ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.153/2



Date: 3 August 2009


General Section
1. Synthesis of nano-sized ZnO using drop wise method and its performance as moisture sensor
Pages 137-141
B.C. Yadav, Richa Srivastava, C.D. Dwivedi, P. Pramanik
Physical Section
2. Modeling of an electromagnetic geophone with passive magnetic spring
Pages 142-154
A.J.J.A. Oome, J.L.G. Janssen, L. Encica, E. Lomonova, J.A.A.T. Dams
3. Design, process and characterisation of a high-performance vibration sensor for wireless condition monitoring
Pages 155-161
Andreas Vogl, Dag T. Wang, Preben Storås, Thor Bakke, Maaike M.V. Taklo, Allan Thomson, Lennart Balgård
4. Giant magnetic induction in magneto-elastic resonators and its application for magnetic field sensors
Pages 162-165
G. Ausanio, V. Iannotti, L. Lanotte
5. Optical fibre sensors for the measurement of concrete sample properties following exposure to freeze/thaw tests
Pages 166-170
T.L. Yeo, Y. Yuan, L.F. Boswell, T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan
6. On the nonlinear-flexural response of piezoelectrically driven microcantilever sensors
Pages 171-179
S.Nima Mahmoodi, Mohammed F. Daqaq, Nader Jalili
7. Active vibration control by a smart auxiliary mass damper equipped with a fiber Bragg grating sensor
Pages 180-186
Alberto Cavallo, Chris May, Aldo Minardo, Ciro Natale, Pietro Pagliarulo, Salvatore Pirozzi
8. Giant piezoresistivity of nanocomposites with the tunnel conductivity
Pages 187-190
Evgeny Z. Meilikhov
9. Inorganic–organic photodiodes based on polyaniline doped boric acid and polyaniline doped boric acid:nickel(II) phthalocyanine composite
Pages 191-196
Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu, Mehmet Kandaz, B. Filiz Senkal
10. SPICE modeling of single photon avalanche diodes
Pages 197-204
F. Zappa, A. Tosi, A. Dalla Mora, S. Tisa
11. A novel 3-D Hall magnetometer using subsequent measurement method
Pages 205-211
S. Lozanova, Sv. Noykov, Ch. Roumenin
12. Contactless magnetic temperature sensors for turbo-molecular pumps
Pages 212-217
O. Bottauscio, M. Chiampi, G. Crotti, F. Fiorillo, S. Giors, G. Pittà, C. Quartarone
13. Study on the lift-off effect of EMAT
Pages 218-221
Songling Huang, Wei Zhao, Yongsheng Zhang, Shen Wang
Interfaces Section
14. An ultra-low-power precision rectifier for biomedical sensors interfacing
Pages 222-229
Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Philip Corbishley, Clara Lujan-Martinez, Trini Sanchez-Rodriguez
Actuator Section
15. Fabrication and characterization of laser-micromachined polypyrrole-based artificial muscle actuated catheters
Pages 230-236
Kenneth K.C. Lee, Nigel R. Munce, Tina Shoa, Luc G. Charron, Graham A. Wright, John D. Madden, Victor X.D. Yang
16. Low-voltage dynamic control for DC electroosmotic devices
Pages 237-243
Prachya Mruetusatorn, Mohamed R. Mahfouz, Jie (Jayne) Wu
17. Development of a thermoelectric energy harvester with thermal isolation cavity by standard CMOS process
Pages 244-250
S.M. Yang, T. Lee, C.A. Jeng
18. The Characterisation of the harvesting capabilities of an electrostrictive polymer composite
Pages 251-257
L. Lebrun, D. Guyomar, B. Guiffard, P.-J. Cottinet, C. Putson
19. Optimal design of rotary manipulators using shape memory alloy wire actuated flexures
Pages 258-266
Chao-Chieh Lan, Jhe-Hong Wang, Chen-Hsien Fan
Systems/Applications Section
20. Rapid mixing between ferro-nanofluid and water in a semi-active Y-type micromixer
Pages 267-273
Tsung-Han Tsai, Dar-Sun Liou, Long-Sheng Kuo, Ping-Hei Chen





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