ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.159/1



Date: April 2010


Physical Section
1. Ultraprecision 3D probing system based on spherical capacitive plate
Pages 1-6
J.B. Tan, J.N. Cui
2. A frameless eddy current sensor for cryogenic displacement measurement
Pages 7-11
Peng Wang, Zhibin Fu, Tianhuai Ding
3. An ultrasonic transmission thickness measurement system for study of water rivulets characteristics of stay cables suffering from wind–rain-induced vibration
Pages 12-23
Feng-Chen Li, Wen-Li Chen, Hui Li, Rui Zhang
4. Electromagnetic fields distribution in multilayer thin film structures and the origin of sensitivity enhancement in surface plasmon resonance sensors
Pages 24-32
Atef Shalabney, Ibrahim Abdulhalim
5. In situ MEMS gradiometer with nanometer-resolution optical detection system
Pages 33-40
Humberto Campanella, R.P. del Real, Marta Duch, Christophe Serre, I. Lucas, V. De Manuel, Héctor Guerrero, Jaume Esteve, Marina Díaz-Michelena, José A. Plaza
6. Latching in a MEMS shock sensor: Modeling and experiments
Pages 41-50
Luke J. Currano, Miao Yu, Balakumar Balachandran
7. Development of a MEMS digital accelerometer (MDA) using a microscale liquid metal droplet in a microstructured photosensitive glass channel
Pages 51-57
Usung Park, Kwanghyun Yoo, Joonwon Kim
8. Detection and discrimination of pure gases and binary mixtures using a dual-modality microcantilever sensor
Pages 58-63
A. Loui, D.J. Sirbuly, S. Elhadj, S.K. McCall, B.R. Hart, T.V. Ratto
Materials and Technology Section
9. Octree-search Kinetic Monte Carlo
Pages 64-68
M.A. Gosálvez, Y. Xing, K. Sato, R.M. Nieminen
10. Giant magneto-impedance effect in diamagnetic organic thin film coated amorphous ribbons
Pages 69-72
Ahmet Peksoz, Yunus Kaya, Asli Ayten Taysioglu, Naim Derebasi, Gokay Kaynak
Actuator Section
11. Low pH-range control of McKibben polymeric artificial muscles
Pages 73-78
B. Tondu, S. Mathé, R. Emirkhanian
12. Design and fabrication of twisting-type thermal actuation mechanism for micromirrors
Pages 79-87
Dong Hyun Kim, Yong Chul Park, Seungho Park
13. Effects of residual stresses on lead–zirconate–titanate (PZT) thin-film membrane microactuators
Pages 88-95
Cheng-Chun Lee, G.Z. Cao, I.Y. Shen
14. Design and fabrication of flexible piezo-microgenerator by depositing ZnO thin films on PET substrates
Pages 96-104
C.T. Pan, Z.H. Liu, Y.C. Chen, C.F. Liu
15. Lens integrated with self-aligned variable aperture using pneumatic actuation method
Pages 105-110
Hongbin Yu, Guangya Zhou, Sujeet Kumar Sinha, Fook Siong Chau, Shouhua Wang
Micromechanics Section
16. Fabrication and characterization of a shear mode AlN solidly mounted resonator-silicone microfluidic system for in-liquid sensor applications
Pages 111-116
Gunjana Sharma, Lina Liljeholm, Johannes Enlund, Johan Bjurström, Ilia Katardjiev, Klas Hjort
Systems/Applications Section
17. Wireless tracking and locating system for in-pipe robot
Pages 117-125
Haiming Qi, Jinrui Ye, Xiaohua Zhang, Hongjun Chen
Technology Section
18. Fabrication of various dimensions of high fill-factor micro-lens arrays for OLED package
Pages 126-134
K.H. Liu, M.F. Chen, C.T. Pan, M.Y. Chang, W.Y. Huang








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