ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.158/2



Date: March 2010


Physical Section
1. CMOS wireless temperature sensor with integrated radiating element
Pages 169-175
Fabio Zito, Fabio Aquilino, Letizia Fragomeni, Massimo Merenda, Francesco G. Della Corte
2. Hierarchical structured ZnO nanorods on ZnO nanofibers and their photoresponse to UV and visible lights
Pages 176-182
Yinhua Li, Jian Gong, Yulin Deng
3. Development of piezoelectric acoustic sensor with frequency selectivity for artificial cochlea
Pages 183-192
Hirofumi Shintaku, Takayuki Nakagawa, Dai Kitagawa, Harto Tanujaya, Satoyuki Kawano, Juichi Ito
4. Liquid sensors using refractive intensity at the end-face of a glass fiber connected to fiber-Bragg grating
Pages 193-197
Kyung Rak Sohn
5. The warm-up and offset stability of a low-pressure piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor
Pages 198-206
Marina Santo Zarnik, Darko Belavic, Srecko Macek
6. Cavity ring-down long period grating pressure sensor
Pages 207-211
N. Ni, C.C. Chan, W.C. Wong, L.Y. Shao, X.Y. Dong, P. Shum
7. Application of a non-linear Method of Moments to predict microfluxgates output
Pages 212-216
Y. Vuillermet, M. Audoin, R. Cuchet
8. Design of a low-cost non-destructive system for punctual measurements of salt levels in food products using impedance spectroscopy
Pages 217-223
Rafael Masot, Miguel Alcañiz, Ana Fuentes, Franciny C. Schmidt, José M. Barat, Luis Gil, Diana Baigts, Ramón Martínez-Máñez, Juan Soto
9. Non-contact strain measurements based on inverse magnetostriction
Pages 224-230
Christoph Bechtold, Iulian Teliban, Claas Thede, Steffen Chemnitz, Eckhard Quandt
10. Experimental analysis and characterization of electrostatic-drive tri-axis micro-gyroscope
Pages 231-239
Nan-Chyuan Tsai, Chung-Yang Sue
11. Theoretical description of a responsive magneto-hydrogel transduction principle
Pages 240-248
M.P.B. van Bruggen, J.B.A. van Zon
12. A polymer-Metglas sensor used to detect volatile organic compounds
Pages 249-253
Theodoros Baimpos, Panagiotis Boutikos, Vladimiros Nikolakis, Dimitris Kouzoudis
13. Non-contact optical sensor to detect free flying droplets in the nanolitre range
Pages 254-262
J. Tröndle, A. Ernst, W. Streule, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay
14. Methods for enhanced electrical transduction and characterization of micromechanical resonators
Pages 263-272
A.T-H. Lin, J.E-Y. Lee, J. Yan, A.A. Seshia
15. A self-bended piezoresistive microcantilever flow sensor for low flow rate measurement
Pages 273-279
Qi Zhang, Wenzhou Ruan, Han Wang, Youzheng Zhou, Zheyao Wang, Litan Liu
Actuator Section
16. Hemispherical thin-film transistor passive pixel sensors
Pages 280-283
Geonwook Yoo, Tze-ching Fung, Daniela Radtke, Marko Stumpf, Uwe Zeitner, Jerzy Kanicki
17. Design and experimental characterization of a tunable vibration-based electromagnetic micro-generator
Pages 284-293
Dibin Zhu, Stephen Roberts, Michael J. Tudor, Stephen P. Beeby
18. Helical-shaped piezoelectric motor using thermoplastic co-extrusion process
Pages 294-299
Sung-Mi Lee, Chee-Sung Park, Hyoun-Ee Kim, Kyung-Woo Lee
19. Snap-through dynamics of buckled IPMC actuator
Pages 300-305
Jin-Han Jeon, Tai-Hong Cheng, Il-Kwon Oh
20. Ultra-compact, zero-power magnetic latching piezoelectric inchworm motor with integrated position sensor
Pages 306-312
Chang-Hoon Oh, Jung-Hoon Choi, Hyo-Jin Nam, Jong-Uk Bu, Seong-Hyok Kim
21. A novel tunable grating fabricated with viscoelastic polymer (PDMS) and conductive polymer (PEDOT)
Pages 313-319
G. Ouyang, K. Wang, L. Henriksen, M.N. Akram, X.Y. Chen
Micromechanics Section
22. A hybrid-type electrostatically driven microgripper with an integrated vacuum tool
Pages 320-327
Tao Chen, Lining Sun, Liguo Chen, Weibin Rong, Xinxin Li
23. A breath sensor using carbon nanotubes operated by field effects of polarization and ionization
Pages 328-334
Xiaohang Chen, Yanyan Wang, Yuhua Wang, Zhongyu Hou, Dong Xu, Zhi Yang, Yafei Zhang
Technology Section
24. Effect of surface characteristic on room-temperature silicon direct bonding
Pages 335-341
Guanglan Liao, Tielin Shi, Xiaohui Lin, Ziwen Ma








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