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Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop

Edited by John Wood



Date: June 2011


Special Section: SSSAMW-10


Nanostructured silicon electrodes for solid-state 3-d rechargeable lithium batteries
Pages 139-145
James E. Trevey, Jian Wang, Christopher M. DeLuca, Kurt K. Maute, Martin L. Dunn, Se-Hee Lee, Victor M. Bright



Temperature distribution on thermal conductivity detectors for flow rate insensitivity
Pages 146-151
B.C. Kaanta, A.J. Jonca, H. Chen, X. Zhang



A multi-axis electrothermal micromirror for a miniaturized OCT system
Pages 152-161
U. Izhar, A.B. Izhar, S. Tatic-Lucic

Regular Papers

Physical Section


Design and characterization of polymeric pressure sensors for wireless wind sail monitoring
Pages 162-170
A. Rossetti, R. Codeluppi, A. Golfarelli, M. Zagnoni, A. Talamelli, M. Tartagni


Tactile sensing for dexterous in-hand manipulation in robotics—A review
Pages 171-187
Hanna Yousef, Mehdi Boukallel, Kaspar Althoefer


Investigation of humidity sensing properties of ZnS nanowires synthesized by vapor liquid solid (VLS) technique
Pages 188-193
N. Üzar, S. Okur, M.Ç. Arıkan


Contactless rotational concentric microviscometer
Pages 194-203
Simon Kuenzi, Eric Meurville, Emeric Grandjean, Sigfrid Straessler, Peter Ryser


All-fiber embedded PM-PCF vibration sensor for Structural Health Monitoring of composite
Pages 204-212
Harneet V. Thakur, Sandipan M. Nalawade, Yogesh Saxena, K.T.V. Grattan


Spectral analysis of a synthetic jet
Pages 213-225
Václav Tesař, Jozef Kordík


A microfluidic preconcentrator for enhanced monitoring of ethylene gas
Pages 226-230
Ali Badar Alamin Dow, Adam Sklorz, W. Lang


A novel serial high frequency surface acoustic wave humidity sensor
Pages 231-236
Sheng Lei, Chao Deng, Yuquan Chen, Yang Li


Direct parameter extraction in feedthrough-embedded capacitive MEMS resonators
Pages 237-244
Joshua E.-Y. Lee, Ashwin A. Seshia


Highly sensitive GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction bolometer
Pages 245-248
P.K.D.D.P. Pitigala, P.V.V. Jayaweera, S.G. Matsik, A.G.U. Perera, H.C. Liu


A parametrically amplified MEMS rate gyroscope
Pages 249-260
Z.X. Hu, B.J. Gallacher, J.S. Burdess, C.P. Fell, K. Townsend


Dual capacitive sensors for non-contact AC voltage measurement
Pages 261-266
K.M. Tsang, W.L. Chan


Metrological atomic force microscope with self-sensing measuring head
Pages 267-272

Jian Zhao, Tong Guo, Long Ma, Xing Fu, Xiaotang Hu


Performance study of a ‘constant phase angle based’ impedance sensor to detect milk adulteration
Pages 273-278
Siuli Das, Mulinti Sivaramakrishna, Karabi Biswas, Bhaswati Goswami


Fiber grating sensors in medicine: Current and emerging applications
Pages 279-290
Vandana Mishra, Nahar Singh, Umesh Tiwari, Pawan Kapur


Electrical properties of Sr–Bi–Mn–Fe–O thick-film NTC thermistors prepared by screen printing
Pages 291-296
Changlai Yuan, Xinyu Liu, Meifang Liang, Changrong Zhou, Hua Wang


Development of a helium flow sensor based on dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure
Pages 297-303
Tae Hoon Kim, Sung Jin Kim


Placement of accelerometers for high sensing resolution in micromanipulation
Pages 304-316
Win Tun Latt, U-Xuan Tan, Cameron N. Riviere, Wei Tech Ang


Characterization of the behaviour of a quartz crystal resonator fully immersed in a Newtonian liquid by impedance analysis
Pages 317-326
M. Cassiède, J.-L. Daridon, J.H. Paillol, J. Pauly


A comparison of mass parameters determination using capacitive and optical sensors
Pages 327-331
V. Carvalho, M. Belsley, R. Vasconcelos, F. Soares


Significant increase in humidity sensing characteristics of praseodymium doped magnesium ferrite
Pages 332-337
Jyoti Shah, Manju Arora, L.P. Purohit, R.K. Kotnala


Monitoring of large strains in submerged geotextile tubes using plastic optical fibre sensors
Pages 338-346
K.S.C. Kuang, C.Y. Tan, S.H. Chew, S.T. Quek


Measurement of density and viscosity of dodecane and decane with a piezoelectric tuning fork over 298–448 K and 0.1–137.9 MPa
Pages 347-353
Yi Liu, Rocco DiFoggio, Kerry Sanderlin, Louis Perez, Jinsong Zhao


Chip calorimeter for thermal characterization of bio-chemical solutions
Pages 354-358
T. Adrega, A.W. van Herwaarden


Comparison of invasive and non-invasive cylindrical capacitive sensors for electrical measurements of different water solutions and mixtures
Pages 359-366
G. Behzadi, H. Golnabi


Using hierarchy architecture of Morpho butterfly scales for chemical sensing: Experiment and modeling
Pages 367-373
Xuefeng Yang, Zhengchun Peng, Haibo Zuo, Tielin Shi, Guanglan Liao

Interfaces Section


Readout of MEMS capacitive sensors beyond the condition of pull-in instability
Pages 374-384
G. Langfelder, T. Frizzi, A. Longoni, A. Tocchio, D. Manelli, E. Lasalandra

Materials & Technology Section


A method for the determination of the thermally induced optical and structural changes of polymers used to fabricate lightpipes integrated in CMOS image sensor arrays
Pages 385-388
Rino Marinelli, Elia Palange, Marco Faccio, Stefano Guerrieri, Andrea Del Monte, Giovanni De Amicis, Alfonso D’Anna


Branched carbon nanotubes to realize a novel capacitive sensor and actuator device
Pages 389-397
S. Darbari, Y. Abdi, S. Mohajerzadeh


Void control in adhesive bonding using thermosetting polymer
Pages 398-405
Lei Nie, Kiwon Lee, Sangyong Lee, Tielin Shi, Guanglan Liao

Actuator Section


Creep compensation method in a thin film PZT structure for a spatial optical modulator
Pages 406-415
Anatoliy Lapchuk, Sang Kyeong Yun, Seungdo An, Jonghyeong Song, Victor Yurlov, ElMostafa Bourim, HaengSeok Yang, HeungWoo Park


Effective optimization of electromagnetic energy harvesters through direct computation of the electromagnetic coupling
Pages 416-421
C. Cepnik, O. Radler, S. Rosenbaum, T. Ströhla, U. Wallrabe


Design of smart drivers for electrostatic MEMS switches
Pages 422-432
Norbert Dumas, Carlo Trigona, Patrick Pons, Laurent Latorre, Pascal Nouet



Pneumatically actuated active polymer pen lithography
Pages 433-437
Yoonsoo Han, Chang Liu


A quadristable compliant mechanism with a bistable structure embedded in a surrounding beam structure
Pages 438-448
Huy-Tuan Pham, Dung-An Wang


A shear mode piezoelectric energy harvester based on a pressurized water flow
Pages 449-458
Dung-An Wang, Nine-Zeng Liu


Spray deposited multilayered dielectric elastomer actuators
Pages 459-467
O.A. Araromi, A.T. Conn, C.S. Ling, J.M. Rossiter, R. Vaidyanathan, S.C. Burgess


Analysis of piezoelectric effects on various loading conditions for energy harvesting in a bridge system
Pages 468-483
Sang-Hyo Kim, Jin-Hee Ahn, Ha-Min Chung, Hyung-Won Kang


Bi-bellows: Pneumatic bending actuator
Pages 484-494
Yoel Shapiro, Alon Wolf, Kosa Gabor


A piezoelectric unimorph actuator based tip-tilt-piston micromirror with high fill factor and small tilt and lateral shift
Pages 495-501
Yiping Zhu, Wenjing Liu, Kemiao Jia, Wenjun Liao, Huikai Xie

Micromechanics Section


Development and characterization of a packaged mechanically actuated microtweezer system
Pages 502-511
Brock A. Wester, Swaminathan Rajaraman, James D. Ross, Michelle C. LaPlaca, Mark G. Allen


Simulation and verification of a piezoelectrically actuated diaphragm for check valve micropump design
Pages 512-516
Jianke Kang, Gregory W. Auner


New carbon nanotubes growth process in a closed microfabricated channel for liquid chromatography application
Pages 517-523
A. Fonverne, C. Demesmay, F. Ricoul, E. Rouvière, J. Dijon, F. Vinet


Simultaneous high-Q confinement and selective direct piezoelectric excitation of flexural and extensional lateral vibrations in a silicon phononic crystal slab resonator
Pages 524-530
Saeed Mohammadi, Ali. A. Eftekhar, Reza Pourabolghasem, Ali Adibi

Systems/Applications Section


Modeling radiative heating of liquids in microchip reaction chambers
Pages 531-536
Christopher R. Phaneuf, Nikita Pak, Craig R. Forest


Proposal of generalized vernier effect and its practical advantage for RF time-of-flight ranging between sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks
Pages 537-547
Sang-il Ko, Jun-ya Takayama, Shinji Ohyama


A novel FBG-based security fence enabling to detect extremely weak intrusion signals from nonequivalent sensor nodes
Pages 548-555
Huijuan Wu, Yunjiang Rao, Cheng Tang, Yu Wu, Yuan Gong


Nonlinear black-box models and force-sensorless damping control for damping systems using magneto-rheological fluid dampers
Pages 556-573
Dinh Quang Truong, Kyoung Kwan Ahn


Actuation to sensing crosstalk investigation in the inertial sensor front-end electronics of the laser interferometer space antenna pathfinder satellite
Pages 574-580
Li Gan, Davor Mance, Peter Zweifel


Strain sensing properties of cement-based sensors embedded at various stress zones in a bending concrete beam
Pages 581-587
Huigang Xiao, Hui Li, Jinping Ou


Fuzzy pattern recognition of impact acoustic signals for nondestructive evaluation
Pages 588-593
S.X. Liu, F. Tong, B.L. Luk, K.P. Liu

Technology Section


Microfabrication of cesium vapor cells with buffer gas for MEMS atomic clocks
Pages 594-601
M. Hasegawa, R.K. Chutani, C. Gorecki, R. Boudot, P. Dziuban, V. Giordano, S. Clatot, L. Mauri


Tunable electromagnetically actuated liquid-filled lens
Pages 602-607
Hongbin Yu, Guangya Zhou, Fook Siong Chau, Sujeet K. Sinha








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