ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.150/1



Date: 16 March 2009


Physical Section
1. Theoretical analysis and experiment research of a statically indeterminate pre-stressed six-axis force sensor
Pages 1-11
Jiantao Yao, Yulei Hou, Jie Chen, Ling Lu, Yongsheng Zhao
2. Divisionally analytical reconstruction of the magnetic field around an electromagnetic velocity probe
Pages 12-23
X. Fu, L. Hu, J. Zou, H.Y. Yang, X.D. Ruan, C.Y. Wang
3. Fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensor system for highly flexible single-link robots
Pages 24-39
Ismael Payo, Vicente Feliu, Osvaldo Daniel Cortázar
4. A micromachined AC thermal sensor for monitoring the liquid–gas interface in a microchannel
Pages 40-45
Sun Rock Choi, Jonggan Hong, Dongsik Kim
5. Behaviour of magneto-electro-elastic sensors under transient mechanical loading
Pages 46-55
Atul Daga, N. Ganesan, K. Shankar
6. Mechanical design and fabrication of multi-layer indium phosphide freestanding microstructures for a MOEMS microspectrometer
Pages 56-63
R. Gil-Sobraques, M. Garrigues, J.-L. Leclercq, O. Parillaud
7. Highly sensitive strained AlN on Si(1 1 1) resonators
Pages 64-68
M. Placidi, J.C. Moreno, P. Godignon, N. Mestres, E. Frayssinet, F. Semond, C. Serre
8. Impact of high-g and high vibration environments on piezoresistive pressure sensor performance
Pages 69-77
C. Gradolph, A. Friedberger, G. Müller, J. Wilde
9. Fibre Bragg grating strain sensor and study of its packaging material for use in critical analysis on steel structure
Pages 78-86
Tarun Kumar Gangopadhyay, Mousumi Majumder, Ashim Kumar Chakraborty, Asok Kumar Dikshit, Dipak Kumar Bhattacharya
Interface Electronics and Sensor Systems Section
10. Micro direct methanol fuel cells and their stacks using a polymer electrolyte sandwiched by multi-window microcolumn electrodes
Pages 87-96
Young Ho Seo, Young-Ho Cho
Materials and Technology Section
11. Gradual oxidation of stain etched porous silicon nanostructures applied to silicon-based solar cells
Pages 97-101
B. González-Díaz, R. Guerrero-Lemus, J. Méndez-Ramos, B. Díaz-Herrera, V.D. Rodríguez
Actuators Section
12. Advanced piezoelectric–ferroelectric stack actuator
Pages 102-109
Uri Kushnir, Oded Rabinovitch
13. Position feedback control using magneto impedance sensors on conveyor with superconducting magnetic levitation
Pages 110-115
Tetsuhiko Iizuka, Naomichi Sakai, Hiroyuki Fujita
14. Tracking control of hysteretic piezoelectric actuator using adaptive rate-dependent controller
Pages 116-123
U-Xuan Tan, Win Tun Latt, Ferdinan Widjaja, Cheng Yap Shee, Cameron N. Riviere, Wei Tech Ang
15. A pH-activated artificial muscle using the McKibben-type braided structure
Pages 124-130
B. Tondu, R. Emirkhanian, S. Mathé, A. Ricard
Micromechanics Section
16. Piezoelectrically actuated microcantilevers: An experimental nonlinear vibration analysis
Pages 131-136
S. Nima Mahmoodi, Nader Jalili
Systems/Applications Section
17. Displacement sensing of a micro-electro-thermal actuator using a monolithically integrated thermal sensor
Pages 137-143
Jacky Chow, Yongjun Lai
18. Micromachined “side-viewing” optical sensor probe for detection of esophageal cancers
Pages 144-150
A. Garcia-Uribe, K.C. Balareddy, J. Zou, A.K. Wojcik, K.K. Wang, L.V. Wang
19. Passive wireless SAWR sensor system model including the effects of antenna distances
Pages 151-155
Qiuyun Fu, Jianling Wang, Dongxiang Zhou, Wei Luo
Technology Section
20. Fabrication of gapless dual-curvature microlens as a diffuser for a LED package
Pages 156-167
C.T. Pan, M.F. Chen, P.J. Cheng, Y.M. Hwang, S.D. Tseng, J.C. Huang







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