ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.151/2



Date: 19 April 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page i
Physical Section
2. Process and material properties of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) for Optical MEMS
Pages 95-99
Florian Schneider, Jan Draheim, Robert Kamberger, Ulrike Wallrabe
3. Magnet configuration maximizing the sensitivity and linearity of a magnetic rotation sensor
Pages 100-106
Woochul Kim, Jae Eun Kim, Yoon Young Kim
4. Design and in-the-field performance evaluation of compact FBG sensor system for structural health monitoring applications
Pages 107-112
A. Kerrouche, W.J.O. Boyle, T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan
5. Development of a capacitive mass measuring system
Pages 113-117
Amir Abu_Al_Aish, Mahfoozur Rehman
6. Pull-in characterization of doubly-clamped composite beams
Pages 118-126
Meng Nie, Qing-An Huang, Weihua Li
7. Enhanced FBG sensor-based system performance assessment for monitoring strain along a prestressed CFRP rod in structural monitoring
Pages 127-132
Abdelfateh Kerrouche, W.J.O. Boyle, Tong Sun, K.T.V. Grattan, J.W. Schmidt, B. Täljsten
8. Novel optical accelerometer based on Fresnel diffractive micro lens
Pages 133-140
Jia Yang, Shuhai Jia, Yanfen Du
9. PCB sensors in fluxgate magnetometer with controlled excitation
Pages 141-144
Michal Janošek, Pavel Ripka
10. Design and characterization of a microwire fluxgate magnetometer
Pages 145-153
B. Andò, S. Baglio, A.R. Bulsara, C. Trigona
11. An invisible bend sensor based on porous crosslinked polyelectrolyte film
Pages 154-158
Q. Zhang, L.V. Saraf, J.R. Smith, P. Jha, F. Hua
  Interfaces Section
12. Temperature distribution and wind vector measurement using ultrasonic CT based on the time of flight detection
Pages 159-167
Shinji Ohyama, Junya Takayama, Yuuki Watanabe, Tetuya Takahoshi, Kazuo Oshima
  Materails & Technology Section
13. Gamma-ray irradiation effects on the interface states of MIS structures
Pages 168-172
A. Tataroğlu, Ş. Altındal
  Actuator Section
14. Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of a three phase panel type electrostatic actuator using PEM system identification method
Pages 173-178
M. Modabberifar, Y. Hojjat, A. Abdullah, M. Dadkhah
15. The effect of relative humidity, temperature and electrical field on leakage currents in piezo-ceramic actuators under dc bias
Pages 179-186
I.P. Lipscomb, P.M. Weaver, J. Swingler, J.W. McBride
16. Closed-loop control of a long-range micropositioner using integrated photodiode sensors
Pages 187-194
Mustafa Ilker Beyaz, Matthew McCarthy, Nima Ghalichechian, Reza Ghodssi
17. Magnetic-assisted self-assembly of rectangular-shaped parts
Pages 195-202
Dung-An Wang, Hong-Hua Ko
18. On the processing conditions and interfacial chemistry of composite PZT thick films on platinised silicon substrates
Pages 203-212
R.D. Haigh, R.W. Whatmore
  Systems/Applications Section
19. Development of temperature feedback control system for piezo-actuated display package
Pages 213-219
Jae Choon Kim, Jin Taek Chung, Dong Jin Lee, Yong-Kook Kim, Jin Woo Kim, SungWoo Hwang, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Sang Kyeong Yun, Heung-Woo Park
20. On development of a multi-channel PZT array scanning system and its evaluating application on UAV wing box
Pages 220-230
Lie Qiu, Shenfang Yuan
21. Using a T-junction microfluidic chip for monodisperse calcium alginate microparticles and encapsulation of nanoparticles
Pages 231-236
Chia-Hsien Yeh, Qiaole Zhao, Sheng-Ji Lee, Yu-Cheng Lin
  Technology Section
22. A wafer-scale encapsulated RF MEMS switch with a stress-reduced corrugated diaphragm
Pages 237-243
Feixiang Ke, Jianmin Miao, Zhihong Wang






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