ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.150/2



Date: 25 March 2009


General Section


Research on double-barrier resonant tunneling effect based stress measurement methods
Pages 169-174
Jijun Xiong, Wendong Zhang, Haiyang Mao, Kaiqun Wang
2. Detection of three-axis angles by an optical sensor
Pages 175-183
Yusuke Saito, Yoshikazu Arai, Wei Gao
3. Crossed zinc oxide nanorods for ultraviolet radiation detection
Pages 184-187
Guangyu Chai, Oleg Lupan, Lee Chow, Helge Heinrich
4. Code reading synchronization method for pseudorandom position encoders
Pages 188-191
Dragan B. Denic, Goran S. Miljkovic
Physical Section
5. Original interrogation system for quasi-distributed FBG-based temperature sensor with fast demodulation technique
Pages 192-198
Cathy Crunelle, Marc Wuilpart, Christophe Caucheteur, Patrice Mégret
6. Modelling and experimental validation of thin-film effects in thermopile-based microscale calorimeters
Pages 199-206
Alexandre Bourque-Viens, Vincent Aimez, Andrew Taberner, Poul Nielsen, Paul G. Charette
7. Magnetoelectric transducer with high quality factor for wireless power receiving
Pages 207-211
Leixiang Bian, Yumei Wen, Ping Li, Qiuling Gao, Min Zheng
8. Effect of fiber core dopant concentration on the performance of surface plasmon resonance-based fiber optic sensor
Pages 212-217
Rajan Jha, Gonçal Badenes
9. A novel highly sensitive gas ionization sensor for ammonia detection
Pages 218-223
Jiarui Huang, Junhai Wang, Cuiping Gu, Kun Yu, Fanli Meng, Jinhuai Liu
10. Analysis of dynamic sensing of force between a probe and a vibrating sample for purposes of atomic force microscope
Pages 224-230
N. Inui
Materials and Technology Section
11. Electrical and photoelectrical characterizations of isotype GaAs15P85/GaP heterojunctions prepared by liquid phase epitaxy
Pages 231-236
A.A.M. Farag, F.S. Terra, G.M. Mahmoud
12. Study of symmetric microstructures for CMOS multilayer residual stress
Pages 237-242
Ying-Jui Huang, Tien-Li Chang, Hwai-Pwu Chou
Actuator Section
13. Effect of shearing deformation on the transient response of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor
Pages 243-250
Z. Boumous, S. Belkhiat, F.Z. Kebbab
14. Using of textured polycrystalline SbSI in actuators
Pages 251-256
M. Nowak, P. Mroczek, P. Duka, A. Kidawa, P. Szperlich, A. Grabowski, J. Szala, G. Moskal
15. Development of a novel flexure-based microgripper for high precision micro-object manipulation
Pages 257-266
Mohd Nashrul Mohd Zubir, Bijan Shirinzadeh, Yanling Tian
16. Lead-free alkaline niobate-based transducer for ultrasonic wirebonding applications
Pages 267-271
Tact Lee, K.W. Kwok, H.L. Li, H.L.W. Chan
17. Planate conducting polymer actuator based on polypyrrole and its application
Pages 272-276
Masaki Fuchiwaki, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Keiichi Kaneto
18. Ferromagnetic shape memory flapper
Pages 277-279
Yaniv Ganor, Doron Shilo, Nadege Zarrouati, Richard D. James
Micromechanics Section
19. Flexible and disposable immunosensors based on layer-by-layer self-assembled carbon nanotubes and biomolecules
Pages 280-285
Miao Lu, Dongjin Lee, Wei Xue, Tianhong Cui
Systems/Applications Section
20. System identification of a novel 6-DOF precision positioning table
Pages 286-295
Rong-Fong Fung, Wang-Chi Lin
Technology Section
21. A new process for fabricating tip-shaped polymer microstructure array with patterned metallic coatings
Pages 296-301
Hongbo Zhou, Gang Li, Xiaona Sun, Zhuanghui Zhu, Baojian Xu, Qinghui Jin, Jianlong Zhao, Qiu-Shi Ren







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