ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.152/2



Date: 18 June 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page i
Physical Section
2. Far-infrared sensor with LPCVD-deposited low-stress Si-rich nitride absorber membrane—Part 1. Optical absorptivity
Pages 119-125
F. Jutzi, D.H.B. Wicaksono, G. Pandraud, N. de Rooij, P.J. French
3. Far-infrared sensor with LPCVD-deposited low-stress Si-rich nitride absorber membrane: Part 2: Thermal property, and sensitivity
Pages 126-138
F. Jutzi, D.H.B. Wicaksono, G. Pandraud, N. de Rooij, P.J. French
4. Triaxial fluxgate sensor with electroplated core
Pages 139-145
J. Kubík, J. Včelák, T. O’Donnell, P. McCloskey
5. Low cost capillary flow meter
Pages 146-150
Juliusz Topolnicki, Mateusz Kudasik, Norbert Skoczylas, Jacek Sobczyk
6. Detection of biomolecular surface interactions by transit time measurements with a coplanar transmission line probe
Pages 151-159
Qin Chen, Daniel Roitman, André Knoesen
7. Silicon microcantilever hotplates with high temperature uniformity
Pages 160-167
Natalya L. Privorotskaya, William P. King
8. Line laser beam based laser-induced fluorescence detection system for microfluidic chip electrophoresis analysis
Pages 168-175
Baojian Xu, Mo Yang, Hua Wang, Honglian Zhang, Qinghui Jin, Jianlong Zhao, Huimin Wang
9. Design and analysis of a highly stabilised optical fiber Michelson interferometer measurement system
Pages 176-181
Fang Xie, Junyu Ren, Zhimin Chen
  Actuator Section
10. Mechanism of pressure recovery in jet-type actuators
Pages 182-191
V. Tesař
11. Thermal cycle modeling of electrothermal microactuators
Pages 192-202
Mohammad Mayyas, Panos S. Shiakolas, Woo Ho Lee, Harry Stephanou
12. Optoelectronic joint angular sensor for robotic fingers
Pages 203-210
A. Cavallo, G. De Maria, C. Natale, S. Pirozzi
13. Development of liquid pumping devices using vibrating microchannel walls
Pages 211-218
Junya Ogawa, Isaku Kanno, Hidetoshi Kotera, Kiyotaka Wasa, Takaaki Suzuki
14. Piezoelectric ultrasonic micro/milli-scale actuators
Pages 219-233
B. Watson, J. Friend, L. Yeo
15. Development of a hybrid ferrofluid seal technology for miniature pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
Pages 234-240
M. De Volder, D. Reynaerts
Systems/Applications Section
16. Intelligent sensor for tracking and monitoring of blood temperature and hemoderivatives used for transfusions
Pages 241-247
A. Abarca, M. de la Fuente, J.M. Abril, A. García, F. Pérez-Ocón
17. Liquid-level monitoring sensor systems using fiber Bragg grating embedded in cantilever
Pages 248-251
Kyung-Rak Sohn, Joon-Hwan Shim
Technology Section
18. Process effects of double step DRIE and Ni–Co electroplating for a trench-type cantilever probe for a fine-pitched MEMS probe card
Pages 252-260
Bong-Hwan Kim, Bum-Jin Park, Jong Bok Kim
19. Wafer-level chip scale packaging for piezoresistive pressure sensors using a dry-film shielding approach
Pages 261-266
Lung-Tai Chen, Wood-Hi Cheng





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