ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.163/1



Date: September 2010


General Section
1. Sensor properties and surface characterization of aluminum-deposited SPR optical fibers
Pages 1-8
Masaru Mitsushio, Kensaku Watanabe, Yasuyuki Abe, Morihide Higo
Physical Section
2. Advantages of PZT thick film for MEMS sensors
Pages 9-14
C.G. Hindrichsen, R. Lou-Møller, K. Hansen, E.V. Thomsen
3. Thin-Film Detector System for Internal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Pages 15-24
R.R.A. Syms, I.R. Young, M.M. Ahmad, M. Rea, C.A. Wadsworth, S.D. Taylor-Robinson
4. Development of temperature stable charge based piezoelectric composite quasi-static pressure sensors
Pages 25-31
D.A. van den Ende, W.A. Groen, S. van der Zwaag
5. Piezoelectric circular microdiaphragm based pressure sensors
Pages 32-36
M. Olfatnia, T. Xu, J.M. Miao, L.S. Ong, X.M. Jing, L. Norford
6. Temperature-sensing behavior of Eu:BaB4O7 nanocrystals
Pages 37-41
Y. Dwivedi, S.B. Rai
7. High performance chitosan diaphragm-based fiber-optic acoustic sensor
Pages 42-47
L.H. Chen, C.C. Chan, W. Yuan, S.K. Goh, J. Sun
8. About the use of numerical integral methods to simulate a fluxgate magnetometer: The ring-core example
Pages 48-53
Y. Vuillermet
9. SAW-based capacitive sensor with hemispherical electrode for nano-precision gap measurement
Pages 54-60
J.G. Kim, T.-J. Lee, N.-C. Park, Y.-P. Park, K.-S. Park, S.-C. Lim, W.-S. Ohm
10. Fabrication of monolithically integrated flow sensor on tube
Pages 61-67
M. Shikida, T. Yokota, S. Ukai, K. Sato
11. An optical fibre system design enabling simultaneous point measurement of magnetic field strength and temperature using low-birefringence FBGs
Pages 68-74
P. Orr, P. Niewczas
12. Resonance frequency dependence on out-of-plane forces for square silicon membranes: Applications to a MEMS gradiometer
Pages 75-81
I. Lucas, R.P. del Real, M.D. Michelena, V. de Manuel, M. Duch, J. Esteve, J.A. Plaza
13. Lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate piezoelectric immunosensors
Pages 82-87
Yinghong Xiao, Yun Liu, Gerard Borg, Ray L. Withers, Zhenrong Li, Zhuo Xu, Chang Ming Li
14. Experimental analysis and demonstration of a low cost fibre optic temperature sensor system for engineering applications
Pages 88-95
Ginu Rajan, Yuliya Semenova, Jinesh Mathew, Gerald Farrell
15. Characterisation of hydrogenated silicon–carbon alloy filters with different carbon composition for on-chip fluorescence detection of biomolecules
Pages 96-100
B. Lipovšek, A. Jóskowiak, J. Krč, M. Topič, D.M.F. Prazeres, V. Chu, J.P. Conde
16. Development of fluidic weft insertion sensors
Pages 101-110
Václav Tesař
17. Applicability of MEMS cantilever micro-dilatometer for direct transverse strain monitoring in electroactive polymers
Pages 111-117
Paweł Żyłka, Paweł Janus
18. A solution of fluxgate excitation fed by squarewave voltage
Pages 118-121
Si Liu, Daping Cao, Changzhong Jiang
19. Influence of the wire length on the of coil-less fluxgate properties of amorphous (Co0.94Fe0.06)72.5Si12.5B15 wire
Pages 122-127
S. Atalay, N. Bayri, T. Izgi, V. Yagmur, F.E. Atalay, V.S. Kolat
20. Enhancement of specific cell-capture efficiency using a reversible dielectrophoresis field
Pages 128-137
B.Y. Shew, H.C. Chu, C.K. Chen, Y.C. Su, Y.H. Hsieh, L.J. Lai, S.J. Liu, C.H. Leng
21. A novel 0.7 V high sensitivity complementary differential MAGFET sensor for contactless mechatronic applications
Pages 138-149
S.M. Rezaul Hasan
22. Dynamic characterization of piezoelectric paint sensors under biaxial strain
Pages 150-158
Ismael Payo, Jack Michael Hale
23. A single crystal silicon micro-Pirani vacuum gauge with high aspect ratio structure
Pages 159-163
Wei Jiang, Xin Wang, Jinwen Zhang
24. Characterization of a large-area PVDF thin film for electro-mechanical and ultrasonic sensing applications
Pages 164-171
V.T. Rathod, D. Roy Mahapatra, Anjana Jain, A. Gayathri
25. A capacitive sensor system for the analysis of two-phase flows of oil and conductive water
Pages 172-179
Marco Demori, Vittorio Ferrari, Domenico Strazza, Pietro Poesio
Interfaces Section
26. Development of a miniature tunable stiffness display using MR fluids for haptic application
Pages 180-190
Tae-Heon Yang, Hyuk-Jun Kwon, Seung S. Lee, Jinung An, Jeong-Hoi Koo, Sang-Youn Kim, Dong-Soo Kwon
27. Interface circuit for impedance sensors using two specialized single-chip microsystems
Pages 191-197
Jerzy Hoja, Grzegorz Lentka
28. Measurement errors in the scanning of resistive sensor arrays
Pages 198-204
Hong Liu, Yuan-Fei Zhang, Yi-Wei Liu, Ming-He Jin
Materials & Technology Section
29. Study of mechanical properties of RF MEMS switches by nanoindentation: characterization and modeling of electro-mechanical behavior
Pages 205-212
Adam Koszewski, Diane Levy, Frédéric Souchon
30. The role of interfacial compatibilizer in controlling the electrical conductivity and piezoresistive behavior of the nanocomposites based on RTV silicone rubber/graphite nanosheets
Pages 213-219
R. Soltani, A.A. Katbab
31. Characterization of Nb-doped Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films deposited on stainless steel and silicon substrates by RF-magnetron sputtering for MEMS applications
Pages 220-225
Takamichi Fujii, Yoshikazu Hishinuma, Tsuyoshi Mita, Takayuki Naono
32. Aerosol-deposited KNN–LSO lead-free piezoelectric thick film for high frequency transducer applications
Pages 226-230
S.T. Lau, X. Li, Q.F. Zhou, K.K. Shung, J. Ryu, D.-S. Park
Actuator Section
33. Design of ideal circular bending actuators for high performance micropumps
Pages 231-239
Markus Herz, David Horsch, Gerhard Wachutka, Tim C. Lueth, Martin Richter
34. A multilayer bending model for conducting polymer actuators
Pages 240-246
Ping Du, Xi Lin, Xin Zhang
35. Pneumatic impulsion device for microfluidic systems
Pages 247-254
Carmen Aracil, José M. Quero, Antonio Luque, J. Miguel Moreno, Francisco Perdigones
36. A two directional electrostatic comb-drive XY micro-stage for MOEMS applications
Pages 255-265
Karolina Laszczyk, Sylwester Bargiel, Christophe Gorecki, Jerzy Krężel, Piotr Dziuban, Małgorzata Kujawińska, Damien Callet, Sven Frank
37. An improved cymbal transducer with combined piezoelectric ceramic ring and metal ring
Pages 266-276
Shuyu Lin
38. Solar micro-energy harvesting based on thermoelectric and latent heat effects. Part I: Theoretical analysis
Pages 277-283
Amen Agbossou, Qi Zhang, Gael Sebald, Daniel Guyomar
39. Solar micro-energy harvesting based on thermoelectric and latent heat effects. Part II: Experimental analysis
Pages 284-290
Qi Zhang, Amen Agbossou, Zhihua Feng, Mathieu Cosnier
40. A disposable piezoelectric micropump with high performance for closed-loop insulin therapy system
Pages 291-296
Guojun Liu, Chuanliang Shen, Zhigang Yang, Xinxia Cai, Honghai Zhang
41. Resonator with magnetically adjustable natural frequency for vibration energy harvesting
Pages 297-303
Mohamed O. Mansour, Mustafa H. Arafa, Said M. Megahed
42. Introduction of roller interface ultrasonic motor (RIUSM)
Pages 304-310
Y. Hojjat, M.R. Karafi
43. A two-liquid electroosmotic pump using low applied voltage and power
Pages 311-314
Shawn Litster, Matthew E. Suss, Juan G. Santiago
44. Design and fabrication of a PET/PTFE-based piezoelectric squeeze mode drop-on-demand inkjet printhead with interchangeable nozzle
Pages 315-322
E.Q. Li, Q. Xu, J. Sun, J.Y.H. Fuh, Y.S. Wong, S.T. Thoroddsen
45. An accurate self-sensing method for the control of shape memory alloy actuated flexures
Pages 323-332
Chao-Chieh Lan, Chen-Hsien Fan
46. An electrostatic master–slave mechanism with force enhancement by external inductors for cancellation of self- and parasitic capacitances
Pages 333-342
Takuya Hosobata, Akio Yamamoto, Toshiro Higuchi
47. Delivery actuator for a transcervical sterilization device
Pages 343-355
M. Rehan, J. Coleman, A.G. Olabi
48. Mechanical characteristics of a thermo-responsive two-way shape change polymeric laminate
Pages 356-362
Hirohisa Tamagawa, Keiko Kikuchi, Gakuji Nagai
49. Frequency-controlled wireless shape-memory-alloy microactuators integrated using an electroplating bonding process
Pages 363-372
M.S. Mohamed Ali, K. Takahata
 Micromechanics Section
50. Wear mechanisms and friction parameters for sliding wear of micron-scale polysilicon sidewalls
Pages 373-382
D.H. Alsem, R. van der Hulst, E.A. Stach, M.T. Dugger, J.Th.M. De Hosson, R.O. Ritchie
51. AFM characterization of nanopositioner in-plane stiffnesses
Pages 383-387
Seung Ho Yang, Yongsik Kim, Kavuri Premsagar Purushotham, Jae-Myung Yoo, Young-Man Choi, Nicholas Dagalakis
52. Rapid prototyping of silicon microstructures by means of a new masking process and crystal orientation dependent etching
Pages 388-392
David Hilbig, Birgit Hannemann
53. Effects of forced synthetic vibration on mixing in a flexible container installed in a μ-TAS
Pages 393-400
M. Yokoyama, O. Mochizuki
54. An analytical study on interfacial dissipation in piezoelectric rectangular block resonators with in-plane longitudinal-mode vibrations
Pages 401-409
Zhili Hao, Boxiong Liao
Systems/Applications Section
55. EMA system with gradient and uniform saddle coils for 3D locomotion of microrobot
Pages 410-417
Hyunchul Choi, Kyoungrae Cha, Jongho Choi, Semi Jeong, Seungmun Jeon, Gunhee Jang, Jong-oh Park, Sukho Park
56. Design, analysis and fabrication of a multidimensional acceleration sensor based on fully decoupled compliant parallel mechanism
Zhen Gao, Dan Zhang
Technology Section
57. High-efficiency piezoelectric energy harvesters of c-axis-oriented epitaxial PZT films transferred onto stainless steel cantilevers
Pages 428-432
Keiji Morimoto, Isaku Kanno, Kiyotaka Wasa, Hidetoshi Kotera
58. Effect of mechanical factor in uniformity for electrochemical mechanical planarization
Pages 433-439
Sukhoon Jeong, Jaehyun Bae, Hyunseop Lee, Hojun Lee, Youngkyun Lee, Boumyoung Park, Hyoungjae Kim, Sungryul Kim, Haedo Jeong









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