ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.157/1



Date: January 2010


General Section
1. Integrated CMOS optical sensor for cell detection and analysis
Pages 1-8
Yahya Hosseini, Karan V.I.S. Kaler
Physical Section
2. Dynamically modulated intensity interrogation scheme using waveguide coupled surface plasmon resonance sensors
Pages 9-14
Xin Ma, Xinlong Xu, Zheng Zheng, Kun Wang, Yalin Su, Jiangfeng Fan, Rui Zhang, Lusheng Song, Zhiyou Wang, Jinsong Zhu
3. Temperature-insensitive accelerometer based on a strain-chirped FBG
Pages 15-18
Wenjun Zhou, Xinyong Dong, K. Ni, C.C. Chan, P. Shum
4. Two-terminal ultrahigh frequency carrier type thin-film magnetic sensor using impedance matching lines
Pages 19-25
Masakatsu Senda
5. Defect classification based on rectangular pulsed eddy current sensor in different directions
Pages 26-31
Yunze He, Feilu Luo, Mengchun Pan, Xiangchao Hu, Junzhe Gao, Bo Liu
6. Insertion loss characteristics of passive devices fabricated on anodized aluminum oxide layers formed on Si substrates
Pages 32-35
Hye Min Ji, Won Sang Lee, Daniel S. Choi, Young Keun Kim
7. Development of wireless compressive/relaxation-stress measurement system integrated with pressure-sensitive carbon black-filled silicone rubber-based sensors
Pages 36-41
S.L. Wang, P. Wang, T.H. Ding
8. Spin-valve planar Hall sensor for single bead detection
Pages 42-46
Tran Quang Hung, Sunjong Oh, Jong-Ryul Jeong, CheolGi Kim
Materials and Technology Section
9. Packaging effect investigation of WL-CSP with a central opening: A case study on pressure sensors
Pages 47-53
Lung-Tai Chen
Actuator Section
10. A hybrid model for rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators
Pages 54-60
Xinliang Zhang, Yonghong Tan
11. Displacement amplification of piezoelectric microactuators with a micromachined leverage unit
Pages 61-67
C. Bolzmacher, K. Bauer, U. Schmid, M. Hafez, H. Seidel
12. Design of micro-electromagnetic drive on reciprocally rotating disc used for micro-gyroscopes
Pages 68-76
Nan-Chyuan Tsai, Jiun-Sheng Liou, Chih-Che Lin, Tuan Li
13. Investigation on packages of fiber Bragg grating for use as embeddable strain sensor in concrete structure
Pages 77-83
P. Biswas, S. Bandyopadhyay, K. Kesavan, S. Parivallal, B. Arun Sundaram, K. Ravisankar, K. Dasgupta
14. Displacement amplifier for piezoelectric actuator based on honeycomb link mechanism
Pages 84-90
Mikio Muraoka, Shin Sanada
15. Atomistic mechanism for the macroscopic effects induced by small additions of surfactants to alkaline etching solutions
Pages 91-95
M.A. Gosálvez, P. Pal, B. Tang, K. Sato
16. Effect of temperature on humido-sensitive conducting polymer actuators
Pages 96-99
Hidenori Okuzaki, Kosuke Hosaka, Hiroki Suzuki, Takamichi Ito
17. A magnetoelectric energy harvester and management circuit for wireless sensor network
Pages 100-106
Ping Li, Yumei Wen, Pangang Liu, Xinshen Li, Chaobo Jia
18. Experimental studies of the influence of parameters on axisymmetric synthetic jets
Pages 107-112
R.Q. Shan, J.J. Wang
19. Nitinol one-way shape memory springs: Thermomechanical characterization and actuator design
Pages 113-117
G. Costanza, M.E. Tata, C. Calisti
20. Novel electromagnetic actuation (EMA) method for 3-dimensional locomotion of intravascular microrobot
Pages 118-125
Semi Jeong, Hyunchul Choi, Jongho Choi, Chungsun Yu, Jong-oh Park, Sukho Park
21. Design, fabrication, and testing of MEMS solid propellant thruster array chip on glass wafer
Pages 126-134
Jongkwang Lee, Kyunghwan Kim, Sejin Kwon
22. Magnetic field amplification by slender cuboid-shaped magnetic concentrators with a single gap
Pages 135-139
Simon Brugger, Oliver Paul
Micromechanics Section
23. Simulation and experiment research on vaporizing liquid micro-thruster
Pages 140-149
Chia-Chin Chen, Chien-Wei Liu, Heng-Chuan Kan, Lee-Her Hu, Guey-Shin Chang, Ming-Chih Cheng, Bau-Tong Dai
Systems/Applications Section
24. Sensing methodology for in vivo stability evaluation of total hip and knee arthroplasty
Pages 150-160
Shiying Hao, John T. Taylor, Chris R. Bowen, Sabina Gheduzzi, Anthony W. Miles
25. Using the image acquisition capabilities of the optical mouse sensor to build an absolute rotary encoder
Pages 161-167
M. Tresanchez, T. Pallejà, M. Teixidó, J. Palacín
Technology Section
26. Study on triple-stack anodic bonding using two electrodes
Pages 168-172
Tingkai Zhang, Honghai Zhang, Jian Xu, Sheng Liu, Zhiyin Gan











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