ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.149/1



Date: 15 January 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. A new sensing method using contact voltage for material discrimination
Pages 1-6
Akira Kimoto, Yushi Ichinose, Katsunori Shida
Physical Section
3. Measurement of dynamic lubricating oil film thickness between piston ring and liner in a motored engine
Pages 7-15
Atul Dhar, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Vishal Saxena
4. Er3+/Yb3+ codoped Gd2O3 nano-phosphor for optical thermometry
Pages 16-20
Sunil Kumar Singh, Kaushal Kumar, S.B. Rai
5. On a deterministic approach for the evaluation of gas damping in inertial MEMS in the free-molecule regime
Pages 21-28
A. Frangi, A. Ghisi, L. Coronato
6. Design and fabrication of a new MEMS capacitive microphone using a perforated aluminum diaphragm
Pages 29-37
Bahram Azizollah Ganji, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
7. Dynamic and kinematic viscosity measurements with a resonating microtube
Pages 38-41
D. Sparks, R. Smith, V. Cruz, N. Tran, A. Chimbayo, D. Riley, N. Najafi
8. Multiple-frequency ultrasonic distance measurement using direct digital frequency synthesizers
Pages 42-50
Ke-Nung Huang, Yu-Pei Huang
9. Experimental study on use of nickel powder-filled Portland cement-based composite for fabrication of piezoresistive sensors with high sensitivity
Pages 51-55
B.G. Han, B.Z. Han, J.P. Ou
10. The physics of a coflow micro-extractor: Interface stability and optimal extraction length
Pages 56-64
J. Berthier, Van-Man Tran, F. Mittler, N. Sarrut
11. Limits to the integration of filters and lenses on thermoelectric IR detectors by flip-chip techniques
Pages 65-73
J. Fonollosa, M. Carmona, J. Santander, L. Fonseca, M. Moreno, S. Marco
12. Calibration and on-line data selection of multiple optical flow sensors for odometry applications
Pages 74-80
Jwu-Sheng Hu, Yung-Jung Chang, Yu-Lun Hsu
13. Low cost inductor current sensing for power converters using feedback compensation
Pages 81-86
K.M. Tsang, W.L. Chan
14. Investigations into the effects of illumination and acceleration on optical mouse sensors as contact-free 2D measurement devices
Pages 87-92
N. Tunwattana, A.P. Roskilly, R. Norman
Interface Electronics and Sensor Systems Section
15. A new discrete circuit for readout of resistive sensor arrays
Pages 93-99
R.S. Saxena, R.K. Bhan, Anita Aggrawal
Materials and Technology Section
16. Stress-induced atom diffusion at thermosonic flip chip bonding interface
Pages 100-105
Fuliang Wang, Lei Han, Jue Zhong
Actuators Section
17. Modeling hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators using NARMAX models
Pages 106-112
Liang Deng, Yonghong Tan
18. A multilayer TWILA ultrasonic motor
Pages 113-119
Lionel Petit, Paul Gonnard
19. Electromechanical elongation of nematic elastomers for actuation
Pages 120-129
D. Corbett, M. Warner
20. Optimization design of multi-material micropump using finite element method
Pages 130-135
Meiling Zhu, Paul Kirby, Martin Wacklerle, Markus Herz, Martin Richter
21. Development of piezoelectric fans for flapping wing application
Pages 136-142
Hsien-Chun Chung, K. Lal Kummari, S.J. Croucher, N.J. Lawson, S. Guo, R.W. Whatmore, Z. Huang
22. Dynamical switching of an electromagnetically driven compliant bistable mechanism
Pages 143-151
Dung-An Wang, Huy-Tuan Pham, Yi-Han Hsieh
Systems/Applications Section
23. Infrared thermometer sensor dynamic error compensation using Hammerstein neural network
Pages 152-158
Dehui Wu, Songling Huang, Wei Zhao, Junjun Xin
Technology Section
24. Getter free vacuum packaging for MEMS
Pages 159-164
Zhiyin Gan, Dexiu Huang, Xuefang Wang, Dong Lin, Sheng Liu
25. A novel plastic package for pressure sensors fabricated using the lithographic dam-ring approach
Pages 165-171
Lung-Tai Chen, Wood-Hi Cheng





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