ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.148/2



Date: 3 December 2008


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
Physical Section
2. Reflective type segmented electrooptical electric field sensor
Pages 355-358
Hsin-Ying Lee, Tsung-Hsin Lee, Wen-Tron Shay, Ching-Ting Lee
3. Design, fabrication, and characterization of single-element interdigital transducers for NDT applications
Pages 359-365
Jeong K. Na, James L. Blackshire, Samuel Kuhr
4. Development of an Electrical Capacitance Tomography system using four rotating electrodes
Pages 366-375
A. Martínez Olmos, M.A. Carvajal, D.P. Morales, A. García, A.J. Palma
5. Stabilization of optical Fabry–Perot sensor by active feedback control of diode laser
Pages 376-380
Jianyong Chen, Dijun Chen, Jianxin Geng, Jun li, Haiwen Cai, Zujie Fang
6. Development and testing of a micro-thruster impulse characterization system utilizing pendulum swing time measurements
Pages 381-387
Suk-Jin Kang, Hyea-Ran Cho, Young-Keun Chang
7. Class I infrared eye blinking detector
Pages 388-394
Fabio Lo Castro
8. An axial strain modulated double-ended tuning fork electrometer
Pages 395-400
Joshua E.-Y. Lee, Behraad Bahreyni, Ashwin A. Seshia
Interface Electronics and Sensor Systems Section
9. Low-noise real-time measurement of the position of movable structures in MEMS
Pages 401-406
Giacomo Langfelder, Antonio Longoni, Federico Zaraga
Materials and Technology Section
10. Deformation characteristics of electroplated MEMS cantilever beams released by plasma ashing
Pages 407-415
T.J. Kang, J.G. Kim, J.H. Kim, K.C. Hwang, B.W. Lee, C.W. Baek, Y.K. Kim, D. Kwon, H.Y. Lee, Y.H. Kim
Actuators Section
11. Microhotplates with TiN heaters
Pages 416-421
J.F. Creemer, D. Briand, H.W. Zandbergen, W. van der Vlist, C.R. de Boer, N.F. de Rooij, P.M. Sarro
12. Large angle SOI tilting actuator with integrated motion transformer and amplifier
Pages 422-436
A. Ya’akobovitz, S. Krylov, Y. Shacham-Diamand
13. Development of a NiTi actuator using a two-way shape memory effect induced by compressive loading cycles
Pages 437-442
Hyun-Chul Kim, Young-Ik Yoo, Jung-Ju Lee
14. Robust generalised impedance control of piezo-actuated flexure-based four-bar mechanisms for micro/nano manipulation
Pages 443-453
Hwee Choo Liaw, Bijan Shirinzadeh
Micromechanics Section
15. Fabrication of LCD color filter using laser-induced thermal spray printing
Pages 454-461
Jae Hak Lee, Seong Joon Na, Choong Don Yoo, Yong-Seog Kim
16. Online methods to measure breaking force of bonding wire using a CMOS stress sensor and a proximity sensor
Pages 462-471
Aashish Shah, Jaesik Lee, Michael Mayer, Y. Norman Zhou
17. Corrigendum to “Using electric actuation and detection of oscillations in microcantilevers for pressure measurements” [Sensors and Actuators A: Physical (2008) 203–209]
Page 472
Gayatri Keskar, Bevan Elliott, Jay Gaillard, Malcolm J. Skove, Apparao M. Rao
18. Corrigendum to “Editorial message for the special issue on selected papers from Transducers’07 & Eurosensors XXI” [Sens. Actuators A: Phys. 145–146 (2008) 1]
Page 473
Robert Puers, Gilles Delapierre





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