ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.147/1



Date: 15 September 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. GaN UV MSM photodetector on porous β-SiC/(1 1 1)Si substrates
Pages 1-5
Shiuan-Ho Chang, Yean-Kuen Fang, Kai-Chun Hsu and Tzu-Chieh Wei
3. An efficient approach of handling and deposition of micro and nano entities using sensorized microfluidic end-effector system
Pages 6-16
Uchechukwu C. Wejinya, Yantao Shen, Ning Xi, King Wai Chiu Lai and Jiangbo Zhang
Physical Section
4. Investigation of conductivity and piezoresistance of n-type silicon on basis of quantum kinetic equation and model distribution function
Pages 17-33
I.I. Boiko and S.I. Kozlovskiy
5. Improvements of nonlinear dynamic modeling of hot-film MAF sensor
Pages 34-40
Ke-Jun Xu, Jin Zhang, Xiao-Fen Wang, Qin Teng, Jian Tan and Yuan-Yuan Zhang
6. First Vertical Hall Device in standard 0.35 μm CMOS technology
Pages 41-46
Joris Pascal, Luc Hébrard, Jean-Baptiste Kammerer, Vincent Frick and Jean-Philippe Blondé
7. Micromachined plastic W-band bandpass filters
Pages 47-51
Firas Sammoura, Yiin-Kuen Fuh and Liwei Lin
8. Direction finding of moving ferromagnetic objects inside water by magnetic anomaly
Pages 52-59
Yavuz Ege, Osman Kalender and Sedat Nazlibilek
9. A low cost n-SiCN/p-SiCN homojunction for high temperature and high gain ultraviolet detecting applications
Pages 60-63
Tse-Heng Chou, Yean-Kuen Fang, Yen-Ting Chiang, Cheng-I Lin and Che-Yun Yang
10. Phase change and cooling characteristics of microjets measured using microcantilever heaters
Pages 64-69
Jungchul Lee, Hanif Hunter, Ari Glezer and William P. King
11. Design and fabrication of a new miniaturized capacitive accelerometer
Pages 70-74
Liu Shuangfeng, Ma Tiehua and Hou Wen
12. Studies and optimization of the frequency response of a micromachined thermal accelerometer
Pages 75-82
J. Courteaud, N. Crespy, P. Combette, B. Sorli and A. Giani
13. Laser-machined shape memory alloy sensors for position feedback in active catheters
Pages 83-92
Alexander T. Tung, Byong-Ho Park, David H. Liang and Günter Niemeyer
14. Semi-ellipsoid microlens simulation and fabrication for enhancing optical fiber coupling efficiency
Pages 93-98
Jr-Yun Hu, Che-Ping Lin, Shih-Yu Hung, Hsiharng Yang and Ching-Kong Chao
15. Investigation on the structural and spectral characteristics of deposited FBG stacks at elevated temperature
Pages 99-103
Jianwei Shen and Yonghang Shen
16. Analysis of interface states of metal–insulator–semiconductor photodiode with n-type silicon by conductance technique
Pages 104-109
Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu
17. A new contactless trackball design using Hall effect sensors
Pages 110-114
Arfan Ali and David K. Potter
18. Comparative study on TeO2 and TeO3 thin film for γ-ray sensor application
Pages 115-120
Namrata Dewan, K. Sreenivas and Vinay Gupta
19. Elastic bar transfer functions determination using one-point strain measurements
Pages 121-126
Zdzisław Kaczmarek
20. Compensation of hysteresis in magnetic field sensors employing Fiber Bragg Grating and magneto-elastic materials
Pages 127-136
D. Davino, C. Visone, C. Ambrosino, S. Campopiano, A. Cusano and A. Cutolo
21. Theoretical analysis of TM nonlinear asymmetrical waveguide optical sensors
Pages 137-141
Sofyan A. Taya, Mohammed M. Shabat, Hala M. Khalil and Dieter S. Jäger
22. Symmetric air-spaced cantilevers for strain sensing
Pages 142-149
Qinglong Zheng, Zhuo Wang and Yong Xu
23. Fibre Bragg gratings in structural health monitoring—Present status and applications
Pages 150-164
Mousumi Majumder, Tarun Kumar Gangopadhyay, Ashim Kumar Chakraborty, Kamal Dasgupta and D.K. Bhattacharya
24. The effect of γ-sterilization on the pH-ChemFET behaviour
Pages 165-168
I. Humenyuk, P. Temple-Boyer and G. Sarrabayrouse
25. Simultaneous measurement of temperature and force based on a special-strain-function-chirped FBG
Pages 169-172
Bo Dong, Qida Zhao, Luming Zhao, Long Jin, Yinping Miao, Tongqing Liao and Xiangye Zeng
26. Fabrication of micro sensors on a flexible substrate
Pages 173-176
Chi-Yuan Lee, Guan-Wei Wu and Wei-Jung Hsieh
27. Feasibility study of the application of optical voltage and current sensors and an arrayed waveguide grating for aero-electrical systems
Pages 177-182
G. Fusiek, P. Niewczas and J.R. McDonald
Interfaces Section
28. Interface and control electronics for a bulk micromachined capacitive gyroscope
Pages 183-193
Mikko Saukoski, Lasse Aaltonen, Teemu Salo and Kari A.I. Halonen
29. Strain self-sensing of a piezoelectric material using phase delay compensation
Pages 194-202
Yoonsu Nam, Jongsoo Park, Haegyoon Park and Minoru Sasaki
30. Using electric actuation and detection of oscillations in microcantilevers for pressure measurements
Pages 203-209
Gayatri Keskar, Bevan Elliott, Jay Gaillard, Malcolm J. Skove and Apparao M. Rao
31. Direct interface circuit to linearise resistive sensor bridges
Pages 210-215
Ernesto Sifuentes, Oscar Casas, Ferran Reverter and Ramon Pallàs-Areny
32. A smart node architecture for adding mobility to wireless sensor networks
Pages 216-221
Guangming Song, Yaoxin Zhou, Zhigang Wei and Aiguo Song
33. Dual track architecture and time synchronous scheme for wavelet reconstruction processor using SAW device based on MSC
Pages 222-228
Changbao Wen, Changchun Zhu, Yongfeng Ju, Yanzhang Qiu, Hongke Xu, Wenke Lu, Xiaodong Hu, Yuan Wu and Junhua Liu
Materials and Technology Section
34. Modeling to evaluate the contact areas of hard materials during the nano-indentation tests
Pages 229-241
Chang-Fu Han and Jen-Fin Lin
Actuator Section
35. Integration of displacement sensor into bulk PZT thick film actuator for MEMS deformable mirror
Pages 242-247
Xiao-Hui Xu, Yan Feng, Bao-Qing Li and Jia-Ru Chu
36. Electromagnetic generator for harvesting energy from human motion
Pages 248-253
C.R. Saha, T. O’Donnell, N. Wang and P. McCloskey
37. Enhanced adaptive motion tracking control of piezo-actuated flexure-based four-bar mechanisms for micro/nano manipulation
Pages 254-262
Hwee Choo Liaw and Bijan Shirinzadeh
38. Synchronized switch harvesting applied to self-powered smart systems: Piezoactive microgenerators for autonomous wireless receivers
Pages 263-272
Mickaël Lallart, Daniel Guyomar, Yves Jayet, Lionel Petit, Elie Lefeuvre, Thomas Monnier, Philippe Guy and Claude Richard
39. On actuators number in distributed systems
Pages 273-278
A. El Jai and H. Hamzaoui
40. Effect of electrode size and silicon residue on piezoelectric thin-film membrane actuators
Pages 279-285
Cheng-Chun Lee, Qing Guo, G.Z. Cao and I.Y. Shen
41. Linear actuation in coextruded dielectric elastomer tubes
Pages 286-291
Colin G. Cameron, Jeffrey P. Szabo, Stephen Johnstone, Jason Massey and Jacob Leidner
42. Design and analysis of a polymeric photo-thermal microactuator
Pages 292-299
Caglar Elbuken, Lin Gui, Carolyn L. Ren, Mustafa Yavuz and Mir Behrad Khamesee
43. Piezoelectric linear motor with unimorph structure by co-extrusion process
Pages 300-303
Shin-Hee Jun, Sung-Mi Lee, Seung-Ho Lee, Hyoun-Ee Kim and Kyung-Woo Lee
44. Electro-mechanical behavior and direct piezoelectricity of cellulose electro-active paper
Pages 304-309
Heung Soo Kim, Yuanxie Li and Jaehwan Kim
45. Optimization of clamped circular piezoelectric composite actuators
Pages 310-323
Melih Papila, Mark Sheplak and Louis N. Cattafesta III
Micromechanics Section
46. Flexible SU-8 microstructures for neural implant design
Pages 324-331
J.P.F. Spratley, M.C.L. Ward, P.S. Hall and C. Thursfield
47. Pressure nonlinearity of micromachined piezoresistive pressure sensors with thin diaphragms under high residual stresses
Pages 332-339
J. Albert Chiou and Steven Chen
48. A SOI-MEMS-based 3-DOF planar parallel-kinematics nanopositioning stage
Pages 340-351
Deepkishore Mukhopadhyay, Jingyan Dong, Eakkachai Pengwang and Placid Ferreira
Systems/Applications Section
49. Determining soil physical properties by multi-sensor technique
Pages 352-357
Sun Yurui, Peter Schulze Lammers, Ma Daokun, Lin Jianhui and Zeng Qingmeng
50. Corrigendum to “GHz-range FSK-reception with microelectromechanical resonators” [Sens. Actuators A 142 (2007) 346–351]
Page 358
M. Koskenvuori, I. Tittonen and Ari Alastalo











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