ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.168/1



Date: July 2011



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General Section


Inelastic deformation of bilayer microcantilevers with nanoscale coating
Pages 1-9
I.-Kuan Lin, Xin Zhang, Yanhang Zhang


Physical Section


Carbon nanotubes humidity sensor based on high testing frequencies
Pages 10-13
Zhen-gang Zhao, Xiao-wei Liu, Wei-ping Chen, Tuo Li


Integrated optical differential pressure transducers achieved using thin buckled silica membranes and direct UV written planar Bragg gratings
Pages 14-21
Christopher Holmes, James C. Gates, P.G.R. Smith


Application of dielectric spectroscopy for engine lubricating oil degradation monitoring
Pages 22-29
L. Guan, X.L. Feng, G. Xiong, J.A. Xie


A GaAs MMIC-based coupling RF MEMS power sensor with both detection and non-detection states
Pages 30-38
Zhiqiang Zhang, Xiaoping Liao, Lei Han, Yinsheng Cheng


Pulse mode readout of MEMS bulk disk resonator based mass sensor
Pages 39-45
Meng Tang, Alberto Cagliani, Zachary James Davis


Compact refractometer based on extrinsic-phase-shift fiber Bragg grating
Pages 46-50
Wenjun Zhou, Xinyong Dong, Li-Yang Shao, Chi Chiu Chan, Chun-Liu Zhao, Ping Shum


Improvement of stress testing performance using Barkhausen noise sensor
Pages 51-57
J. Chen, B.J. Zhang, D. Shu, X. Zhou, W. Wang, X. Qi


Theoretical and experimental analysis of pneumatic balloon microactuators
Pages 58-65
Benjamin Gorissen, Michaël De Volder, Aline De Greef, Dominiek Reynaerts


A miniature flow sensor fabricated by micro-stereolithography employing a magnetite/acrylic nanocomposite resin
Pages 66-71
S.J. Leigh, C.P. Purssell, J. Bowen, D.A. Hutchins, J.A. Covington, D.R. Billson


Computational techniques for efficient conversion of image files from area detectors
Pages 72-76
Taha Sochi


Sensitivity analysis of piezoelectric paint sensors made up of PZT ceramic powder and water-based acrylic polymer
Pages 77-89
Ismael Payo, J.M. Hale


Comprehensive analysis of a micro-magnetic sensor performance using amorphous microwire MI element with pulsed excitation current
Pages 90-94
J. Olivera, C.A. de la Cruz-Blas, C. Gómez-Polo


Modeling and characterization of piezoelectric cantilever bending sensor for energy harvesting
Pages 95-100
R. Ly, M. Rguiti, S. D’Astorg, A. Hajjaji, C. Courtois, A. Leriche


Comparison of E. coli detection in single and bi-metal clad waveguide biosensors
Pages 101-104
A. Saeed, S. Mehmood, M. Yasar, H.M. Quddusi, A.S. Bhatti

Materials & Technology Section


Fabrication of metallic microstructure on curved substrate by optical soft lithography and copper electroplating
Pages 105-111
Jongho Park, Hiroyuki Fujita, Beomjoon Kim


Stress and electric field induced phase transformation phenomena in [0 1 1]-poled PZN–PT single crystals of [1 0 0]-length cut
Pages 112-116
M. Shanthi, D.-H. Lin, R. See, W.S. Chang, L.C. Lim


Mechanical property characterization of sputtered and plasma enhanced chemical deposition (PECVD) silicon nitride films after rapid thermal annealing
Pages 117-126
P.-H. Wu, I.-K. Lin, H.-Y. Yan, K.-S. Ou, K.-S. Chen, X. Zhang

Actuator Section


Butterfly-shaped ultra slim piezoelectric ultrasonic linear motor
Pages 127-130
Won-Hee Lee, Chong-Yun Kang, Dong-Soo Paik, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Seok-Jin Yoon


A novel fabrication of ionic polymer–metal composite membrane actuator capable of 3-dimensional kinematic motions
Pages 131-139
Zheng Chen, Tae I. Um, Hilary Bart-Smith


Experimental identification of IPMC actuator parameters through incorporation of linear and nonlinear least squares methods
Pages 140-148
Meisam Vahabi, Emad Mehdizadeh, Mansour Kabganian, Farshad Barazandeh


Characteristics of a dynamic pressure generator based on loudspeakers
Pages 149-154
Jože Kutin, Ivan Bajsić


Exploration and evaluation of embedded shape memory alloy (SMA) microvalves for high aspect ratio microchannels
Pages 155-161
Lin Gui, Carolyn L. Ren


Two degree-of-freedom micromirror actuation using thermocapillary effect in liquid droplets
Pages 162-167
Rakesh K. Dhull, Lynn Fuller, Pei-Chun Kao, Ying-Chih Liao, Yen-Wen Lu


Lead-free self-focused piezoelectric transducers for viscous liquid ejection
Pages 168-171
K.W. Kwok, S.F. Hon, Dunmin Lin

Micromechanics Section


Amorphous fluoropolymer micromembrane for variable optical attenuation
Pages 172-178
Hsin-Ta Hsieh, Chao-Hu Li, Guo-Dung John Su


Investigation of the dynamic demodulation ability of a tilted fiber Bragg grating filter in an all-fiber displacement sensing system
Pages 179-186
Chien-Ching Ma, Kuo-Chih Chuang, Bo-Ruei Lin

Systems/Applications Section


Low-cost high performance disposable micropump for fluidic delivery applications
Pages 187-194
Matthew L. Cantwell, Farid Amirouche, Johann Citerin


One-dimensional LED array integrated polymer composite scanner for 2D imaging
Pages 195-201
Arda D. Yalcinkaya, Y. Daghan Gokdel, Baykal Sarioglu


MEMS micromirror integrated endoscopic probe for optical coherence tomography bioimaging
Pages 202-212
Xiaojing Mu, Winston Sun, Hanhua Feng, Aibin Yu, Kelvin Wei Sheng Chen, Chit Yaw Fu, Malini Olivo


Fabrication of normally-closed bidirectional micropumps in silicon–polymer technology featuring photopatternable silicone valve lips
Pages 213-222
Thomas Lemke, Giovanni Biancuzzi, Hagen Feth, Jochen Huber, Frank Goldschmidtböing, Peter Woias

Technology Section


Fabrication of angle beam two-element ultrasonic transducers with PMN–PT single crystal and PMN–PT/epoxy 1–3 composite for NDE applications
Pages 223-228
Yaoyao Zhang, Sheng Wang, Da’an Liu, Qinhui Zhang, Wei Wang, Bo Ren, Xiangyong Zhao, Haosu Luo





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