ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.154/1



Date: 31 August 2009


Physical Section
1. Reducing thermal transient induced errors in thermopile sensors in ear thermometer applications
Pages 1-6
Martin Liess, Herman Karagözoglu, Henrik Ernst
2. Compensating on-chip transmission line losses for a high-sensitivity microwave sensor
Pages 7-11
Chunrong Song, James E. Harriss, Pingshan Wang
3. Fiber Bragg grating weighing sensor of beam with two parallel holes
Pages 12-15
Chuan Li, Yu Wang, Zhou Wan, Yan Chen, Jiang-Chun Xu, Xiao-Ping Xu
4. Temperature compensated high efficiency inductor current sensor
Pages 16-22
K.M. Tsang, W.L. Chan
5. A novel frequency method for quantitative analysis of fluorescence dye concentration by using series photodetector frequency circuit system
Pages 23-29
Yuh Ming Hsu, Chung Cheng Chang
6. FEM modeling of SAW organic vapor sensors
Pages 30-34
Yi-Gui Zhao, Ming Liu, Dong-Mei Li, Jing-Jing Li, Jie-Bin Niu
7. Highly sensitive micromachined capacitive pressure sensor with reduced hysteresis and low parasitic capacitance
Pages 35-41
T. Pedersen, G. Fragiacomo, O. Hansen, E.V. Thomsen
8. Polysilicon nanofilm pressure sensor
Pages 42-45
Xiaowei Liu, Xuebin Lu, Rongyan Chuai, Changzhi Shi, Chunguang Suo
9. Continuous-time interface for a micromachined capacitive accelerometer with NEA of g and bandwidth of 300 Hz
Pages 46-56
Lasse Aaltonen, Kari Halonen
10. Development of a piezoelectric polymer film sensor for plantar normal and shear stress measurements
Pages 57-64
Satu Kärki, Jukka Lekkala, Hannu Kuokkanen, Jouko Halttunen
Interfaces Section
11. PC sound card-based simple instrument for the potentiometric sensors
Pages 65-68
Sukhen Chandra, Abu Bakar Md. Ismail
Materials and Technology Section
12. Magnetic flux memory effect using a magnetostrictive material-shape memory piezoelectric actuator composite
Pages 69-72
Tomoya Ozaki, Hiroshi Hosaka, Takeshi Morita
13. Covalently bonded multi-walled carbon nanotubes-cellulose electro-active paper actuator
Pages 73-78
Sungryul Yun, Jaehwan Kim
14. Piezoresistance in chemically synthesized polypyrrole thin films
Pages 79-84
S. Barnoss, H. Shanak, C.C. Bof Bufon, T. Heinzel
15. Characterization of intermediate In/Ag layers of low temperature fluxless solder based wafer bonding for MEMS packaging
Pages 85-91
Chengkuo Lee, Aibin Yu, Liling Yan, Haitao Wang, Johnny Han He, Qing Xin Zhang, John H. Lau
Actuator Section
16. Miniature spherical motor using iron–gallium alloy (Galfenol)
Pages 92-96
Toshiyuki Ueno, Chihiro Saito, Nobuo Imaizumi, Toshiro Higuchi
17. Effects of internal electrode composition on the reliability of low-firing PMN–PZT multilayer ceramic actuators
Pages 97-102
Jae-Shin Lee, Mun-Seok Choi, Hyoung Su Han, Young-Min Kong, Sunjung Kim, Ill Won Kim, Min Soo Kim, Soon Jong Jeong
18. Micromachined PZT cantilever based on SOI structure for low frequency vibration energy harvesting
Pages 103-108
Dongna Shen, Jung-Hyun Park, Joo Hyon Noh, Song-Yul Choe, Seung-Hyun Kim, Howard C. Wikle III, Dong-Joo Kim
19. A microfabricated and microassembled wireless resonator
Pages 109-116
Michael Flückiger, Zoltán Nagy, Martin Probst, Olgaç Ergeneman, Salvador Pané, Bradley J. Nelson
20. Piezoelectricity of wet drawn cellulose electro-active paper
Pages 117-122
Chulho Yang, Jung-Hwan Kim, Joo-Hyung Kim, Jaehwan Kim, Heung Soo Kim
  Micromechanics Section
21. Numerical and experimental characterization of 3-phase rectification of nanobead dielectrophoretic transport exploiting Brownian motion
Pages 123-131
Ersin Altintas, Edin Sarajlic, Karl F. Böhringer, Hiroyuki Fujita
22. Effects of trapped air bubbles on frequency responses of the piezo-driven inkjet printheads and visualization of the bubbles using synchrotron X-ray
Pages 132-139
Byung-Hun Kim, Tae-Gyun Kim, Tae-Kyung Lee, Sungwook Kim, Seung-Joo Shin, Seong-Jin Kim, Sang-Joon Lee
23. Failure of Au RF-MEMS switches subjected to dynamic loading
Pages 140-148
J. Kimberley, R.S. Cooney, J. Lambros, I. Chasiotis, N.S. Barker
24. Characterization of Young's modulus and residual stress gradient of MetalMUMPs electroplated nickel film
Pages 149-156
Siyuan He, John S. Chang, Lihua Li, Hsu Ho
Systems/Applications Section
25. Sensor-Ball system based on IEEE 1451 for monitoring the condition of power transmission lines
Pages 157-168
Jeong-Do Kim, Jung-Hwan Lee, Yu-Kyung Ham, Chul-Ho Hong, Byoung-Woon Min, Sang-Goog Lee
26. IEEE 1451.0 standard based smart readout for multi-rate control of system
Pages 169-174
J. Kamala, B. Umamaheswari
Technology Section
27. Characterization of electrospun ZnO–SnO2 nanofibers for ethanol sensor
Pages 175-179
Xiaofeng Song, Li Liu
28. Wafer bonding with nano-imprint resists as sacrificial adhesive for fabrication of silicon-on-integrated-circuit (SOIC) wafers in 3D integration of MEMS and ICs
Pages 180-186
Frank Niklaus, Adit Decharat, Fredrik Forsberg, Niclas Roxhed, Martin Lapisa, Michael Populin, Fabian Zimmer, Jörn Lemm, Göran Stemme





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