ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.162/2



Eurosensors XXIII, 2009
Edited by P.J. French


Date: August 2010



Page vi


An experimental study of high gain parametric amplification in MEMS
Pages 145-154
Zhongxu Hu, Barry J. Gallacher, Kiran M. Harish, James S. Burdess


Organic thin film transistors on flexible polyimide substrates fabricated by full-wafer stencil lithography
Pages 155-159
Katrin Sidler, Nenad V. Cvetkovic, Veronica Savu, Dimitrios Tsamados, Adrian M. Ionescu, Juergen Brugger


The BladderPill: An in-body system logging bladder pressure
Pages 160-166
Philippe Jourand, Robert Puers


Angular position device with 2D low-noise Hall microsensor
Pages 167-171
S. Lozanova, Ch. Roumenin


Development of a novel electromagnetic pump for biomedical applications
Pages 172-176
A.T. Al-Halhouli, M.I. Kilani, S. Büttgenbach


A wireless power supply system for robotic capsular endoscopes
Pages 177-183
R. Carta, J. Thoné, R. Puers


Electrically tunable surface micromachined Fabry–Perot interferometer for visible light
Pages 184-188
M. Blomberg, H. Kattelus, A. Miranto


Ultra sensitive biosensor based on impedance spectroscopy at microwave frequencies for cell scale analysis
Pages 189-197
C. Dalmay, M. Cheray, A. Pothier, F. Lalloué, M.O. Jauberteau, P. Blondy


INKtelligent printed strain gauges
Pages 198-201
M. Maiwald, C. Werner, V. Zoellmer, M. Busse


Design and evaluation of a measuring system for human force perception parameters
Pages 202-209
Christian Hatzfeld, Thorsten A. Kern, Roland Werthschützky


Thin film absorbers for visible, near-infrared, and short-wavelength infrared spectra
Pages 210-214
M. Laamanen, M. Blomberg, R.L. Puurunen, A. Miranto, H. Kattelus


Real-time monitoring of a high pressure reactor using a gas density sensor
Pages 215-219
Johannes K. Sell, Alexander O. Niedermayer, Sebastian Babik, Bernhard Jakoby


Temperature sensitivity of silicon cantilevers’ elasticity with the electrostatic pull-in instability
Pages 220-224
Hamed Sadeghian, Chung-Kai Yang, Hans Goosen, Andre Bossche, Paddy French, Fred van Keulen


Simulations and experiments of hardening and softening resonances in a clamped–clamped beam MEMS resonator
Pages 225-234
R.M.C. Mestrom, R.H.B. Fey, K.L. Phan, H. Nijmeijer


Position encoding and phase control of resonant MOEMS mirrors
Pages 235-240
A. Tortschanoff, M. Lenzhofer, A. Frank, M. Wildenhain, T. Sandner, H. Schenk, W. Scherf, A. Kenda


A closed core microfluxgate sensor with cascaded planar FeNi rings
Pages 241-247
O. Zorlu, P. Kejik, W. Teppan


Wearable inertial mouse for children with physical and cognitive impairments
Pages 248-259
R. Raya, J.O. Roa, E. Rocon, R. Ceres, J.L. Pons


Mechanically tuneable microoptical structure based on PDMS
Pages 260-266
V.J. Cadarso, A. Llobera, G. Villanueva, J.A. Plaza, J. Brugger, C. Dominguez


A SOI Pirani sensor with triple heat sinks
Pages 267-271
Q. Li, J.F.L. Goosen, J.T.M. van Beek, F. van Keulen


Scintillation particle detection based on microfluidics
Pages 272-275
A. Mapelli, B. Gorini, M. Haguenauer, S. Jiguet, G. Lehmann Miotto, W. Vandelli, N. Vico Triviño, P. Renaud


Estimation of gait parameters by measuring upper limb–walker interaction forces
Pages 276-283
A. Abellanas, A. Frizera, R. Ceres, J.A. Gallego


Current-induced recrystallization of polycrystalline silicon nano thin films deposited at different temperatures and its influences
on piezoresistive sensitivity and temperature coefficients

Pages 284-290
Chang-zhi Shi, Xiao-wei Liu, Rong-yan Chuai


Miniaturized digital camera system for disposable endoscopic applications
Pages 291-296
Daniele Covi, Carmela Cavallotti, Monica Vatteroni, Luca Clementel, Pietro Valdastri, Arianna Menciassi, Paolo Dario, Alvise Sartori


Smart optical CMOS sensor for endoluminal applications
Pages 297-303
Monica Vatteroni, Daniele Covi, Carmela Cavallotti, Luca Clementel, Pietro Valdastri, Arianna Menciassi, Paolo Dario, Alvise Sartori


Fabrication and packaging technologies of Love-wave-based microbalance for fluid analysis
Pages 304-309
L. El Fissi, J.-M. Friedt, F. Chérioux, V. Luzet, S. Ballandras


Characterization of a novel membrane-rheometer utilizing a semi-numerical modelling approach in the spectral domain
Pages 310-315
Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier, Erwin K. Reichel, Bernhard Jakoby


Flexible tag datalogger for food logistics
Pages 316-323
V. Mattoli, B. Mazzolai, A. Mondini, Stefano Zampolli, P. Dario


Tester for a space micro-accelerometer
Pages 324-328
V. Petrucha, P. Mlejnek, P. Ripka, M. Chvojka, P. Posolda


Numerical and experimental investigation on contactless resonant sensors
Pages 329-335
B. Andò, S. Baglio, M. Baù, V. Ferrari, E. Sardini, N. Savalli, M. Serpelloni, C. Trigona


Characterization of piezoelectric PZT beam actuators for driving 2D scanning micromirrors
Pages 336-347
Kah How Koh, Takeshi Kobayashi, Fu-Li Hsiao, Chengkuo Lee


Behavior analysis of ferrofluidic gyroscope performances
Pages 348-354
B. Andò, S. Baglio, A. Beninato


Dipole-source localization using biomimetic flow-sensor arrays positioned as lateral-line system
Pages 355-360
A.M.K. Dagamseh, T.S.J. Lammerink, M.L. Kolster, C.M. Bruinink, R.J. Wiegerink, G.J.M. Krijnen


Thick-film multi-DOF force/torque sensor for wrist rehabilitation
Pages 361-366
C. Jacq, B. Lüthi, Th. Maeder, O. Lambercy, R. Gassert, P. Ryser


Formulation of composite resistive pastes for fabrication of micro-heaters
Pages 367-372
N. Serra, T. Maeder, P. Lemaire, P. Ryser


Thermal flow sensors for MEMS spirometric devices
Pages 373-378
F. Hedrich, K. Kliche, M. Storz, S. Billat, M. Ashauer, R. Zengerle


Design, geometry evaluation, and calibration of a gyroscope-free inertial measurement unit
Pages 379-387
Patrick Schopp, Lasse Klingbeil, Christian Peters, Yiannos Manoli


A digital interface for gyroscopes controlling the primary and secondary mode using bandpass sigma–delta modulation
Pages 388-393
T. Northemann, M. Maurer, S. Rombach, A. Buhmann, Y. Manoli


An acoustic multi-touch sensing method using amplitude disturbed ultrasonic wave diffraction patterns
Pages 394-399
Y. Liu, J.P. Nikolovski, N. Mechbal, M. Hafez, M. Vergé


Fabrication and characterization of IC-Compatible Linear Variable Optical Filters with application in a micro-spectrometer
Pages 400-405
A. Emadi, H. Wu, S. Grabarnik, G. De Graaf, K. Hedsten, P. Enoksson, J.H. Correia, R.F. Wolffenbuttel


Design, fabrication and characterization of a femto-farad capacitive sensor for pico-liter liquid monitoring
Pages 406-417
J. Wei, C. Yue, M. van der Velden, Z.L. Chen, Z.W. Liu, K.A.A. Makinwa, P.M. Sarro


Analysis and experimental verification of a metallic suspended plate resonator for viscosity sensing
Pages 418-424
Erwin K. Reichel, Christian Riesch, Franz Keplinger, Christine E.A. Kirschhock, Bernhard Jakoby


Improved energy harvesting from wideband vibrations by nonlinear piezoelectric converters
Pages 425-431
M. Ferrari, V. Ferrari, M. Guizzetti, B. Andò, S. Baglio, C. Trigona









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