ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.155/1



Date: October 2009


1. Microsystem for nanofiber electromechanical measurements
Pages 1-7
Joseph J. Brown, Ji Won Suk, Gurpreet Singh, Alicia I. Baca, Dmitriy A. Dikin, Rodney S. Ruoff, Victor M. Bright
2. Sacrificial layers for air gaps in NEMS using alucone molecular layer deposition
Pages 8-15
D. Seghete, B.D. Davidson, R.A. Hall, Y.J. Chang, V.M. Bright, S.M. George
3. Performance characterization of a new temperature-robust gain-bandwidth improved MEMS gyroscope operated in air
Pages 16-22
Alexander A. Trusov, Adam R. Schofield, Andrei M. Shkel
4. Design and demonstration of PECVD multilayer dielectric mirrors optimized for micromachined cavity angled sidewalls
Pages 23-32
Maximillian A. Perez, John Kitching, Andrei M. Shkel
General Section
5. A proposal of new contactless layered sensor for material identification
Pages 33-38
Akira Kimoto, Shintarou Fujisaki, Katsunori Shida
6. On-chip characterization of the mass diffusivity of binary mixtures using Brownian microscopy
Pages 39-46
Jichul Kim, Yongho Sungtaek Ju
7. MEMS thermal imager with optical readout
Pages 47-57
C.D.W. Jones, C.A. Bolle, R. Ryf, M.E. Simon, F. Pardo, V.A. Aksyuk, W.Y.-C. Lai, J.E. Bower, J.F. Miner, F.P. Klemens, R.A. Cirelli, T.W. Sorsch, E.J. Ferry, L.A. Fetter, C.-S. Pai, J.A. Taylor, B. Vyas, G.P. Watson, B. Stekas, M.R. Baker, A.R. Papazian, N.R. Basavanhally, W.M. Mansfield, A. Kornblit, R.C. Keller, J.V. Gates, A.P. Ramirez
8. A hydrogel-based passive wireless sensor using a flex-circuit inductive transducer
Pages 58-65
Vijayalakshmi Sridhar, Kenichi Takahata
Physical Section
9. A micro-wind sensor based on mechanical drag and thermal effects
Pages 66-72
Lidong Du, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Jing Xu, Daoqu Geng, Yonghong Liu
10. The optical mouse sensor as an incremental rotary encoder
Pages 73-81
M. Tresanchez, T. Pallejà, M. Teixidó, J. Palacín
11. Continuum electromechanics of a magnetorheological damper including the friction force effects between the MR fluid and device walls: Analytical modelling and experimental validation
Pages 82-88
Eduarda Costa, P.J. Costa Branco
12. Measuring unsteady axial velocity of fibres and threads
Pages 89-97
V. Tesař
Interfaces Section
13. Discrete and continuous cellular automata for the simulation of propagating surfaces
Pages 98-112
M.A. Gosálvez, Y. Xing, K. Sato, R.M. Nieminen
Materials and Technology Section
14. Influence of redox-induced restructuring of polypyrrole on its surface morphology and wettability
Pages 113-119
Kwok Siong Teh, Yusuke Takahashi, Zhonghua Yao, Yen-Wen Lu
15. Modulated release of dexamethasone from chitosan–carbon nanotube films
Pages 120-124
Sina Naficy, Joselito M. Razal, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace
16. Growth and characteristics of polycrystalline 3C–SiC films for extreme environment micro/nano-electromechanical systems
Pages 125-130
Kang-San Kim, Gwiy-Sang Chung
17. Effective heat conservation in a sandwich-structured microbolometer using mesoporous TiO2 layers
Pages 131-135
Sun Gyu Choi, Tae-Jung Ha, Hyung-Ho Park, Sangwoo Shin, Hyung Hee Cho, Kwang-Ho Kwon, MunPyo Hong
18. Systematic study of electropolishing technique for improving the quality and production reproducibility of tungsten STM probe
Pages 136-144
Bing-Feng Ju, Yuan-Liu Chen, Mingming Fu, Ye Chen, Yunhai Yang
19. Surface activation for low temperature wafer fusion bonding by radicals produced in an oxygen discharge
Pages 145-151
J. Kowal, T. Nixon, N. Aitken, N.St.J. Braithwaite
Actuator Section
20. Polymer actuator based on PVA/PAMPS ionic membrane: Optimization of ionic transport properties
Pages 152-162
Chi-An Dai, Chun-Jie Chang, An-Cheng Kao, Wei-Bor Tsai, Wen-Shiang Chen, Wei-Ming Liu, Wen-Pin Shih, Chien-Ching Ma
21. Study on non-contact linear motors driven by surface acoustic waves
Pages 163-167
Huan-huan Gu, Shu-yi Zhang, Li-ping Cheng, Di Ma, Feng-mei Zhou, Zhao-jiang Chen, Xiu-ji Shui
22. Droplet generation using a torsional Langevin-type transducer and a micropore plate
Pages 168-174
Takuya Harada, Naoyuki Ishikawa, Takefumi Kanda, Koichi Suzumori, Yoshiaki Yamada, Ken-Ichiro Sotowa
23. The analysis of the electro-mechanical model of the cylindrical radial composite piezoelectric ceramic transducer
Pages 175-180
Shiqing Liu, Shuyu Lin
Micromechanics Section
24. Measurement of mean and gradient residual stresses in thin films using spiral microstructures
Pages 181-187
Chen-Jung Li
25. Feedback-induced phase noise in microcantilever-based oscillators
Pages 188-194
Javier Malo, José-Ignacio Izpura
Systems/Applications Section
26. Error characteristic and its compensation method for GECS measurement system
Pages 195-202
Weiwen Liu, Hui Zhao, Wei Tao, Hongli Qi
27. Asymmetrical flow effect applied to pumping performance of simple duct channel
Pages 203-209
Chin-Tsan Wang, Tzong-Shyng Leu, Jia-Ming Sun
28. A GPS-enabled wireless sensor network for monitoring radioactive materials
Pages 210-215
Fei Ding, Guangming Song, Kaijian Yin, Jianqing Li, Aiguo Song





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