ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.156/2



Date: December 2009


General Section
1. Development of wafer scale encapsulation process for large displacement piezoresistive MEMS devices
Pages 275-283
Vipin Ayanoor-Vitikkate, Kuan-lin Chen, Woo-Tae Park, Thomas W. Kenny
2. Polymer-based flexible tactile sensor up to 32 × 32 arrays integrated with interconnection terminals
Pages 284-291
Kunnyun Kim, Kang Ryeol Lee, Won Hyo Kim, Kwang-Bum Park, Tae-Hyung Kim, Jin-Sang Kim, James Jungho Pak
3. Improved Sixtus–Tonks method for sensing the domain wall propagation direction
Pages 292-295
J. Hudak, J. Blazek, A. Cverha, P. Gonda, R. Varga
4. Differential optical navigation sensor for mobile robots
Pages 296-301
Dongjun Hyun, Hyun Seok Yang, Hye Ri Park, Hyuk-Sung Park
5. Calibration methods for inertial and magnetic sensors
Pages 302-311
S. Bonnet, C. Bassompierre, C. Godin, S. Lesecq, A. Barraud
6. High-mobility pentacene thin-film phototransistor with poly-4-vinylphenol gate dielectric
Pages 312-316
Jae-Hong Kwon, Myung-Ho Chung, Tae-Yeon Oh, Hyeon-Seok Bae, Jung-Ho Park, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu
7. Temperature stability of ZnO-based Love wave biosensor with SiO2 buffer layer
Pages 317-322
Xi Chen, Dali Liu
Materials and Technology Section
8. Characterization and patterning of novel high-TCR Ta–Si–N thin films for sensor application
Pages 323-327
C.K. Chung, Y.L. Chang, J.C. Wu, J.J. Jhu, T.S. Chen
9. High aspect ratio PMMA posts and characterization method for micro coils manufactured with an automatic wire bonder
Pages 328-333
Kai Kratt, Vlad Badilita, Tobias Burger, Jürgen Mohr, Martin Börner, Jan G. Korvink, Ulrike Wallrabe
10. Ellipsometry study of the adsorbed surfactant thickness on Si{1 1 0} and Si{1 0 0} and the effect of pre-adsorbed surfactant layer on etching characteristics in TMAH
Pages 334-341
Bin Tang, Prem Pal, M.A. Gosalvez, M. Shikida, K. Sato, H. Amakawa, S. Itoh
Actuator Section
11. Fabrication and characterization of optofluidic flexible meniscus–biconvex lens system
Pages 342-349
Guo-Hua Feng, Yu-Chin Chou
12. Modeling, characterization and fabrication of vibration energy harvester using Terfenol-D/PZT/Terfenol-D composite transducer
Pages 350-358
Xianzhi Dai, Yumei Wen, Ping Li, Jin Yang, Gaoyong Zhang
13. Cylindrical ultrasonic linear microactuator based on quasi-traveling wave propagation on a thin film metallic glass pipe supported by a piezoelectric ceramic tube
Pages 359-365
Dongming Sun, Sheng Wang, Seiichi Hata, Junpei Sakurai, Akira Shimokohbe
14. A flexible electro-rheological microvalve (FERV) based on SU-8 cantilever structures and its application to microactuators
Pages 366-372
Joon-Wan Kim, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Kumiko Kouda, Shinichi Yokota
Micromechanics Section
15. Tunable dual-frequency RF MEMS rectangular slot ring antenna
Pages 373-380
Kagan Topalli, Emre Erdil, Ozlem Aydin Civi, Simsek Demir, Sencer Koc, Tayfun Akin
16. Electrokinetic DNA concentration in microsystems
Pages 381-387
Kin Fong Lei, Han Cheng, Kit Ying Choy, Larry M.C. Chow
Systems/Applications Section
17. Creating low-impedance tetrodes by electroplating with additives
Pages 388-393
John E. Ferguson, Chris Boldt, A. David Redish
18. On the implementation and evaluation of an elliptic curve based cryptosystem for Java enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages 394-405
David E. Boyle, Thomas Newe
Technology Section
19. Study of multi-step X-ray exposures to fabricate microstructure
Pages 406-414
C.T. Pan, T.T. Wu, S.C. Shen, M.C. Chou, T.C. Wu











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