ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.148/1



Date: 4 November 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. Rubber-based strain sensor fabricated using photolithography for intelligent tires
Pages 1-9
Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Timothy Keating, Akira Todoroki and Naoki Hiraoka
Physical Section
3. Parametric design of yarn-based piezoresistive sensors for smart textiles
Pages 10-15
Ching-Tang Huang, Chien-Fa Tang, Ming-Chen Lee and Shuo-Hung Chang
4. All-fiber optic sensor for measurement of liquid refractive index
Pages 16-18
P. Nath, H.K. Singh, P. Datta and K.C. Sarma
5. Flapping motion measurement of honeybee bilateral wings using four virtual structured-light sensors
Pages 19-27
Guangjun Zhang, Junhua Sun, Dazhi Chen and Ying Wang
6. Glucose aqueous solution sensing by a near-field microwave microprobe
Pages 28-32
Kiejin Lee, Arsen Babajanyan, Chongchel Kim, Seungwhan Kim and Barry Friedman
7. In-line fiber Fabry-Perot refractive-index tip sensor based on endlessly photonic crystal fiber
Pages 33-38
Yun-Jiang Rao, Ming Deng, De-Wen Duan and Tao Zhu
8. Humidity sensing properties of porous iron oxide/silica nanocomposite prepared via a formamide modified sol–gel process
Pages 39-43
Kamal M.S. Khalil and Salah A. Makhlouf
9. Contactless electromagnetic excitation of resonant sensors made of conductive miniaturized structures
Pages 44-50
Marco Baù, Vittorio Ferrari, Daniele Marioli, Emilio Sardini, Mauro Serpelloni and Andrea Taroni
10. Electromagnetic acoustic transducers for in- and out-of plane ultrasonic wave detection
Pages 51-56
X. Jian, S. Dixon, K. Quirk and K.T.V. Grattan
11. Long period grating-based humidity sensor for potential structural health monitoring
Pages 57-62
T. Venugopalan, T. Sun and K.T.V. Grattan
12. Development of a puncture electronic device for electrical conductivity measurements throughout meat salting
Pages 63-67
Eduardo García-Breijo, José M. Barat, Olga L. Torres, Raul Grau, Luis Gil, Javier Ibáñez, Miguel Alcañiz, Rafael Masot and Rubén Fraile
13. Field tests of fibre Bragg grating sensors incorporated into CFRP for railway bridge strengthening condition monitoring
Pages 68-74
A. Kerrouche, W.J.O. Boyle, Y. Gebremichael, T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan, B. Täljsten and A. Bennitz
14. Construction and performance test of a novel polarization sensor for navigation
Pages 75-82
Jinkui Chu, Kaichun Zhao, Qiang Zhang and Tichang Wang
15. Fiber-optic angle sensor based on an extrinsic Fabry–Perot cavity
Pages 83-87
Tao Lű, Zhengjia Li, Qiujiao Du and Jie Bi
16. Mass sensitivity of multilayer thin film resonant BAW sensors
Pages 88-95
G. Wingqvist, V. Yantchev and I. Katardjiev
17. Capacitive sensor for object ranging and material type identification
Pages 96-104
Nathan Kirchner, Daniel Hordern, Dikai Liu and Gamini Dissanayake
18. Actuating abilities of electroactive carbon nanopowder/polyurethane composite films
Pages 105-110
L. Petit, B. Guiffard, L. Seveyrat and D. Guyomar
Materials and Technology Section
19. Thermal patterning of amorphous fluoropolymer layers
Pages 111-114
Ming-Tsung Hung and Y. Sungtaek Ju
20. Influence of bonding glues on the vibration of piezoelectric fans
Pages 115-121
Wen-Jenn Sheu, Ren-Tsung Huang and Chi-Chuan Wang
21. Piezoelectric thin films for MEMS applications—A comparative study of PZT, 0.7PMN–0.3PT and 0.9PMN–0.1PT thin films grown on Si by r.f. magnetron sputtering
Pages 122-128
Romain Herdier, M. Detalle, David Jenkins, Caroline Soyer and Denis Remiens
Actuator Section
22. Displacement characteristics of a monolithic PRESTO actuator with multiple active regions
Pages 129-133
J. Palosaari, J. Juuti, V.-P. Moilanen and H. Jantunen
23. Fabrication and transverse piezoelectric characteristics of PZT thick-film actuators on alumina substrates
Pages 134-137
K. Sivanandan, Asha T. Achuthan, V. Kumar and Isaku Kanno
24. Evaluation of the performance of a valveless micropump by CFD and lumped-system analyses
Pages 138-148
Yeng-Yung Tsui and Shiue-Lin Lu
25. An experimental and numerical investigation into the effects of diffuser valves in polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) peristaltic micropumps
Pages 149-157
Yi-Chu Hsu, Jia-Hao Li and Ngoc-Bich Le
26. Two-layered piezoelectric bender device for micro-power generator
Pages 158-167
Soon-Jong Jeong, Min-Soo Kim, Jae-Sung Song and Hyun-kyung Lee
27. Thermal correction values for analysis of lineshape microstructure arrays
Pages 168-175
Kendall Teichert and Brian Jensen
28. Development of low-cost micro-thermoelectric coolers utilizing MEMS technology
Pages 176-185
I-Yu Huang, Jr-Ching Lin, Kun-Dian She, Ming-Chan Li, Jiann-Heng Chen and Jin-Shun Kuo
29. Pre-shaped buckled-beam actuators: Theory and experiments
Pages 186-192
Seunghoon Park and Dooyoung Hah
30. A multi-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic motor using in-plane deformation of planar piezoelectric elements
Pages 193-200
Minghui Zhang, Wei Guo and Lining Sun
31. On the side instability of comb-fingers in MEMS electrostatic devices
Pages 201-210
Yang-Che Chen, Ian Chao-Min Chang, Rongshun Chen and Max Ti-Kuang Hou
32. Design of magneto-rheological (MR) valve
Pages 211-223
A. Grunwald and A.G. Olabi
33. Multi-domain simulation using VHDL-AMS for distributed MEMS in functional environment: Case of a 2D air-jet micromanipulator
Pages 224-238
Y.-A. Chapuis, L. Zhou, H. Fujita and Y. Hervé
34. Performance characteristics of a polypyrrole modified polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane based microfluidic pump
Pages 239-244
Jung Ho Kim, King Tong Lau, Rod Shepherd, Yanzhe Wu, Gordon Wallace and Dermot Diamond
35. Spiral-shaped piezoelectric actuator fabricated using thermoplastic co-extrusion process
Pages 245-249
Sung-Mi Lee, Shin-Hee Jun, Chee-Sung Park, Hyoun-Ee Kim and Kyung-Woo Lee
36. Torsional displacement of piezoelectric fiber actuators with helical electrodes
Pages 250-258
C.L. Pan, Y.T. Ma, Y.B. Liu, Q. Zhang and Z.H. Feng
37. Diagonal recurrent neural network with modified backlash operators for modeling of rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators
Pages 259-270
Liang Deng and Yonghong Tan
38. Experimental and numeral simulation of meso-pumping of liquid nitrogen—Application to cryogenic spot cooling of sensors and detectors
Pages 271-279
Mihai Rada, Amir Shooshtari and Michael M. Ohadi
39. Micro-magnetostrictive vibrator using iron–gallium alloy
Pages 280-284
Toshiyuki Ueno, Eric Summers, Marilyn Wun-Fogle and Toshiro Higuchi
40. Particle swarm optimization combined with finite element method for design of ultrasonic motors
Pages 285-289
Shiyang Li and Ming Yang
41. Linear frictional micro-conveyors
Pages 290-298
Byron Shay, Ted Hubbard and Marek Kujath
Micromechanics Section
42. High temperature operation of multi-watt, axial-flux, permanent-magnet microgenerators
Pages 299-305
Florian Herrault, David P. Arnold, Iulica Zana, Preston Galle and Mark G. Allen
43. Non-contact atomic force microscopy characterization of micro-cantilevers and piezo electric transducers with frequencies up to the tens of MHz
Pages 306-310
T.C. Parker, F. Tang, G.-C. Wang and T.-M. Lu
44. Fabrication of a quartz tuning-fork probe with a sharp tip for AFM systems
Pages 311-318
H. Hida, M. Shikida, K. Fukuzawa, S. Murakami, Ke. Sato, K. Asaumi, Y. Iriye and Ka. Sato
45. Contactless power supply for moving sensors and actuators in high-precision mechatronic systems with long-stroke power transfer capability in xy plane
Pages 319-328
J. de Boeij, E. Lomonova, J.L. Duarte and A.J.A. Vandenput
46. The influence of refractive index change on a micro-cantilever bio/chemical sensor system based on optical lever read-out method
Pages 329-334
Yuan Huang, Hong Liu, Kai Li, Yanyun Chen, Qingchuan Zhang and Xiaoping Wu
Systems/Applications Section
47. Design and evaluation of a fast model-based algorithm for ultrasonic range measurements
Pages 335-341
R. Raya, A. Frizera, R. Ceres, L. Calderón and E. Rocon
48. EMFi-based ultrasonic transducer for robotics applications
Pages 342-349
Ana Jiménez, Álvaro Hernández, Jesús Ureña, Ma Carmen Pérez, Fernando J. Álvarez, Carlos De Marziani, Juan Jesús García and J. Manuel Villadangos
49. Corrigendum to “A neural networks based model for rate-dependent hysteresis for piezoceramic actuators” [Sens. Actuators A 143 (2008) 370–376]
Pages 350-351
Ruili Dong, Yonghong Tan, Hui Chen and Yangqiu Xie
50. Erratum to “Long-term creep behavior of SU-8 membranes: Application of the timestress superposition principle to determine the master creep compliance curve” [Sens. Actuator A 142 (2008) 242–249]
Pages 352-353
B. Schoeberle, M. Wendlandt and C. Hierold





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