ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.152/1



Date: 21 May 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page i
 Physical Section
2. Capacitive passenger detection utilizing dielectric dispersion in human tissues
Pages 1-4
Armin Satz, Dirk Hammerschmidt, David Tumpold
3. A sensor for measurements of temperature and water concentration using a single tunable diode laser near 1.4 μm
Pages 5-12
Tingdong Cai, Hui Jia, Guishi Wang, Weidong Chen, Xiaoming Gao
4. In situ digital microfluidic conductance sampling
Pages 13-20
Jacqueline Nichols, Ali Ahmadi, Mina Hoorfar, Homayoun Najjaran, Jonathan F. Holzman
5. Intrinsic limits of the sensitivity of CMOS integrated vertical Hall devices
Pages 21-28
Joris Pascal, Luc Hébrard, Vincent Frick, Jean-Baptiste Kammerer, Jean-Philippe Blondé
6. Sensitivity analysis of packaging effect of silicon-based piezoresistive pressure sensor
Pages 29-38
Tsung-Lin Chou, Chen-Hung Chu, Chun-Te Lin, Kuo-Ning Chiang
 Materials and Technology Section
7. Stability of thin platinum films implemented in high-temperature microdevices
Pages 39-47
R.M. Tiggelaar, R.G.P. Sanders, A.W. Groenland, J.G.E. Gardeniers
  Actuator Section
8. Analyses of vibration-based piezoelectric power generator in discontinuous operation mode
Pages 48-52
Jian-Hui Lin, Xiao-Ming Wu, Hao Chen, Xi Liu, Tian-Ling Ren, Li-Tian Liu
9. Application of visual servo-control XY table in color filter cross mark alignment
Pages 53-62
Shiuh-Jer Huang, Shu-Yi Lin
 Micromechanics Section
10. Numerical models and experimental investigation of energy loss mechanisms in SOI-based tuning-fork gyroscopes
Pages 63-74
Yang Xu, Ren Wang, Shiva Krishna Durgam, Zhili Hao, Linda Vahala
11. Anisotropic wet etching silicon tips of small opening angle in KOH solution with the additions of I2/KI
Pages 75-79
Jianqiang Han, Shaoyong Lu, Qing Li, Xiaolu Li, Jiangying Wang
12. Robust micro-rate sensor actuated by parametric resonance
Pages 80-87
Laura A. Oropeza-Ramos, Christopher B. Burgner, Kimberly L. Turner
13. Charge redistribution in electrochemically actuated mechanical sensors
Pages 88-95
F. Amiot, F. Kanoufi, F. Hild, J.P. Roger
14. Fabrication of Au sidewall micropatterns using Si-reinforced PDMS molds
Pages 96-103
Xinchuan Liu, Cheng Luo
 Systems/Applications Section
15. Development of an auto test system for humidity sensors
Pages 104-109
Yingliang Feng, Shujuan Wang, Bin Feng, Rui Wang, Yuan He, Tong Zhang
 Technology Section
16. A biomimetic piezoelectric pump: Computational and experimental characterization
Pages 110-118
Cícero R. de Lima, Sandro L. Vatanabe, Andres Choi, Paulo Henrique Nakasone, Rogério Felipe Pires, Emílio Carlos Nelli Silva




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