ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.165/1



Date: February 2011



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General Section


Light-directed, spatially addressable oxygen detection in a hydrogel microarray based on phase-based lifetime detection using a digital micromirror device
Pages 139-146
Shih-Hao Huang, Chia-Hsing Tsai, Chih-Wei Wu, Chang-Jer Wu

Physical Section


Development of large-strain and low-powered electro-active polymers (EAPs) using conductive fillers
Pages 147-154
Kaori Yuse, Daniel Guyomar, Masae Kanda, Laurence Seveyrat, Benoit Guiffard


Sensing device for measuring infants’ grasping actions
Pages 155-163
M. Del Maestro, F. Cecchi, S.M. Serio, C. Laschi, P. Dario


Characterization of a capacitive tactile shear sensor for application in robotic and upper limb prostheses
Pages 164-172
Mohsin I. Tiwana, Arridh Shashank, Stephen J. Redmond, Nigel H. Lovell


Piezoresistive encoders for ratcheting actuation systems
Pages 173-180
David G. Smith, Quentin T. Aten, Brian D. Jensen, Larry L. Howell


On the pH and concentration response of an evanescent field absorption sensor using a coiled-shape plastic optical fiber
Pages 181-184
Ardalan Armin, Mahmood Soltanolkotabi, Peyman Feizollah


Interrogation technique using a novel spectra bandwidth measurement method with a blazed FBG and a fiber-optic array for an FBG displacement sensor
Pages 185-188
Yong Zhao, He Huang, Qi Wang


Fiber optics sensor for sub-nanometric displacement and wide bandwidth systems
Pages 189-193
L. Perret, L. Chassagne, S. Topçu, P. Ruaux, B. Cagneau, Y. Alayli


Flexible humidity and temperature sensor based on cellulose–polypyrrole nanocomposite
Pages 194-199
Suresha K. Mahadeva, Sungryul Yun, Jaehwan Kim


Passive single chip wireless microwave pressure sensor
Pages 200-206
Amr Ibrahim, D.R.S. Cumming


Study on compressive resistance creep and recovery of flexible pressure sensitive material based on carbon black filled silicone rubber composite
Pages 207-215
Luheng Wang, Fangfang Ma, Qianshu Shi, Huanghai Liu, Xueting Wang


Electroless plating Co–P films for high performance magnetic rotary encoders
Pages 216-220
Hai-Cheng Wang, Guang-Hua Yu, Jiang-Li Cao, Li-Jin Wang


Development of a bioinspired MEMS based capacitive tactile sensor for a robotic finger
Pages 221-229
H.B. Muhammad, C.M. Oddo, L. Beccai, C. Recchiuto, C.J. Anthony, M.J. Adams, M.C. Carrozza, D.W.L. Hukins, M.C.L. Ward


Performance evaluation of a trace-moisture analyzer based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy: Direct comparison with the NMIJ trace-moisture standard
Pages 230-238
Hisashi Abe, Koichi M.T. Yamada


Force sensor based on discrete optoelectronic components and compliant frames
Pages 239-249
G. Palli, S. Pirozzi


Fabrication and electrical properties of polymer-derived ceramic (PDC) thin films for high-temperature heat flux sensors
Pages 250-255
Duckbong Seo, Sunghoon Jung, Stephen J. Lombardo, Z.C. Feng, J.K. Chen, Yuwen Zhang


Comparative study of 1-D and 2-D metamaterial lens for microwave nondestructive evaluation of dielectric materials
Pages 256-260
D. Shreiber, M. Gupta, R. Cravey

Interfaces Section


Flexible ECG acquisition system based on analog and digital reconfigurable devices
Pages 261-270
D.P. Morales, A. García, E. Castillo, M.A. Carvajal, J. Banqueri, A.J. Palma


Design considerations for plasmonic-excitation based optical detection of liquid and gas media in infrared
Pages 271-275
Rajan Jha, Anuj K. Sharma

Materials & Technology Section


Sensing characteristics of the organic vapors according to the reflectance spectrum in the porous silicon multilayer structure
Pages 276-279
Han-Jung Kim, Young-You Kim, Ki-Won Lee

Actuator Section


The theoretical and experimental studies of a circular multi-layered annular piezoelectric actuator
Pages 280-287
Samuel I. En Lin


A passive through hole microvalve for capillary flow control in microfluidic systems
Pages 288-293
Xin Du, Ping Zhang, Yongshun Liu, Yihui Wu


High efficiency, wide load bandwidth piezoelectric energy scavenging by a hybrid nonlinear approach
Pages 294-302
Mickaël Lallart, Claude Richard, Lauric Garbuio, Lionel Petit, Daniel Guyomar


Modeling of rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators using a family of ellipses
Pages 303-309
GuoYing Gu, LiMin Zhu


Electroosmotic pump performance is affected by concentration polarizations of both electrodes and pump
Pages 310-315
Matthew E. Suss, Ali Mani, Thomas A. Zangle, Juan G. Santiago


Performance of nanocomposites stacked with carbon nanotubes and Nafion films
Pages 316-320
Suk-Min Cho, Dong-Weon Lee


Synthesis and performance evaluation of thin film PPy-PVDF multilayer electroactive polymer actuators
Pages 321-328
Babita Gaihre, Gursel Alici, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Julie M. Cairney


Miniature orthogonal optical scanning mirror excited by torsional piezoelectric fiber actuator
Pages 329-337
Cheng Liang Pan, Yu Ting Ma, Jing Yin, Fan Rang Kong, Zhi Hua Feng


Nozzle size effects on the nanoelectrospraying of Au nanocolloid in a fully voltage-controlled form
Pages 338-341
Ke Wang, John Stark


A model of magnetostrictive actuators for active vibration control
Pages 342-350
F. Braghin, S. Cinquemani, F. Resta


A numerical investigation of effects of cavity and orifice parameters on the characteristics of a synthetic jet flow
Pages 351-366
Manu Jain, Bhalchandra Puranik, Amit Agrawal


Modeling identification and simulation of pneumatic actuator for VGT system
Pages 367-378
A. Mehmood, S. Laghrouche, M. El Bagdouri


Solidly mounted resonators operated in thickness shear mode based on c-axis oriented AlN films
Pages 379-384
Da Chen, Jingjing Wang, Dehua Li, Yan Xu, Zhaoxin Li


Enhancement of pointing performance by semi-active variable damping isolator with strategies for attenuating chattering effects
Pages 385-391
Hyun-Ung Oh, Young-Jun Choi


Fabrication of cylindrical micro actuator by etching of TiNiCu shape memory alloy tube
Pages 392-398
Takashi Mineta, Tomoe Deguchi, Eiji Makino, Takahiro Kawashima, Takayuki Shibata

Micromechanics Section


Mechanical design and characterization of a resonant magnetic field microsensor with linear response and high resolution
Pages 399-409
A.L. Herrera-May, P.J. García-Ramírez, L.A. Aguilera-Cortés, E. Figueras, J. Martinez-Castillo, E. Manjarrez, A. Sauceda, L. García-González, R. Juárez-Aguirre


A linear ultrasonic motor using (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 based lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
Pages 410-414
Jiamei Jin, Dandan Wan, Ying Yang, Qian Li, Meng Zha


Comparison of FBAR and QCM-D sensitivity dependence on adlayer thickness and viscosity
Pages 415-421
Martin Nirschl, Matthias Schreiter, Janos Vörös


Design, fabrication and vacuum operation characteristics of two-dimensional comb-drive micro-scanner
Pages 422-430
Hoang Manh Chu, Kazuhiro Hane


Mechanical properties of microcantilevers: Influence of the anticlastic effect
Pages 431-438
Francesco De Bona, Saša Zelenika, Mircea Gheorgie Munteanu


Development of the MHD micropump with mixing function
Pages 439-445
Ho-Jin Kang, Bumkyoo Choi







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