ISSN: 0924-4247  Vol.169/1



Date: 10 September 2011



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General Section


A flexible pH sensor based on the iridium oxide sensing film
Pages 1-11
Wen-Ding Huang, Hung Cao, Sanchali Deb, Mu Chiao, J.C. Chiao

Physical Section


Effect of damping and relaxed clamping on a new vibration theory of piezoelectric diaphragms
Pages 12-17
Luis Teia Gomes


Phosphorescent thermal history sensors
Pages 18-26
A. Rabhiou, J. Feist, A. Kempf, S. Skinner, A. Heyes


Analysis of a passive microforce sensor based on magnetic springs and upthrust buoyancy
Pages 27-36
A. Cherry, J. Abadie, E. Piat


A route to apply Ag nanoparticle array integrated with microfluidic for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Pages 37-42
Zhaoxin Geng, Wen Liu, Xiaodong Wang, Fuhua Yang


Multicolour LED in luminescence sensing application
Pages 43-48
V. Lange, F. Lima, D. Kühlke


Electromechanical characterization of piezoelectric PVDF polymer films for tactile sensors in robotics applications
Pages 49-58
Lucia Seminara, Marco Capurro, Paolo Cirillo, Giorgio Cannata, Maurizio Valle


Characterization of interfaces formed between thin, poly(l-lactic acid) polymer films and quartz crystal microbalance, sensor substrates with high frequency impedance analysis
Pages 59-65
Athanasios Kakalis, Costas Panayiotou


Analysis and estimation of NEP and DR in CMOS TOF-3D image sensor based on MDSI
Pages 66-73
Mohamed Lamine Hafiane, Wilfried Wagner, Zohir Dibi, Otto Manck


Studies of a high-sensitive surface acoustic wave sensor for passive wireless blood pressure measurement
Pages 74-82
Xuesong Ye, Lu Fang, Bo Liang, Qiong Wang, Xuejun Wang, Lisong He, Weibin Bei, Wen H. Ko


Interfaces Section


Active power analog front-end based on a Wheatstone-type magnetoresistive sensor
Pages 83-88
D. Ramírez Muñoz, J. Sánchez Moreno, S. Casans Berga, A.E. Navarro Antón


Low-cost flexible printed circuit technology based microelectrode array for extracellular stimulation of the invertebrate locomotory system
Pages 89-97
Alper Bozkurt, Amit Lal


Materials & Technology Section


Measurement of Poisson’s ratio by means of a direct tension test on micron-sized specimens
Pages 98-114
Leslie Banks-Sills, Yael Hikri, Slava Krylov, Victor Fourman, Yuval Gerson, Hugh A. Bruck

Actuator Section


High performance integrated electro-hydraulic actuator for robotics – Part I: Principle, prototype design and first experiments
Pages 115-123
Samer Alfayad, Fethi B. Ouezdou, Faycal Namoun, Gordon Gheng


High performance Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Actuator for robotics. Part II: Theoretical modelling, simulation, control & comparison with real measurements
Pages 124-132
Samer Alfayad, Fethi B. Ouezdou, Faycal Namoun, Gordon Gheng


Frequency-domain control design for shape memory alloy actuators
Pages 133-140
F. Schiedeck, S. Mojrzisch


Improved constitutive equations of piezoelectric monomorphs: Application to the preliminary study of an original traveling-wave peristaltic pump
Pages 141-150
Bruno Dehez


Collapsing bubble induced pumping in a viscous fluid
Pages 151-163
Badarinath Karri, Kiran S. Pillai, Evert Klaseboer, Siew-Wan Ohl, Boo Cheong Khoo


A comparative study on bubble-driven micropumping in microchannels with square and circular cross sections
Pages 164-170

Ryan J. Lemmens, Dennis Desheng Meng


Particles nanomanipulation by the enhanced evanescent field through a near-field scanning optical microscopy probe
Pages 171-177
B.H. Liu, L.J. Yang, Y. Wang, J.L. Cui


Vibration damping as a result of piezoelectric energy harvesting
Pages 178-186
Hui Shen, Jinhao Qiu, Marco Balsi


An ultrasonic aerosol therapy nebulizer using electroformed palladium–nickel alloy nozzle plates
Pages 187-193
Chun-You Lin, Hsien-Chun Meng, C. Fu


A new bubble-driven pulse pressure actuator for micromixing enhancement
Pages 194-205
B. Wang, J.L. Xu, W. Zhang, Y.X. Li


A robot finger joint driven by hybrid multi-DOF piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
Pages 206-210
Xiaofeng Zhang, Guangbin Zhang, Kentaro Nakamura, Sadayuki Ueha


A MEMS-based electronic capsule for time controlled drug delivery in the alimentary canal
Pages 211-216
Yinping Zhuang, Wensheng Hou, Xiaolin Zheng, Zhigang Wang, Jun Zheng, Xitian Pi, Jianguo Cui, Yingtao Jiang, Shizhi Qian, Chenglin Peng


Systems/Applications Section


Piezoelectric probe for pressure waveform estimation in flexible tubes and its application to the cardiovascular system
Pages 217-226
V.G. Almeida, H.C. Pereira, T. Pereira, E. Figueiras, E. Borges, J.M.R. Cardoso, C. Correia


A compact extended cavity laser using a micromachined silicon flexure for atomic spectroscopy
Pages 227-233
Ho-Chiao Chuang, Kuo-Yuan Huang

Technology Section


Dielectric elastomer unimorph using flexible electrodes of electrolessly deposited (ELD) silver
Pages 234-241
Gih-Keong Lau, Simon Chun-Kiat Goh, Li-Lynn Shiau


Fabrication of silicon oxycarbide-based microcomponents via photolithographic and soft lithography approaches
Pages 242-249
S. Martínez-Crespiera, E. Ionescu, M. Schlosser, K. Flittner, G. Mistura, R. Riedel, H.F. Schlaak


Radial flow electroosmotic pump
Pages 250-255
Michael A. Schroeder, Kamil S. Salloum, Michel Perbost, Michal Lebl, Jonathan D. Posner







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