ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.147/2



Date: 3 October 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. Wafer level sealing characterization method using Si micro cantilevers
Pages 359-364
Hironao Okada, Toshihiro Itoh and Tadatomo Suga
3. Characteristics of piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate fourteen-layered detector bombarded with high-energy xenon beam
Pages 365-368
Seiji Takechi, Takashi Miyachi, Masayuki Fujii, Nobuyuki Hasebe, Kunishiro Mori, Hiromi Shibata, Takeshi Murakami, Yukio Uchihori and Nagaya Okada
4. Dynamic evolvement and formation of refractive microlenses self-assembled from evaporative polyurethane droplets
Pages 369-377
Chin-Tai Chen, Ching-Long Chiu, Zhao-Fu Tseng and Chun-Te Chuang
5. Coupled microstructural and transport effects in n-type sensor response modeling for thin layers
Pages 378-386
K. Darcovich, F.F. Garcia, C.A. Jeffrey, J.J. Tunney and M.L. Post
Physical Section
6. Thin film integrated AMR sensor for linear position measurements
Pages 387-390
P. Dimitrova, S. Andreev and L. Popova
7. Design and fabrication of a capacitive infrared detector with a floating electrode and thermally isolatable bimorph legs
Pages 391-400
Il Woong Kwon, Jong Eun Kim, Chi Ho Hwang, Yong Soo Lee and Hee Chul Lee
8. A novel fluidic strain sensor for large strain measurement
Pages 401-408
Yin-Nee Cheung, Yun Zhu, Ching-Hsiang Cheng, Chen Chao and Wallace Woon-Fong Leung
9. Design and modelling of ultrasonic tomography for two-component high-acoustic impedance mixture
Pages 409-414
M.H. Fazalul Rahiman, R. Abdul Rahim and Z. Zakaria
10. Temperature offset drift of GMI sensors
Pages 415-418
Michal Malátek, Pavel Ripka and Luděk Kraus
11. A compact APS with FPN reduction and focusing criterion using FGMOS photocell
Pages 419-424
G. Fikos, L. Nalpantidis and S. Siskos
12. Highly sensitive mass sensor using film bulk acoustic resonator
Pages 425-429
Re-Ching Lin, Ying-Chung Chen, Wei-Tsai Chang, Chien-Chuan Cheng and Kuo-Sheng Kao
13. Simulation, fabrication and characterization of a 3D piezoresistive force sensor
Pages 430-435
A. Tibrewala, A. Phataralaoha and S. Büttgenbach
14. Thermostable tensoresistors of Co doped GaSb–FeGa1.3 eutectic composites
Pages 436-440
R.N. Rahimov, A.A. Khalilova, D.H. Arasly, M.I. Aliyev, M. Tanoglu and L. Ozyuzer
15. Full perimeter obstacle contact sensor based on flex sensors
Pages 441-448
R. Ponticelli and P. Gonzalez de Santos
16. Remote flood monitoring system based on plastic optical fibres and wireless motes
Pages 449-455
Kevin Sze Chiang Kuang, Ser Tong Quek and Mohamed Maalej
17. Polyimide micro-channel arrays for peripheral nerve regenerative implants
Pages 456-463
Stéphanie P. Lacour, Raghied Atta, James J. FitzGerald, Mark Blamire, Edward Tarte and James Fawcett
18. Ammonia identification using shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensor and quantum neural network model
Pages 464-469
Chi-Yen Shen, Huang-Chu Huang and Rey-Chue Hwang
19. Consideration of theoretical equation for output voltage of linear displacement sensor using meander coil and pattern guide
Pages 470-473
M. Norhisam, A. Norrimah, R. Wagiran, R.M. Sidek, N. Mariun and H. Wakiwaka
20. Autonomous multi-sensor micro-system for measurement of ocean water salinity
Pages 474-484
A. Hyldgård, D. Mortensen, K. Birkelund, O. Hansen and E.V. Thomsen
21. Three-dimensional imaging hyperspectro-polarimetric target characterization sensor
Pages 485-489
Yufu Qu, Huijie Zhao, Xuebing Yin and Hui Cai
22. Latching ultra-low power MEMS shock sensors for acceleration monitoring
Pages 490-497
Luke J. Currano, Scott Bauman, Wayne Churaman, Marty Peckerar, James Wienke, Seokjin Kim, Miao Yu and Balakumar Balachandran
23. On the forced vibration of the fiber partially immersed in fluid
Pages 498-503
Alexander I. Fedorchenko, Ivo Stachiv, Joe N. Ho, A.-Bang Wang and W.-Chih Wang
24. Piezoimpedane and pressure sensors with NiZn ferrite device
Pages 504-507
N. Zhang, Z.L. Wang and X. Fang
25. Autonomous planar conductivity array sensor for fast liquid distribution imaging in a fluid coupling
Pages 508-515
M.J. Da Silva, Y. Lu, T. Sühnel, E. Schleicher, S. Thiele, R. Kernchen, K.-H. Diele and U. Hampel
26. The effect of piezoresistive microcantilever geometry on cantilever sensitivity during surface stress chemical sensing
Pages 516-521
A. Loui, F.T. Goericke, T.V. Ratto, J. Lee, B.R. Hart and W.P. King
27. MEMS-based humidity sensor with integrated temperature compensation mechanism
Pages 522-528
Lung-Tai Chen, Chia-Yen Lee and Wood-Hi Cheng
28. Direct string magnetic gradiometer for space applications
Pages 529-535
Andrew Sunderland, Alexey V. Veryaskin, Wayne McRae, Li Ju and David G. Blair
29. Development of a wireless stress/strain measurement system integrated with pressure-sensitive nickel powder-filled cement-based sensors
Pages 536-543
B.G. Han, Y. Yu, B.Z. Han and J.P. Ou
30. Calibration of a TDR probe for low soil water content measurements
Pages 544-552
Wojciech Skierucha, Andrzej Wilczek and Olga Alokhina
Materials and Technology Section
31. Effect of post-release sidewall morphology on the fracture and fatigue properties of polycrystalline silicon structural films
Pages 553-560
D.H. Alsem, B.L. Boyce, E.A. Stach and R.O. Ritchie
32. Tensile and high cycle fatigue test of Al–3% Ti thin films
Pages 561-569
Jun-Hyub Park, Man Sik Myung and Yun-Jae Kim
Actuator Section
33. Standing wave type surface acoustic wave atomizer
Pages 570-575
Jungmyoung Ju, Yutaka Yamagata, Hitoshi Ohmori and Toshiro Higuchi
34. Micro-hotplates for high-throughput thin film processing and in situ phase transformation characterization
Pages 576-582
S. Hamann, M. Ehmann, S. Thienhaus, A. Savan and A. Ludwig
35. Modelling, design and characterization of Shape Memory Alloy-based Poly Phase motor
Pages 583-592
S.V. Sharma, M.M. Nayak and N.S. Dinesh
36. A new method for actuating parallel manipulators
Pages 593-599
Awad Khidir Elwaleed, Nik Abdullah Mohamed, Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor and Mohd Marzuki Mustafa
37. Design, fabrication and characterization of an externally actuated ON/OFF microvalve
Pages 600-606
J. Casals-Terré, M. Duch, J.A. Plaza, J. Esteve, R. Pérez-Castillejos, E. Vallés and E. Gómez
38. Coupled piezoelectric fans with two degree of freedom motion for the application of flapping wing micro aerial vehicles
Pages 607-612
Hsien-Chun Chung, K. Lal Kummari, S.J. Croucher, N.J. Lawson, S. Guo and Z. Huang
Systems/Applications Section
39. Fabrication uncertainties and yield optimization in MEMS tunable capacitors
Pages 613-622
M. Shavezipur, K. Ponnambalam, A. Khajepour and S.M. Hashemi
40. A novel fault-tolerant sensor system for sensor drift compensation
Pages 623-632
T.L. Chen and R.Z. You
41. Adaptive ADPLL architecture for MPEG system clock related measurements in variable rate environment
Pages 633-640
H. Rabah, C. Mannino, Y. Berviller, C. Tanougast and S. Weber
42. A power and data front-end IC for biomedical monitoring systems
Pages 641-648
Jeroen Van Ham and Robert Puers
Technology Section
43. Development of a drop-on-demand droplet generator for one-drop-fill technology
Pages 649-655
Kuang-Chao Fan, Jhih-Yuan Chen, Ching-Hua Wang and Wen-Chueh Pan
44. The SOI DAWN process for three-dimensional silicon micromachining and its applications
Pages 656-664
Huai-Yuan Chu, Chia-Min Lin and Weileun Fang
45. An efficient cell count method using a lattice molded on indents of a culture dish
Pages 665-671
Sang Uk Son, Yo Han Choi and Seung S. Lee
46. Adhesive bonding with SU-8 in a vacuum for capacitive pressure sensors
Pages 672-676
Cheng Pang, Zhan Zhao, Lidong Du and Zhen Fang
47. A novel packaging method using wafer-level BCB polymer bonding and glass wet-etching for RF applications
Pages 677-682
S. Seok, N. Rolland and P.-A. Rolland










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