi, Takashi Endo and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi
32. Dual-harmonic oscillator for quartz crystal resonator sensors
Pages 131-138
M. Ferrari, V. Ferrari and K.K. Kanazawa
33. Robust, susceptibility-matched NMR probes for compensation of magnetic field imperfections in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Pages 139-146
P. Sipilä, D. Lange, S. Lechner, W. Löw, P. Gross, M. Baller, G. Wachutka and F. Wiesinger
34. Automatic inductance compensation for class E driven flexible coils
Pages 154-160
Bert Lenaerts and Robert Puers
35. Horizontal HALL devices: A lumped-circuit model for EDA simulators
Pages 161-175
P.D. Dimitropoulos, P.M. Drljaca, R.S. Popovic and P. Chatzinikolaou
36. Scanning electron microscopy for vacuum quality factor measurement of small-size MEMS resonators
Pages 187-193
J.P. Gilles, S. Megherbi, G. Raynaud, F. Parrain, H. Mathias, X. Leroux and A. Bosseboeuf
37. An integrated electronic meniscus sensor for measurement of evaporative flow
Pages 194-200
D. Gazzola, B. Iafelice, E. Jung, E. Franchi Scarselli and R. Guerrieri
38. Micromachined X-ray collector for space astronomy
Pages 201-206
Yuichiro Ezoe, Masaki Koshiishi, Makoto Mita, Yoshitomo Maeda, Kazuhisa Mitsuda, Takeyuki Osawa, Masaki Suzuki, Akio Hoshino, Yoshitaka Ishisaki, Takayuki Takano and Ryutaro Maeda
39. A passive gap-spacing control scheme for in-plane nano-precision sensing and positioning applications
Pages 214-223
Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Patrick B. Chu, Earl C. Johns, Yongjun Zhao and Xiaoping Yan
40. Modeling and simulation of a condenser microphone
Pages 224-230
Jen-Yi Chen, Yu-Chun Hsu, Shu-Sheng Lee, Tamal Mukherjee and Gary K. Fedder
41. Development of double-cantilever infrared detectors: Fabrication, curvature control and demonstration of thermal detection
Pages 231-240
Shusen Huang, Hu Tao, I-Kuan Lin and Xin Zhang
42. Performances of a high sensitive trilayer F/Cu/F GMI sensor
Pages 241-244
F. Alves, J. Moutoussamy, C. Coillot, L. Abi Rached and B. Kaviraj
43. Fabrication and characterization of a force coupled sensor–actuator system for adjustable resonant low frequency vibration detection
Pages 245-256
Roman Forke, Dirk Scheibner, Karla Hiller, Thomas Gessner, Wolfram Dötzel and Jan Mehner
44. Automated extraction of multi-energy domain reduced-order models demonstrated on capacitive MEMS microphones
Pages 263-270
W. Bedyk, M. Niessner, G. Schrag, G. Wachutka, B. Margesin and A. Faes
45. Microfluxgate sensors for high frequency and low power applications
Pages 271-277
E. Delevoye, M. Audoin, M. Beranger, R. Cuchet, R. Hida and T. Jager
46. In-plane MEMS-based nano-g accelerometer with sub-wavelength optical resonant sensor
Pages 283-290
U. Krishnamoorthy, R.H. Olsson III, G.R. Bogart, M.S. Baker, D.W. Carr, T.P. Swiler and P.J. Clews
Interfaces Section
47. Novel ultrasound read-out for a wireless implantable passive strain sensor (WIPSS)
Pages 291-298
F. Gattiker, F. Umbrecht, J. Neuenschwander, U. Sennhauser and C. Hierold
48. Microgyroscope control system using a high-order band-pass continuous-time sigma-delta modulator
Pages 299-305
Y. Dong, M. Kraft, N. Hedenstierna and W. Redman-White
49. Thin film encapsulation technology for harms using sacrificial CF-polymer
Pages 316-322
D. Reuter, A. Bertz, M. Nowack and T. Gessner
50. Electrical and electromechanical characteristics of self-assembled carbon nanotube thin films on flexible substrates
Pages 330-335
Wei Xue and Tianhong Cui
Actuator Section
51. Design, fabrication and test of integrated micro-scale vibration-based electromagnetic generator
Pages 336-342
Santosh Kulkarni, Elena Koukharenko, Russell Torah, John Tudor, Steve Beeby, Terence O’Donnell and Saibal Roy
52. A vibrating membrane rheometer utilizing electromagnetic excitation
Pages 349-353
Erwin K. Reichel, Christian Riesch, Bernhard Weiss and Bernhard Jakoby
53. Design and fabrication of MEMS-based monolithic fuel cells
Pages 354-362
Nariaki Kuriyama, Tadahiro Kubota, Daisuke Okamura, Toshifumi Suzuki and Jun Sasahara
54. Integrated power harvesting system including a MEMS generator and a power management circuit
Pages 363-370
Marcin Marzencki, Yasser Ammar and Skandar Basrour
55. A large vertical displacement electrothermal bimorph microactuator with very small lateral shift
Pages 371-379
Lei Wu and Huikai Xie
56. Fabrication, modelling and characterization of MEMS piezoelectric vibration harvesters
Pages 380-386
M. Renaud, K. Karakaya, T. Sterken, P. Fiorini, C. Van Hoof and R. Puers
57. Explosive micro-bubble actuator
Pages 387-393
D.M. van den Broek and M. Elwenspoek
58. Inductance calculation of planar multi-layer and multi-wire coils: An analytical approach
Pages 394-404
Christian Peters and Yiannos Manoli
59. An electromagnetic micro power generator for wideband environmental vibrations
Pages 405-413
Ibrahim Sari, Tuna Balkan and Haluk Kulah
60. An implantable active microport based on a self-priming high-performance two-stage micropump
Pages 414-422
A. Geipel, F. Goldschmidtböing, A. Doll, P. Jantscheff, N. Esser, U. Massing and P. Woias
61. Design and fabrication of MEMS thermoelectric generators with high temperature efficiency
Pages 423-429
Till Huesgen, Peter Woias and Norbert Kockmann
62. High-frequency surface acoustic wave atomizer
Pages 437-441
Jungmyoung Ju, Yutaka Yamagata, Hitoshi Ohmori and Toshiro Higuchi
63. Electrostatically actuated nonconductive polymer microresonators in gaseous and aqueous environment
Pages 442-448
S. Schmid, P. Senn and C. Hierold
Technology Section
64. Novel monocrystalline silicon micromirrors for maskless lithography
Pages 456-463
M. Bring and P. Enoksson











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