ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.149/2



Date: 16 February 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
General Section
2. A liquid rate gyroscope using electro-conjugate fluid
Pages 173-179
Kenjiro Takemura, Shinichi Yokota, Mamoru Suzuki, Kazuya Edamura, Hideo Kumagai, Tsunehiko Imamura
Physical Section
3. Velocity measurement of pneumatically conveyed particles through digital imaging
Pages 180-188
Ding Song, Lihui Peng, Geng Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Yong Yan
4. Micromachined quartz resonator based infrared detector array
Pages 189-192
Ping Kao, Srinivas Tadigadapa
5. Development of a wide-tuning range and high Q variable capacitor using metal-based surface micromachining process
Pages 193-200
I.-Yu Huang, Chian-Hao Sun, Han-Cheng Tasi, Che-Ya Chou, Chih-Sheng Huang
6. Investigation of strain transmission of surface-bonded FBGs used as strain sensors
Pages 201-207
W.Y. Li, C.C. Cheng, Y.L. Lo
7. Correlation between host material compositions and performances in organic white-light-emitting diodes with blue/orange/blue emitting stacked structure
Pages 208-212
Sung Hyun Kim, Jyongsik Jang, Kyoung Soo Yook, Jun Yeob Lee
8. Design and application of a multidimensional acceleration sensor for coaching of shot-put athletes
Pages 213-220
Zhen Gao, Bo Song, Ming Liu, Guangming Song, Wangqiang Sun, Yunjian Ge
9. A MEMS-based resonant-scanning lamellar grating Fourier transform micro-spectrometer with laser reference system
Pages 221-228
Feiwen Lee, Guangya Zhou, Hongbin Yu, Fook Siong Chau
10. Magnetoelectric sensor for microtesla magnetic-fields based on (Fe80Co20)78Si12B10/PZT laminates
Pages 229-232
D.T. Huong Giang, N.H. Duc
Materials and Technology Section
11. Nanocomposite functional paint sensor for vibration and noise monitoring
Pages 233-240
Osama J. Aldraihem, Wael N. Akl, Amr M. Baz
12. Analysis of interface states of the pentacene organic thin-film phototransistor by conductance technique
Pages 241-245
S. Okur, F. Yakuphanoglu
13. Piezoresistive TiB2/silicone rubber composites for circuit breakers
Pages 246-250
Dae-Yong Jeong, Jungho Ryu, Yun-Soo Lim, Shuxiang Dong, Dong-Soo Park
14. New elastomer–Terfenol-D magnetostrictive composites
Pages 251-254
C. Rodríguez, M. Rodriguez, I. Orue, J.L. Vilas, J.M. Barandiarán, M.L.F. Gubieda, L.M. Leon
Actuator Section
15. Quasi-similarity model of synthetic jets
Pages 255-265
Václav Tesař, Jozef Kordík
16. Modeling the hollow cylindrical piezo-ceramics with axial polarization using equivalent electro-mechanical admittance matrix
Pages 266-276
H. Jalili, H. Goudarzi
17. Acoustic transducers with a perforated damping backplate based on PZT/silicon wafer bonding technique
Pages 277-283
Zhihong Wang, Jianmin Miao, Chee Wee Tan
18. Characterization and modeling of the dynamic behavior of a liquid–vapor phase change actuator
Pages 284-291
H.K. Bardaweel, M.J. Anderson, L.W. Weiss, R.F. Richards, C.D. Richards
19. Development of temperature-control system for liquid droplet using surface Acoustic wave devices
Pages 292-297
Jun Kondoh, Norifumi Shimizu, Yoshikazu Matsui, Mitsunori Sugimoto, Showko Shiokawa
20. Investigation of Ni-based thermal bimaterial structure for sensor and actuator application
Pages 298-304
Chia-Sheng Huang, Yu-Ting Cheng, Junwei Chung, Wensyang Hsu
21. Fabrication of thermal microbridge actuators and characterization of their electrical and mechanical responses
Pages 305-314
Lauri Sainiemi, Kestas Grigoras, Ivan Kassamakov, Kalle Hanhijärvi, Juha Aaltonen, Ji Fan, Ville Saarela, Edward Hæggström, Sami Franssila
22. Piezoelectric unimorph valve assembled on an LTCC substrate
Pages 315-319
M. Sobocinski, J. Juuti, H. Jantunen, L. Golonka
23. Forced vibration analysis of piezoelectric quartz plates in resonance
Pages 320-330
Yu-Hsi Huang, Chien-Ching Ma
24. Study on a piezohydraulic pump for linear actuators
Pages 331-339
Junwu Kan, Kehong Tang, Yu Ren, Guoren Zhu, Peng Li







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